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Default How important is breakfast, anyway?

No matter what diet plan I've read, the emphasis on [a good] breakfast is universal. I absolutely abhore eating breakfast. I start my day at 8a.m. and I don't have lunch (or snacks!) until 12:30 sometimes 1p. I'm just not hungry until then. I might have a snack between then and supper...but usually, no, unless I'm out somewhere with other people who are snacking late (typically once a week...and that once a week is not a healthy one). Supper is served rather late as well. My problem with weight gain is more of a grazing one. I found that the earlier I start eating, the earlier I will also start grazing. (I'm stationary during the breakfast to early it is easy to eat while I'm doing computer things, etc.) When I stay away from breakfast, I stay away from snacking.
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If I eat breakfast I want to eat all day. I only have coffee in the morning.
I eat lunch around 12 or 1 and from that point on I eat about every 3 hours...
A good lunch and dinner .. healthy snacks in-between..
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Hi Tookshire,

A healthy breakfast, protein with healthy carbohydrates, is brain food. After fasting all night, your body and brain require the nutrients to bring up your blood sugar and get your body and brain going. By getting your body going, you are also getting your metabolism going. Studies have shown that 5-6 small meals a day can rev up your metabolism. Therefore, your grazing isnt necessarily a bad thing, as long as you graze on food that is on your plan and try to keep track of how much you are actually consuming eat day. Have you tried logging your food on Fitday? This might be a very useful tool for you.
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Sounds like you know your own body and if you don't feel hungry/don't feel any adverse effects why not stick to your usual routine regardless of the advice. Personally I find that if I don't have breakfast I lack energy and I definitely eat more and crave sugar. I do find that eating a well balanced breakfast first thing (e.g. oats and a little protein) keeps my blood sugar in check and sets the tone for the day.
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I used to be like that. I wanted to push off starting my eating as long as possible, cause once I started..... there was no stopping me.

Since changing my lifestyle I have added breakfast to my day. I eat it at between 9:00 -9:30. I have 1 cup of a high fiber cereal and 1/2 cup of skim milk. I've been told by many sources that it is a vital part of any good "diet". Your metabolisim will start burning up those calories sooner once there is food in your stomach. Not to mention that after being without food for so many hours you need the fuel. It also starts my sugar levels on the right track. Also, eating breakfast keeps me from being ravenous by the time lunch rolls around so I don't overeat.

If you're interested in reving up your metabolisim why not have a 60 calorie yogurt or a 3 egg-white omlette for breakfast? Just something to get you going.
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Default Tookshire...

I also think you know your own body, but I also think you need to be honest with yourself. When you say you are "grazing" are you eating healthy foods or snackies? I'm not being snarky--really truly, but only you can figure out how much not eating breakfast affects your plan. Are you starved in the evening? Do you find that you can't stick to your plan because your just too hungry? Do you look at your food and think I am eating so little in a day how can I not be losing? Those things may point to a need for a good breakfast with complex carbs and protein. Maybe you should try and make baby steps and start eating your first meal 15 or 30 minutes earlier each week until you get used to it. Does that help any? Hugs

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I just want to add that I too am a firm believer in the fact that no one knows our body better then ourselves. So therefore, no one knows what's best for ourselves then us. That being said, I'm not trying to be nosy or pushy or anything. So I'll just come out and say it - How is it working for you? Are you losing weight? Is your eating habits satisfactory to you? Are you accomplishing what you want? Only you know the answers to this (well, duh). But if you're not happy with the way things are, then perhaps it is time to change it up a bit. Experiment - you will figure out what's best for you.
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breakfast is the most important meal of the day! :P

listen to whatever you're body is telling you...i know that i have the same issue...its tough for me to eat breakfast, and i agree, it does make me eat more throughout the day..however thats a sign that my metabolism is also going all day! just watch what you're eating... i just eat tons of fruits and veggies for snacks to keep that "full" feeling!

how about making smoothies? you'll still be having breakfast, but its a "drink"...?!?!
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Hmmm I love breakfast, all that yummy food! I think also because I actually know how to make yummy breakfasts, versus with my other meals it's like "ohhh... this again?"

I have found for myself, that if I eat dinner late then I will definitely not be hungry for breakfast. I try to eat dinner at least 3 hours before I go to bed, but realistically my body responds better to a few hours more, like 5. And it's not like I watch the clock and have a calculated schedule... it's just a pattern I've adapted by listening to my internal cues, which makes it wonderful

I also find that I like eating three regular meals a day. I like eating at the same time and have found that internally I get a little fussy if people throw my meal schedule off. But here is the thing - I've done all of this by finding out what I physically responds great to, what my body appreciates. So you're definitely the best person to know what works for you. I do think breakfast is an important meal in general since we spent the night fasting essentially, but you're the best judge of what is best for you. Good luck
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The breakfast thing varies greatly by the person. My youngest son's lunch period is at 10:30AM, so he goes off to school having just some juice. I don't push it with him. My husband who is diabetic doesn't eat anything until dinner! THAT is very weird and pretty stupid, but he's a big boy and must know what his body needs. My oldest son eats a BIG breakfast, has apples and granola bars in between, eats a big lunch and more good food snacks in the afternoon and then a dinner followed by a bowl of cereal. He's very active with huge muscles, so he HAS to keep refueling! I always eat breakfast but find that the breakfast I choose makes a HUGE difference. Oatmeal with fruit and yogurt seems to hold me better than any other, probably due to the fiber. I also find that eggs or some meat protein do well for keeping me feeling alert and non-growly all morning.

Eating starts your metabolism going. I'd suggest trying different things. For a long time my son ate a baked potato with broccoli and cheese on it for breakfast! My youngest son will eat his dinner leftovers from the night before on a non-school day when he wakes up later than usual.

There doesn't HAVE to be a set breakfast, but try to have something with some protein, and you won't get the munchies as soon as when you just have carbs alone.

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I don't really know how much of an effect it has on us or our metabolisms but I know our body is in a fasting state until we eat breakfast so that it is slower than throughout the day. Do you know what burns the most calories? an hour on the elliptical? an hour running? No, it is our bodies own daily processes that burn the most calories. An hour of exercising is just a small percentage of how many calories each of us burns every day. So for me, I'd rather get that metabolism started as soon as possible.

If you choose to wait until lunch to eat anything, you might want to adjust your calories accordingly for the periods of time where your body isn't burning as many calories naturally.
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I never was able to eat breakfast...eating early in the morning just makes me sick to my stomach..
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yesterday i had a french vanilla capp. for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch then a sandwich for dinner. the biggest thing i noticed that was different from yesterday was that i did not think about food all day long and i was not craving food all day!!! now i see when i eat breakfast it makes me hungry and crave ANYTHING all day long. yesterday was a very easy eating day for me and i liked it, i was not hungry all day and i was not stressed all day thinking about food!! i am going to cut breakfast out and see how that works.
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