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Half-way there!
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Default Coming Back Again

Hi all. I'm back again. I haven't really gotten anywhere with my weight loss since I was here last, but I haven't gained either. I am down from my all-time high, by about 10 pounds, but can't break past this 260 mark. I was below it for a few days, but it crept back up again.

I'm back in it again -- back to watching what I'm eating, drinking my water, all that good stuff. The one thing I haven't gotten back to, that I really must do, is exercise. Ugh. I hate it!!! But once I get in the habit, I tend to hate it less .

On a side note -- anyone else have a problem viewing the forum while using IE6? The pages just freeze up on me. I'm using Firefox, and nary a problem...
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Never want to go back!
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Welcome back, Darla!

I too am an exercise hater, but I figure why make losing weight harder than it needs to be by NOT exercising? My losses totally stall when I don't do it.

Glad you've joined us!
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3 + years maintaining
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Hi and welcome back!

I am too not a lover of exercise, not even a liker of it. You DON'T have to do major exercise in the begininng. A 15 minute walk for starters, you will be surprised how quickly you will be able to do more. Stretching, dancing, leg lifts. Just moving. I just keep adding movement to my day. When I'm brushing my teeth or washing the dishes or blow drying my hair - i kinda put a little extra wiggle in it. I know it sounds silly and it surely won't be gaining me any muscle, but it does burn calories. I no longer use a laundry basket, yup I walk back and forth with first my dirty clothes and then my clean ones. Bathroom - laundry room- bathroom -laundry room. It takes me a few trips to fill up the machine. I try to sneak in exercise everywhere. When I'm picking up things from the floor, I have 3 kids and 1 husband, I do it a piece at a time, more bending down. I take out the garbage much more frequently. I'm not a big TV fan, but when I do watch I get up at every single commercial and do something. Straighten up a few things, wash a dish or 2, walk to the other end of the house, something. Because something is better then nothing and nothing is what I used to do. You'll see as you go along that you will be able to increase your activity level. This is another simple thing I do and often - I dance vigorously. Very easy and doable. And sit ups, you get to do these lying down, a big bonus, I started out barely able to do them, now I'm up to 2 sets a day of 78, very often 3 sets. The weeks where I move myself more, I lose more, plain and simple. Good luck!!
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Doing it!
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Welcome back!

Originally Posted by puff0518 View Post
On a side note -- anyone else have a problem viewing the forum while using IE6? The pages just freeze up on me. I'm using Firefox, and nary a problem...
I've noticed that the phishing filter really slows this website down and even crashes IE on occasion.
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Hi puff!!! Glad to see you back!! My weight is stagnant too..I hoping 2007 will be the year!!
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Welcome back Darla! The fact that you didn't gain is a major accomplishment in my book!!

As far as IE - I never even bother trying to use IE to get to 3FC's anymore. It always froze on me for this site (and one or two other ones) that whenever I come here I always go through Firefox.
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