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I was anxiously awaiting the latest bodyrock work-out challenge, when it finally came through on my Facebook with an amazing message. I'm grateful to be a part of a community (here and @ bodyrock) of people who care about you and your journey. I needed to see the following message because I've been struggling with this stupid plateau & WW every single day:
  • Not eating per the Good Health Guidelines.
  • Two days of eating properly, then justifying a cheat day on the third.. then having it be a HUGE cheat that blows my numbers out of the water.
  • Eating something for WEEKS and realizing that it was actually DOUBLE the points I (sincerely) thought.
  • Feeling discouraged because of this stupid plateau I'm stuck in and wanting to just give up and eat. (Which is why I'm as big as I am in the first place. :\ )

The message below was written in regards to the workouts I do, but the basic message can be rewritten for our Weight Watchers journey. I'm not going to give up on myself, and in fact, I'm going to hit this harder and knock that lil' devil off my shoulder, that makes me feel like this is all for nothing, when I don't see the results as fast as I like.

"Sometimes the journey towards our goals passes through these stages where it seems like nothing is really taking place. We feel stuck, we might feel like nothing is happening to advance our progress. It’s often in these times that the greatest changes are taking place. So much of this process is about what goes on with us on the inside, and while we stare anxiously in the mirror for evidence of the physical changes, it’s actually what is happening on the inside that is the most powerful. Each day that we find it within ourselves to BodyRock we are building discipline, inner strength, perseverance and our ability to dedicate ourselves to things that really matter. Fat loss, toned muscles and all of they physical rewards of our daily training are really just the by-products of having the inner fortitude to stick it out day in day out. This inner power that we develop has the ability to touch every area of our lives, and the confidence it can lend each of us is truly just as transformative as all of the amazing physical results we experience together. Think about your strength today during each of the 1000 reps and feel the drive of your movements from the inside out – it’s there where your true power rests. Enjoy your workout!"- Freddy, Zuzana, Sean & Kyla (from bodyrock)

I hope that you, those of you who are currently struggling, find your "A-HA!" moment.. maybe find the message above as some inspiration to hone your WW experience a little more, or find the motivation to move your body if you're struggling with that (too).

And, I don't want this to be an advertisement, but I want to share what works for me. I like going to the gym, the Y has been fun with all the different cardio classes, but Bodyrock has been amazing for me- it's free, usually between 10- 15 minutes, done at home, and done by body-weight only- you don't have to use any of the equipment they sometimes use (I do use a free, online interval timer). It's high-intensity interval training (HIIT) using moves like push-ups, crunches, squats, lunges, burpees, etc. While the numbers on the scale barely budge (I'm thinking fat being exchanged for muscle, for the time-being), I see inches being sculpted off my body every month. Last summer I lost 11 inches in less than 6 weeks of bodyrocking 5 days/wk. After a 3-month hiatus that involved losing all the muscle tone I'd gained, and gaining half the weight I'd lost, I restarted it 2 weeks ago (WW 1.5 month ago, too) and will take new measurements on the 1st. I can see, and feel, the difference 2 weeks has already made.

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