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Insanity Is Relative
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Default Body Image...

I know for a fact that I'm melting. I can't keep my pants up and my shirts are all too big. However! Yesterday I couldn't get over the feeling that I was gaining weight! I mean seriously... maybe it's because I'm full all the time, I dunno... but my body image is apparently quite skewed. I guess at this point I feel like I have to be starving to be losing weight! I suppose that comes from years of dieting.
So I have decided that a scale would probably be in order. They aren't something we generally keep in our house lol... Sherry Claus (my friend) is getting me one for Christmas so it's a good thing I've decided this way! So when I feel like I'm gaining weight, I can step on the scale and get a reality check-- for better or worse.
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Good for you hon, thats a smart thing to do. The mind can really mess things up.


Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
"I will try again tomorrow."
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Here We Go Again
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The mind indeed can. I feel so much bigger and think I look fatter in my clothes when they're so much looser.

It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle choice!
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Default here's a scale idea...one that doesn't show your weight, only the lbs you gain/lose

I just bought a scale, it doesn't show my weight, so I don't have that demotivating feeling anymore, just the lbs I'm losing.
Didn't cost much and I love it. Its awesome seeing at the end of the week I'm down another -5lbs.

I ordered it from quantumscale . com

I recommend it.
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i had no idea that they made scales like that!!! wow. that's a great thing.

as for the PERCEPTION issues - Missus - we're ALL THERE for you. i've noticed that when i'm stressed, i've suddenly GAINED 200 pounds. and i'll sit there and stare at my slacks for an hour before attempting to put them on. and then they zip up.

reality is a good thing. BUT, use it as a setp to deal with the real issues - whatever they may be. for MOI, it's something to do with having NO sense of my body. and the more stressed i am, the worse it gets.
Start your day with a smile, and get it over with.
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not bad for a 47 yr Nana!
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Oprah had a person tell her years ago that the only way to lose weight was to stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself how gross and disgusting her body was...to her amazement, she began to say, hey my stomach is not that bad, and my breasts are kind of beautiful.

Though the man's idea had failed, she found a way to love her body just as it was. Helping her to find ways to love herself. It's when we love ourselves that we want the best for us...want to give us the best food, the best exercise, best self love.

Body perception is just that, it's the way we perceive our bodies, get to know every inch and as you lose weight...NOTICE the differences! I find that the skin issue is my biggest hurtle now and I am learning to let go of the negative and embrace my new, thinner, more muscular yet softer and squishier body!

May we love ourselves at every stage!


The glass of water is what it is,
it's only our own perception that tells us
whether or not it's half empty or half full...
it's a Choice!!!

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Missus, I face this too. The only time I feel "thin" is when I am hungry. Otherwise, I feel full and satiated and still feel like the "fat mom" when I am wearing a size 8 or even a 6. I have been fat for so long I guess my mind just hasn't acknowledged the rest of my body yet.

"Be who you are, say what you feel. Those who matter, don't mind. Those who mind, don't matter." --Dr. Seuss
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Thanks for the information on the scale. It is hard getting past our outer shell. You have to love yourself inside before you can love yourself outside....and like missangelaks said...when you love yourself you can't help but want to give your body the best it deserves! You're all beautiful!!
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Oh body image.......I'm sorry but I'm not as far along about liking my body as you all are. You all have valid points. I only weigh myself once a month because weight does fluctuate or you go through a period where it doesn't move at all. That is discouraging and can do a number on your head. And since I've had such a rotten diet history, I know all the games I can play with myself. I've said many times that the scale is not my friend, especially right after surgery. I don't look at myself in the mirror. I saw a picture of myself in my formal attire and all I saw was saggy arms, wrinkly face, waddle neck, thin hair.......It took me a few minutes to see the happiness and peace on my face, the ability for me to get out on the dance floor with my DH, the pleasure of singing karaoke without being embarrassed about how I looked to everyone else and my perky little hairstyle. Now how do I go on and have a happy life and fulfilling life? Well, I've had to weigh in my mind rather I can put up with all of these imperfections or being ALIVE and healthy. And I've taken ALIVE and healthy. I do like myself, but I'm sure not in love with my body, not even in like. It might be more of an issue for me if I were younger, single.......but I do have someone who loves me sags and bags and all I'm an old goat. LOL!! I was no beauty before I had surgery and after years of abuse of my body I didn't have the expectations that I would come out some kind of super model. Of course, I would like to have that, but come on........I like my life now and haven't been able to say that for years. I can walk, work, help my family, chase down a grandchild, shop till I drop (on my own two feet, not in a store wheel chair), go to the zoo without renting a motored cart, sit in a car with out unimaginable pain, eat a piece of pizza without having to do pentience or thinking I'd blown my whole life. There are times when I eat a few things that I shouldn't and think that I've probably blown my whole life and I'll be morbidly obese when I wake up in the morning. Nope. Just my head games again. There are times when catch myself in a store mirror and think I look as big as a cow, NOPE! Head game again. I tried on a form fitting suit the other day, and it was hideous because of all the bulges and such. Well YEAH! So don't wear that kind of cloths! LOL!! I will keep a bigger eye on my weight, if or when I deviate from my post-op eating plan. I haven't to any big degree will not start head games with that, well right now anyway! What are my biggest challenges since I have had WLS: the cold, this dang big hernia, try to eat bread and spaghetti I know will not go down, and trying to fit in some kind of exercise that I can do in around my house and stuffing my poor little stringy boobies in to bras that were made for Twiggy models. None of these are earth shattering and prevent me from going on with a nice lovely life. TYG!
Nancy J.
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you're melting....you're melting.....
every. single. day.

step away from the scale, my friend.
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