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Default Let Everyone Know

Hi Ladies ~
Here's a tip I'll share....let everyone know you are trying to lose weight and exercise. The more people that know, the more people that can keep you on track if you aren't doing so well. I have coworkers telling me (nicely of course) to put down those M&M's...my friends will ask in a conversation how my diet is going?. This morning my walking partner called to cancel and I really wasn't all that crushed because it's cold and rainy here so just as I was taking off my sneakers and getting ready to settle in at home my husband asks "You're going to go anyway, right?" UGH!! He was leaving for work and couldn't walk with me and I dread walking alone but I put the sneakers back on, grabbed a CD player and off I went, in the rain and everything!! I wasn't happy but I did it and at the end of the day I'm glad to have done it. So keep those people around to give you that extra nudge because if you try to do it all alone it's too easy to not do it at all.
I hope you all have a great day.

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Also, the more people that know you are on a diet (and losing weight), the more people there are to congratulate you when you do well and become thinner.
So, tell lots of people about your success and life changes, because you will only get more support and praise back!
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I'm glad that works for you, and it works for a lot of people. For me, however, I chose NOT to tell anyone until I was well-established, and only after they noticed I had lost weight. I needed private time with this decision, to work on my issues without well-meaning friends and relatives checking up on me all the time. To this day, if anyone, ANYONE, questions me about the wisdom of eating something, they get a withering glare and a gentle explanation that I'm aware of the choice I'm making, thank you.

Some people really need watchdogs and public accountability and support, and more power to them. Some desire it but don't have the right people around them and find only sabotage or ridicule, however. Some, like me, consider this a private health issue for the most part and just don't need or want other people watching over for us unless we ask specifically for help.
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I agree, funniegrrl. My reaction to other people hinting or badgering me about what I ought to be doing is to rebel. No one should tell ME what to do! So for me, announcing it to the world would be self-sabotage. I really find it annoying now that when I do choose to eat off plan, I get odd comments from people who know me well.

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wtg on goin by yourself!!

i go to ww w my sis and ive a feeling shes gonna cop out on me but i told myself im going anyway. im doin it for me!
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I can see the good and bad from both sides. I, for one, don't always eat the healthiest foods, but I do count my calories, whether it be from grilled chicken and veggies or a frosted cupcake with sprinkles Because of this, I prefer NOT to have everyone know that I'm dieting because then I will get the "should you be eating that?" or the pitiful "oh, she's fallen off the wagon" looks when I'm eating something that is not technically "diet food." However, no matter what I eat, I always count it as accurately as possible and work it into my plan by cutting back on other things if necessary. I'd just personally rather not be scrutinized I have told my mother and my sister and my boyfriend, and some of the ladies at work have figured it out simply because they notice me calculating calories in my head when choosing lunch, and some people have simply noticed my weight loss and asked what I'm doing (which I KNOW is a genuine compliment because they hadn't previously known I was dieting!). So yeah, this also helps me to avoid those who know I'm dieting and are just trying to be nice by making comments about how I look like I've lost weight even though I know I haven't yet
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I find that I "pick and choose" who I am going to tell. I have my "active" friends, those who I dance with, and so forth that are very supportive of my eating regime and regular exercise-because they also dance, take yoga classes, and so forth-and then I have the "others", who I think would rather see me fail and become fat again. Usually those are aquaintances or family members who are overweight themselves and not doing anything about it, so they try to get me to skip workouts, or eat seconds at family dinners.

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I'm firmly in the camp of not wanting any diet monitors. That would drive me absolutely insane. People must know that about me because try as I might I can't remember anyone ever saying word one to me about any food choice, ever.
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Yeah, I didn't let people know either, too much pressure. But, to each his own. You gotta do what ever works best for you. Good luck!!

New goal: staying binge free and losing those last few again, but for the last time!!
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