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Fear does not = fate
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Default What gives?

I've lost quite a bit of weight so far. Quite a bit! And that's great, and there's been some NSV's...

But here's the deal. I'm pretty much still in the same jeans I started in. They're loose..but same jeans and shirts.

And Old Navy vanity sizes don't count as losing a jean size. Or a shirt size.

So..why am I bothering if it doesn't even show? My face is still fat, I still look like a teapot..

I just need some reassurance that this is temporary.
The scale can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. That's it. It cannot measure beauty, talent, purpose, life force, possibility, strength or love.
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Back to Basics!
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Nt sure what size you are n now, but the larger the size...the longer you will stay in them. They fit a much larger range of waist and hip sizes. The smaller numbers for me tend to change with only five pounds!

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Embracing the suck
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I'm not familiar with sizes but I do know that if you're losing weight you're doing it right. Keep doing it.

For motiviation I strongly advise you to take pictures on a regular basis in the same clothing, in similar lighting. You look at yourself every day in the mirror and you will not be able to notice the day by day changes. Pictures will help you realize that changes are happening.

One day - if you keep on your path - you will barely recognize the person in the pictures from today. The difference will be that profound.
"Getting solid information is easier than ever. Getting misinformation is even easier." - Kaplods

Maintaining for two years and I eat whatever I want - just not however much I want. Details here.
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Embrace the success. You're smaller, your clothes are looser and you're probably nearly down to the next size. That is a big accomplishment and definitely not a reason to say "why bother" and give up. If you stick with your eating and exercise plan consistently then that next size down is just around the corner. Keep up the good work.
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Fear does not = fate
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S/C/G: 295/140/nogoal :)

Height: 5'2"


What John said is a really good idea. And all this is mental. There probably are difference I just can't see because I'm me and therefore programmed to see what I'm used to, if that makes sense at all.
The scale can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. That's it. It cannot measure beauty, talent, purpose, life force, possibility, strength or love.
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I started around 350 and I had to lose almost 50 pounds before I went down a size...no joke! Don't worry, you'll be dropping sizes like crazy pretty soon.

Link to before and after pics
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It does show, the loose jeans are the proof! Don't psych yourself out... Keep on doing what you are doing, and push through the frustration...
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The way I've heard it explained: think of your body as a roll of paper towels (just go with it for now, lol).

Say each sheet represents 5 pounds. When you take the first few sheets off, the roll doesn't look a great deal smaller.
But the more you take off, the more dramatic the difference appears. When you're down to the last dozen or so sheets, the roll seems to be getting MUCH smaller each time you remove a single sheet.

So, basically, it's the percentage of your total weight. The weight you lose each month, even if it's roughly the same amount, will appear to be more the thinner you get. Add to that seeing you body everyday, so exactly what you looked a few months ago is kinda hazy... the difference gets very obscured. Don't give up! Your jeans are looser, so something is happening.
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First BIG HUGS....

I found that a lot of the modern women's sizes are made so that they fit a wider range of sizes. For example, my 22W still fit me pretty OK even after I lost probably 40 pounds. I think it's intentional....

Welcome to my crazy life.....http://theythatweight.blogspot.com/

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Positive Focus
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Ditto what everyone else is saying. I used to find that I had about 20lbs per size and then as I lost, it was more like 10. It sounds like you are right on the cusp of going down a size. In fact, if they are loose, you might go shopping and try on the next size down. You might be surprised. Even if you aren't ready to buy new clothes, it can be motivating to do it. I found that I held on to my larger sizes thinking the same thing and then when I finally bought new clothes, I skipped a few sizes. I will NEVER forget the size 22's, but I jumped straight to 16s and then 14s. (After that, it dragged more and I'm in a regain and back to 12s, but whatever you get the idea.)

Most important - DON'T GIVE UP!!! You are SO CLOSE to seeing the next steps in results!! The real fun is just about to start. I promise!!

I remember how daunting it was to need to lose 100lbs. I thought, geez - even if lose 20lbs, I'll still be fat. Not only is that a negative attitude, but it completely missed that even 20lbs was a big deal. I felt so much better with every bit of progress. You don't have to wait until you get to goal for your life to start changing!

HW: 225, lost 75lbs in 2011 LW: 150
Losing again starting from 210 5/9/2017

No words of widsom. After years of reflection and dieting, I still don't have this thing figured out.
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I found that it takes a while before you actually start dropping sizes, but once it starts, it keeps going. In the past I had to lose about 40 pounds before I noticed my clothes getting lose. But once I started to lose those inches, the momentum started and the inches were dropping. So I think if you stick to your program, you'll be glad with the results.
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Congrats on your weightloss so far, keep doing what you are doing!

It took me about 50lbs to really move down a size when I first started. My clothes were a bit tight to begin with so I went through finally fitting into them properly and then having them be too big. It was about another 35lbs to squeeze into the next size down.

You may have read before, I do silly fashion shows for myself about every 3 weeks. It helps me mentally see where I am at vs. just the number on the scale. And yesterday, I was finally able to button all of the buttons on a denim dress I used to be toooooo skinny for. Now granted, I can't breathe or sit in it yet or all the buttons would burst open but it was a great visual for me and I even showed my husband (isn't that sick!?). In a few weeks, it will fit better no matter what the scale shows for a loss.

I finally got rid of my baggy jeans when I could take them down without even unbuttoning them (sorry tmi). I am sure you might be able to move down a size too, even if it's a tiny bit snug!!

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Yea, don't worry about that. Sizing is strange, it really isn't standard anymore and to further confuse it, the cut of jeans, the material, how you wash them, etc., etc., all make a big difference.

Trust me, it shows.

As someone said the jeans are loose.

Don't let your own head games ruin your happiness. Hugs!

Also, are you taking measurements? Clothes don't matter, measurements don't lie.
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At it again
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The first sign of success for me was my clothes not hurting anymore! Lol. That meant current clothes were getting looser and smaller sizes were around the corner! Don't get discouraged.
"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." John Bingham
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There is no try.
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Default re:

The paper roll analogy really is the way it is.

It took me a long time to get out of the women's sizes. Partly because a 22 for me lasted from somewhere from 280 to 240 despite how loose they were. I bet you anything I could have fit into smaller shirts, but never even tried.

Don't become a victim of "this still fits" and it's a 2 or 3x. I was wearing those sizes well into the 230s and found that no one noticed any weight loss. Why? Because they couldn't see my actual body in those sizes. I always wore everything so loose.

Might want to try going to the store and trying on a few things in smaller sizes to see how they look.

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