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Default Does clothing affect your fullness/hunger?

This might sound like a really odd question. But i've noticed if i wear a dress with a high/empire waist and it's a little tight there, it affects my appetite because i'm constantly sucking in my stomach. Like, if i eat a large meal, i feel extra full. And yesterday, i felt extra hungry, maybe because i was sucking in my stomach???? Or maybe it was just a random coincidence. At any rate, i decided to wear pants today and i'm much more comfortable
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i havent noticed a connection between my clothes and how i eat...but my wardrobe is so small it probably cant even be called a wardrobe LOL

on a slightly different note, i HATE tight clothing or restrictive clothing...if i'm wearing something tight like a fitted t-shirt, i cant even fall asleep at night most of the time...i have to get up and change into one of DH's loose shirts
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I wear spanx when I go to events and stuff and I do feel constricted, so maybe that's why I don't eat as much during those times. Though it could be that I don't want to eat a lot in front of people in the first place.
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If I'm wearing clothes that make me "feel fat" then yes, it affects what I eat. I think because I'm constantly aware all day of how unhappy I am and how big I feel in what I'm wearing. It's not a good feeling. Despite possible weight loss benefits of not eating as much, I tend to avoid clothes like that. I try to wear looser but shapely clothes that make me feel more confident.

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I read some tip that wearing skin tight clothes is a good reminder to not overeat...but I just hate eating in anything but my PJs. This works out because I prefer eating at home anyways, which inadvertently means that I eat less because I prepare my own food and only eat at certain times.

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Definitely, I've actually heard of women who do tight lacing corseting lose weight because it's uncomfortable to eat a lot. I'm not sure if it works for everybody because not everyone bloats up as much after eating but I certainly do and I can feel the effects of tight clothes almost immediately!

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Yep. I enjoy goth clothing, and I often wear corsets and the likes, and you just can't overeat when wearing those, or you feel like you're going to explode.

(Besides, as silly as it may seem... when I'm wearing such elegant clothes, I feel like eating in an 'elegant' way, too: not eating quickly, not eating with my fingers (chicken wings, argh!), etc. I mean, if you're clad as a lady, you don't want to be caught pigging out, right? )
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Now that you mention it, I find that I do eat a lot less when I'm wearing clothes that have a non-stretch seam or band at the waist. Especially if they're a little snug (and by snug, I just mean they're the exact same measurement as my waist; no extra room). If my waist "expands" from eating more than a little food, the waistband starts to cut in to it.
The downside to those is that they also feel a little more snug when you're sitting down, even if you haven't eaten.
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I find that I'm extra self-conscious about my appetite when I'm wearing tight clothes or empire waist dresses but I don't experience a real change in hunger.
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It absolutely helps me.. I never overeat if Im wearing tighter things because I feel like I definitely cant afford to.
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Before shopping, all of my shirts were too big. If I felt like showing some curve, I would put a small belt around my mid/high waist. I wore it a little tightish. I found that my stomach felt like it filled faster, just like you. Maybe it's because when we eat a really big meal our stomach sticks out? Either way it's a good thing for me... I don't end up eating until I'm super full!
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This past week my son was home for some of his mama's home cookin'.
I was worried that I'd eat right along with him since I was cooking his favorite foods which are also many of my favorites. On a whim I put on some of my tightest jeans and they kept me pinched into remembering my weight loss efforts.
It worked for me.
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I've actually heard a lot of recommendations for this! They say if you were your sexy clothes or your workout clothes that are fitted, that you are less likely to overeat due to discomfort and due to a constant physical reminder that you are trying to continue looking good. Now I know for some people this would not work, but I know many that it has! I guess it's just like with anything else, you just have to do what works for you!

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