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Default DWA- Daily Weighers Anonymous !

I'm in need of a group like this because I do not want to weigh daily!

This weight loss journey has been different because I am trying to heal from food issues, not just lose weight. This has included over a decade of binge / starve cycles, punctuated by excessive exercise (then none at all). I eat for the wrong reasons. I restrict out of guilt and over obsess with calories in and out...
I've been healing and am starting to occasionally feel "normal" when I eat. So, I think healing is possible. But I realized that weighing daily for me, is still a lingering symptom of my obsessive phases. I am in one now, where I have to talk my self into putting cheese on a sandwich, without being plagued by guilt and the need to exercise it off later. (During binging phases I have a whole different set of behavoirs I deal with as they come)

So, as part of healing I can not weigh myself more than once a week. I've never been able to not weigh daily, and the number becomes something I obsess over, and it effects my entire day. In the past, if its a pound up even around TOM, I would restrict, eating maybe 800 cals that day, trying to "lose" that pound)
I know some people can weigh daily and its ok, but for me its a behavoir that has to go...and so...

I weighed in today. I will weigh in only on Sundays. Weaning off the scale...probably going to go through withdrawl! lol seriously though, if I can't check my weight, I tend to over restrict even more, for fear that I'm gaining and its going unchecked...
Anyone else want to stop weighing daily? Or am I just crazy? lol

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You are crazy! Just joking. Personnally I like weighting myself daily, I found it motivating!

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I try not to weigh everyday. I used to. I have managed to tone it down some, because for me I get frustrated with any gain, even during TOM.

Goal: Lose Ten Pounds By July 1st!
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I'm trying to stop weighing myself daily to because it's just makes me obsessive over it the rest of the day.
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I don't weigh every day, but I also don't force myself to NOT weigh if I really want to know - that feels like a waste of mental energy and will power that could be put to better uses.

I use Sunday as my official WI day and that's what I track by in terms of my ticker, etc. But in between Sundays, if I feel like weighing I do, but if I don't, then I don't. That has been enough to break a daily patterns and make it so I don't feel badly if I miss a day. It had been generally 2-4 days a week plus the Sundays. So it's still a lot of days sometimes, but not EVERYday.

Maybe you'd do better with a more gradual approach and start skipping a day here and there rather than trying to FORCE yourself to wait a week each time? And then over time, you would be at the point where once a week felt right to you.
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I think weighing yourself regularly i.,e three times a week is a good idea. Back when i was in the 130's i used to do it a lot, doing this enabled me to stop any gain before it got serious.

However at the start of the journey, once a week should be enough imo.
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I weigh myself daily. When weight increases, i tell myself " i am doing everything right...so it is water weight".
If you have pain then there is water retention. If you do not poop then there is weight gain. Some days there is body adjustment, so there is no change.
But overall it comes down.
Daily weighing gives you opportunity to analysis.
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I weigh daily. It's very important to me.

When I was really overweight, I avoided the scale like the plague. Closed my eyes, and bam-kept gaining weight. It's so easy to live in ignorance.

Now I weigh daily. A pound or two deviance is fine...but never more than that. By weighing daily, I am always accountable.
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weighing daily has kept me on track. My last weight loss attempts didn't work when I weighed weekly, so I find that this works for me.

Whatever works for individual people is the best. Since you find it doesn't work for you, I'm glad you've found something that does
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