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Angry TOM Cravings

Okay 1st TOM since I started my journey and it is a HUGE problem. I got up and wanted to eat so much random stuff. And then of course about an hour later cramps from h-e-double hockey stick decided to show up.

So how do you deal with awful cravings at your TOM? Do you stay strong and not indulge, indulge a little, see if lettuce shuts it up, or does it end up getting the best of you?

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Hot tea. Especially peppermint tea for some reason. Really soothing and will kill most cravings. Or I have a little dark chocolate. Mm.
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I also get extreme cravings... usually about 2-3 days before it begins. Then, during TOM I almost can't eat. I feel sick and my digestion is all off kilter.

Anyway, I sort of do a combination of all of the items you wrote. If I have an awful craving, I know I'll just burst in to tears if I don't have something, so I usually indulge (within reason). Tom is generally really pretty medically and physically awful for me. So the few days leading up to it, I just essentially allow myself more calories. It's almost like a treat. I then spend the week maintaining. Essentially, I eat like a bird, only if I have to, but I gain tons of water weight. This is my first as well since I started dieting, and sure enough I blew up like a balloon. I know it's not fat, it's water.

I also try to eat really filling foods, so that I have to eat less, even if I am allowing myself more calories in those pre-tom days.

It's all about whatever works for you. I can't deny myself something a little fattier or a little higher in calories right before because I'm constantly hungry. I just work on not eating everything in sight. Even if I did, one day likely wouldn't ruin a whole diet.
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I suck on sugar free mints or drink some iced tea (decaf) sweetened with splenda or the like. Helps me!

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I am currently pre-TOM...I can tell by the cravings. I am doing a little indulging and a little refraining...

I want red velvet cake...I'll get a sugar free fat free pudding cup.
I want a thick crust delivery pizza...I'll get a single serving frozen pizza from the grocery store.

I am trying to find alternatives to satiate my desires, while not making me, and everyone around me, crazy.
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I usually get cravings the week before TOM, but they magically disappear during TOM.

However, what I do is: drink TONS of water, try to distract myself by doing activities that are located far from the kitchen/food, and indulge a little. If I don't indulge at all, I tend to go crazy and overeat. A little indulgence is good
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I get more cravings pre-TOM then during. If I have a bad craving, I'll indulge a little. Like maybe have one item with cheese, for example. Because I count calories, I make sure it fits into my plan. But I resist as hard as I can, that said. I don't give in easy.

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I'm like a few others. My worst symptoms are during my PRE-menstrual week, not during. I always start craving sweet and salty items (together), which used to be solved with a large McDonald's sweet tea, french fries, and a 10 piece nugget. Of course, I'm not going to blow a day's worth of calories on McD's, so I solve the problem by "overindulging" in the good stuff. Last month, this meant treating myself with a larger-than-normal salad. I know it sounds crazy, but knowing that I was indulging, even if healthily, kept me from running out to the nearest fast food chain. If I get a chocolate craving, I grab a 60-calorie chocolate pudding cup from the fridge.

I'm terrified of weighing in tomorrow, as it will be my first pre-TOM weigh-in, and I can already tell I'm bloating up. I hope I've done well enough this week to off-set the water gain and will see a big whoosh next Friday after TOM is over. :-/
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I struggle with this too! Since I count calories, I'll let myself have a little of whatever it is I'm really craving. Like others have said I try to find a healthy alternative. I generally don't go for processed foods but the weight watchers desserts are a delicious way to satisfy a sweet tooth craving, and I love the blue diamond sea salted almonds for a salty treat!
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