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Old 06-26-2011, 10:54 PM   #1
fake it till you make IT!
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Default I cheated today & feeling very guity and bad about it :(

SO I started my "new lifestyle" 11 days ago & as of this morning I am exactly 11 lbs down (YAY)

But I don't know what happened after I steped off that scale today.

For breakfast I had 2 cups of honey nut cheerios w skim milk & strawberrys, not soo horrible but that 2 shudda been 1

then went out food shopping w my boyfriend &got a bag of big marshmallows, & had about 16 of them & then threw the bag away bc I didnt want to eat anymore about 1/2 c. peanut butter, 3 wheat rolls (dunno wtf i was thinking!!) 4 more slices of wheat toast earlier with butter spread, coffee with extra cream & 2 donut stix(the little debbie ones)

I dont know what came over me!!! & I'm feeling sooo sad,guilty,discouraged,gross,extremely large & feeling like how I used to feel & how I've made so many mistakes & promised myself I wouldn't mess up no more that this was it & here I am 11 days later screwing up! I really want to be 200 (im 244) or under by October bc thats my mothers wedding & i know I can do it if I stop screwing up!!

How do you deal if this happened to you? & how did you bounce back?
Thanks so much for reading
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I like ponies... and you?
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Girl... you are doing GREAT. 11 days in... 11 pounds down... that is AWESOME. Just because you messed up a bit... don't freak. You honestly hadn't eaten as much as I have in one day before... this is where you pick yourself up... smile... say "you know what... those things were good... but losing weight is better". Stick a picture of a dress you want to wear to your mom's wedding, or find a quote and remember it.

Doesn't mean you won't cheat... but every day is a new day. You can do it... I can do it... we can do it.

It happens to everyone. The key is not letting it destroy your life... and moving on. Good luck!
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You don't ever have to wait til tomorrow to pick yourself back up. Just tell yourself that you can do it and jump back to eating right on your next snack or meal.

You can do anythign you put your mind to!
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Staying the Same
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Binging is a natural response to dieting for a lot of people, and I think seeing a new low on the scale triggers a weird self-sabotage reflex in a lot of us. Just get up and keep going, you'll have screw-ups many more times after this one, but as long as you have more "good" days than "bad" days you'll still keep losing weight.

Don't give up!
Push on some more!

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In my experience diet guilt, shame, self-recriminations only ever inspired me to eat. So I gave it up.

You didn't smack a baby or kick a puppy.

Weight loss is tough. It's something most people who try, don't accomplish, largely I firmly believe, because they make themselves feel so guilty and so lousy that giving up makes the best logical sense (at least being fat is better than the constant misery).

But when you take away the misery, you also take away the reason for giving up. Or so, I've concluded.

I've been on thousands of diets in my life (I've been dieting since kindergarten, so 40 years), and I've never lost as much weight or kept it of as long as "this time." There are a few things I've discovered to do differently, but one of them is getting rid of guilt and shame and hopeless thinking. I "failed" of all 90 lbs. I made more mistakes this time than any other, the only difference is that I didn't feel bad about those mistakes, I didn't beat myself up for making them, and I didn't brainwash myself into thinking that mistakes (even tons of them) guaranteed or predicted failure.

There's nothing wrong with trying to lose weight for an event, but sometimes that puts on so much pressure it actually makes it harder to do. The wedding doesn't matter nearly as much as the rest of your life does. No even matters as much as the rest of your life.

How quickly can you lose weight? Who cares? Mistakes happen. You will make mistakes. Maybe a lot. Maybe only a few. You learn, by moving forward and by not deciding that you're useless and hopeless for making them.

You may not lose the weight you want to , in the time frame you want to, but that doesn't mean you've failed. Every pound you lose and keep off is success. Building on success tends to work a lot better than beating yourself for failure.
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fake it till you make IT!
Join Date: Apr 2011
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S/C/G: 312/264/199

Height: 5'6


Thanks so much ladies!! You all are making me feel much better
& krampus i think your right about the self sabatoge, it was weird, I saw a few lbs down and I didnt feel happy?? But instead wanting to kinda punish myself??? SO odd.

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Gotta Lose to Win
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just a tiny bump in the road! you are doing soooo well!!! took me a long time to lose 11 lbs so 11lbs in 11 days is AAAWWEESSOOOMMEE!! i had a lil hiccup yesterday and had almost half a bag of andy capps cheddar fries and a whole small hoagie roll in addition to what i normally eat. idk what came over me either.
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Lifelong Alaskan!
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i can self-sabotage my weight loss like none other LOL...when i see a new low on the scales i decide to "relax" my eating habits or just "treat" myself to something yummy...last summer i saw 202 on the scale (new low) and almost immediately jumped off the wagon and never regained my momentum...lowest weight i've seen in my adult life is 198 about 7 years ago...right now i'm sitting at 204 and i know i might see new low numbers soon

i KNOW that my problem is that, with weight loss, i'm very afraid of being noticed....by other people, by other men besides DH...and i am as shy as they come...most people wouldn't think i'm shy because im' involved with alot of things and i manage a program full of students and staff all school year...but i am as shy as can be and DO NOT want to be noticed anymore than i already am!

warning: reincarnation ahead in my most recent past life, being noticed led to me being killed...i was just a kid but i was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time during a jungle war (not in the U.S.) and was shot and killed...i know that i equate being noticed with very deadly results....anyone else want to talk reincarnation with me sometime??
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I Will Because I Can
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We've all been there! The key is picking yourself up and getting back on track. One bad day isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but so many of us have let it completely discourage us to the point where we're not able to get back to healthy eating for an extended period. Be kind to yourself.... making a lifestyle change isn't easy and there will be bumps along the way.
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Many people have given you great advice about the emotional side of "cheating," overeating, and self-sabotage.

Just a tip from the nutritional side of things- whenever I eat lots of carbs (e.g. two bowls of honey cereal + strawberries) I am prone to overeating, especially of more carbs (e.g. toast, marshemallows, sugary peanut butter, doughnuts).

Perhaps consider lowering your sugar/carbs significantly. Perhaps start with a breakfast of bacon and eggs instead of cereal. A huge omelet with lots of veggies and a bit of cheese will keep you fuller longer than a bowl (or two) of cereal.

Good luck!!
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Back in Action
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I can only imagine how crappy you must feel after a binge on nothing but pure crap...lol 16 of those big marshmallows have enough sugar in them to bake an entire sheet cake!... You probably feel more guilty binging on all the junk you ate than if you would have consumed a prime rib dinner with all the fixin's. Sugar/carbs/fat combo is like a drug to many of us and guilt is a normal response after getting high.

My only advice is to move on and don't forget this feeling. Because the next time you do it you'll feel just as bad, but the next time you might not be able to pull yourself together and get back on the wagon...(like you WILL this time). The next time might end up being the "end" of your diet...don't let sugar beat you down.

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Just remember how bad you felt after eating what your body doesn't want. No guilt and move forward! You can do it. It's not about being perfect everyday. Way to go on the 11 pound loss.

Do what you gotta do to get where you wanna get!
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Thumbs up

"Mama said there'll be days like this,There'll be days like this Mama said
(Mama said, mama said)"

First, one day like this is not going to ruin your plan- 365 days like this will. :-) We are all going to one day wake up and say, "To he// with it!"

Second, instead of feeling guilty, try and figure out why you binged. Eleven days and 11 pounds is AWESOME, but is it possible that you are feeling deprived?

In my experience that is about the time that I totally fall off the wagon because I have cut too much out of my diet too fast. Is there a way that you can work in each day a small portion of your favorite treats? It may slow the weight loss a bit, but it could help you be more successful in the long run.

Third, recommit. Just for the next meal. And then for the meal after that and so on. I have sort of discovered that this is a little like AA- one meal at a time. Good luck!
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Have a pity party and then move on. Let the guilt motivate you to do better, and put the incident behind you--today. Get right back on track.

As previous poster said, I'd recommend building into your eating plan some treats, so that you don't feel deprived. My plan has room for cookies, cake, pizza, etc....they belong there so I don't have to "cheat" to eat them. The word "cheat" isn't in my lexicon any more, because everything is legit.

That having been said, you still have to watch your portions. But take it easy--losing the weight is only part of the goal. Re-educating yourself about healthy and balanced eating is the other part. You'll get there if you go slow and steady.
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Tinkerbell you just told my story!!!!

Wow!!!! DoingGood that article really hit the nail on the head!!!

The lady in the article story is my story and Tinkerbell's story too! So many of us do good only to get a false sense of confidence that lead to us to fall off the wagon HARD!

The article talk about SOLUTIONS and ANSWERS, which is what we all need!!! I look forward to getting my first email!!!

Thank you for the information! Keep on DoingGood

Everyone who want to stop thE vicious cycle of self-sabotage - Please, Please, Please read this article - Weight Loss Management Psychology by Malcolm Baptiste!!!

I love this forum where we can share our successes and failures, encourage each other, and get answers!!!!

Here's to all of our sucess!!!!
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