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Old 07-14-2010, 09:59 AM   #1
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Default Do you have sneaky weigh-ins?

I'm aiming to weigh myself every Monday, but I just can't resist stepping on the scales nearly every morning...

Does anyone else do this??
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Yup, always have. :-p Still debating which day of the week I want to be my weigh-in since I eased myself into things on a Thursday and really started keeping track on a Monday. And my weight hasn't changed since Monday so I'm guessing that's when I stopped losing the water weight.
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oh yes. That is my own special form of torture. The only way to avoid it would be to get rid of my scale, but then it would be too easy for me to forget that I'm overweight.
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Weighing each day is part of my routine. I have found that it helps me stay on track. And the scales are in the kitchen, very near the refrigerator.

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No. Yes. Sometimes. When I start a diet I weigh every day. I always say it keeps me focussed. After I hit the first stall, it just keeps me frantic.

I haven't weighed since Saturday, and won't until next Saturday. If the scale's gone down, I'll hang on another week. If it's stayed the same or gone up, I'll go back to daily weighing until I'm sure it's moving again.

Oh, and my weighing routine is
up, large glass of water with meds, feed dogs, feed me, bathroom, take everything off, get weighed, subtract the weight of my breakfast, react.

Obsessed, moi?

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Oh I hop on and off the scale all day. It demystifies it.

Now, I can almost always guess exactly what it is going to say within about two tenths of an ounce at any given time of day, in any outfit.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.--Winston Churchill
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I weigh all the time. I record every morning as soon as I wake up, and I use a seven day rolling average as my "weight"--so even though I was up 400 grams this morning, my average still went down and I feel ok about it.

There really is no "right" was to do this--you have to figure out what motivates you the best. The only "wrong" thing I ever do/see about weighing is when people avoid scale because they've been "bad" and don't want to face it. That guilt avoidance is a huge red flag. But pretty much any other pattern--daily, weekly, monthly, or whimsically--can be healthy, if it works for you.
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I have been weighing myself every day. If it starts to creep up, I know I need to refocus. If it is creeping down, I get to do a little happy dance!

"I'd rather waltz than just walk through the forrest"

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I weigh myself every day -- as do many others I posted this on another thread (ignore the "devil's advocate part" ) when someone was getting freaked out about daily fluctuations and believed the answer was to only weigh once a week. Since we ALL know we're going to fluctuate, I PERSONALLY think it's a better idea to weigh every day and then you KNOW what your body is doing. YMMV, of course but for me, daily weighing works much better

I'm a daily weigher, and I'm just going to play devils advocate here for a second. You've already realized that your weight can fluctuate for no *real* reason other than water. This fluctuation can be up to a couple of pounds. You can also fluctuate DOWN a pound or so. We've all seen it -- waiting to get to Onderland and seeing that 199 number, but then not seeing it again for another week!

Now, if you weigh every day and look at the TREND, you'll see it decreasing. I personally use a 10 day running average. No matter what my daily weight does, as long as my running average is decreasing I'm okay.

Now, if all you're doing is weighing once a week, there is a chance that one specific day of the week will be abnormally low and then the next specific day will be abnormally high. You could have lost 2 pounds that week but think that you've gained 1 pound.

So MANY people don't weight every day, but many people DO, and I wanted to just put a good word in for weighing every day but keeping a running average
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I did it just this morning while my hubby was saying that I shouldn't. It was right after a shower and he was convinced I'd weigh more due to the "water absorbing into your skin and maybe making you bloated". he may be right, he may be wrong... either way I didn't care and hopped on.

the number was down so I was happy either way. If I don't weigh every day, I go up. Every time.
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I weigh every day..i probably shouldn't but I just can't stand it I just feel like it helps me in a way.

Mini goals:
10lbs~ 7-5-2010
20lbs~ 8-9-2010

One for every 5 pounds lost:
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Not me since I rarely weigh anymore
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Yeah I started out with that in mind , epic fail, I weigh everyday also BUT I only log my weight on Monday's.

Originally Posted by Cookiebell View Post
I'm aiming to weigh myself every Monday, but I just can't resist stepping on the scales nearly every morning...

Does anyone else do this??
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yes... my weigh day is saturday... and every other day of the week
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Weighing every day has been a big part of my success this time around. I lost 16 pounds about three years ago and then went on vacation and promptly put on nine pounds in one week. I didn't understand about water weight, though, or the fact that you typically weigh more at the end of the day than at the beginning, etc. So I didn't realize I had really only gained five pounds and that almost all of that was water weight. So, what happened? I got discouraged, stopped paying attention, and gained the weight back.

After that, though, I started weighing myself daily. I learned how my body weight fluctuates—how sodium works, how hydration/dehydration works, how TOM works, how exercise works, etc.—and how I can gain five pounds in one day and lose that two days later. I took this knowledge with me when I went on vacation weighing 108. And when I came back weighing 113 I didn't panic. I just ate on plan, exercised, and it was off in two days. This time I didn't sabotage myself—and that is due in no small part to weighing every day.

These days I can look at myself naked and guess exactly how much I weigh. I don't even really need the scale anymore, but I still step on it. It's a game now where it used to be a complete mystery.

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