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Default Eating habits

I was reading through the threads this morning and a thought crossed my mind. I have an eating habit that I think I am just not yet ready to break. I'm sure others have to struggle with this too, anything from still having that bag of chips, to drinking a soda every day, or something along those lines.

What is it that you are not yet willing to give up?
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Coffee with lots of sugary creamer. I have tried so many different things--no creamer, FF milk instead of creamer, drinking tea, whatever--but there's still nothing that can replace that yummy coffee first thing in the morning.
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For the longest time, I could not and would not give up ice cream. I used to eat anywhere from half a pint to a pint almost every day, and 8 months into my new lifestyle I was still eating it often. I never told myself it was a forbidden food, because I think that would have been my breaking point. I just worked it into my calories.

I don't think you should give up all the "unhealthy" foods you loved until you're ready or you can find a truly acceptable replacement.
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For me the thing that sticks out is a habit I haven't been able to add-- weightlifting. I've been so good at increasing my cardio, but I just can't see weightlifting as a habit I will be able to add to my lifestyle and maintain.
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I don't think there's anything I need to give up. I count calories so there are no "off limit" foods. I can easily have a beer or glass of wine with dinner. Some bread and butter (my junk food) can fit into my day every so often with no problems.

I know that if I over indulge in these things then I'm giving up a lot more than I would be if I just stayed on track and in control.
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For me it's booze. I'm simply not willing to give up having some drinks on the weekends! Sometimes I try to curb the effects and choose a drink that's a little lower calorie than my favorite beer (which has nearly 200 calories per bottle!) but other times I just drink what I want.
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Seems like every list of good eating habits tells you to not eat while reading, on the computer or watching television. I have no interest in just eating. Will always do it with a distraction unless I'm eating with someone else (biggest distraction of all)
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Tea that is sweetened with sugar. I feel like I could give up all other sugary treats except sugar in my tea. I'm still trying to figure that one out.
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Yeah, I have to make a really big effort not to sit at the computer while I eat, if I am alone.

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Beverages, particularly chai lattes from SB. When I was in more strict weight loss mode, I was down to 1x per week on my chai and very rare alcohol. I really don't want to go even that low at this point so I'm accepting a slower loss rate in the interest of having an occasional yummy beverage. I'm down to about 3 latte's a week where I was up to 7-8 this winter. I'm really sick of black tea and water. I did have some success with an iced white peach tea this week that I cold brewed. I'm going to try some green tea next because I don't care for it warm but might like it iced and I have a ton to use up in my cupboard (gifts).

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i refuse to give up treats...we cant cut out all bad stuff from our healthy life style changes...we need to accept that there will be times whe we are out with family and friends, and its okay to share that pice of cheese cake..just dont have the whole cake...
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I refuse to give up dark chocolate. I have two small squares of Dove everyday and I fit it into my daily calorie allowance.

I also won't give up coffee (hot or iced) or Chai tea, but I do use Splenda and fat-free half-n-half. I sometimes worry about the amount of Splenda I use and really hope it doesn't start doing anything weird to my body.
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omg, one thing i cannot give up is coffee. well, i fill my cup half way with coffee and the rest with hot water. then i put in two teaspoons of the non dairy vanilla cream, and put a packet of splenda. its actually good. but i end up with a headache..

pita, i never thought id be able to give up chocolate, but i did. i couldve sworn that i was such a chocoholic..now i dont crave it. YAY!!!!!!
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Splurge meals in restaurants - once a week. Went to a Brazilian steak house last night and definitely over indulged. I'm maintaining my weight and the weekly splurges are within my plan, but I really should try harder not to go "all out"!
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Pizza goldfish.

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