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Unhappy Depressed and Eating Grapes

Am having a 'plateau'. Have come to terms with it but is still the most annoying thing ever. 2 stone slid off me in 2 months and now........

.......NOTHING!!! Nothing at all.

Have another stone to go!!

Am making a cake for a friend and am so pissed off I want to eat the entire thing. Having some grapes instead.

Terrified that this is it and that I won't lose any more weight. Have already bought a new bikini and a few more pounds off of my tummy and it would look fantastic.

I feel like poo.
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Sorry your feeling down. It's really lousy when your trying hard but it's not happening isn't it.

Just keep going and you'll get over the hump and get a loss, I think your doing great. Losing 2 stones is amazing!

The scales will move eventually, keep positive
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Im naked under my clothes
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It happens.You just gotta stay focused you've come so far! I'm sure your body is just adjusting to your new lifestyle. Up your water intake and take your workouts up a notch and those lbs will slide off again!

P.S. Congrats on choosing the grapes over the cake. I know how hard it is to resist temptation. You should be very proud of yourself!
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After losing that much weight that quickly (a stone is 14lb right? That's a TON of weight to lose in a month!) it seems fairly normal that your body needs some time to adjust and recover. You probably just need to wait it out, keep doing what worked for you so far, as annoying as that must sound.

How many weeks has it been? It could just be that your weight loss has slowed dramatically, which happens when you get close to your goal.

Changing up your exercise sometimes helps... different types, different intensities, maybe add some interval training if you don't already.

Some people find that eating more calories for a week (at or near maintenance level) then going back to normal helps their body snap out of it.
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3 + years maintaining
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Congratulations on the fantastic weight loss!!!

Just wondering - how long has there been no loss for? A week? 2? or more? Just keep plugging away and hang tight. Depending on how long you've been without a loss (& a couple of weeks is perfectly normal), you may want to change some things up. Remember, you weigh less now (yay!) & it will be harder to create a calorie deficit and you may need to take your calories down by 100 a day or so to get things moving again. OR increase your exercise or a combination of the two.

With a little experimenting, some adjusting here and there, lots of patience and determination - you'll have that scale moving downwards once again.
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needs constant reminding
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stay. away. from. the. cake.

you are doing a fantastic job!! keep on going.

Calorie Counting Back to Maintenance Weight
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on snacking grapes than eating the cake!! You got one strong will power in ya! Stay strong and soon, your scale will reward you!!
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You're doing a great job; as others have said here your body probably just needs a moment to catch its breath after losing all that weight so far. Plateaus are still the pits; they've been my downfall so many times.

Keep away from the cake, and keep at it! You can do it!
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You are already my hero for eating grapes and not the cake! Stick to your guns, you can do it! This will pass. =)
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