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Default Post-Easter binge motivation!

After having a hard few days, I am super excited about getting healthy! Though I've been trying to eat better for over a month now, I live on a college campus and eat primarily at a dining hall. It's all prepaid, so I feel really badly spending more money on food outside of that, but I've also had a HORRIBLE time trying to find healthy options there. Everything is deep fried, covered in fat, etc, and there's way too many tempting things around.

On Thursday, I tried to donate blood, and I was turned away because of my low iron. This really frustrated me, because I was trying my hardest to eat fruits, veggies and some healthy meats and carbs, but I still could not fill up my Daily Values of nutrients! I started taking vitamins, but I know that's not enough. Then, TOM came around and just about killed my entire resolve. I never noticed how bad my cravings were before, because I was used to just eating whatever I wanted all the time. All I could think of all day was oreo cookies, milkshakes and kitkat bars. I ate a little bit of chocolate, and some pizza - not horrible, still within my calorie range, but nothing nutritional. Then today, I had Easter lunch with my boyfriend's family. I did alright at the dinner (they served lamb, which I don't eat, so I mostly had side dishes) but then they brought out a cake, and candy. I didn't eat a ton, but I felt badly about it anyway, because my cravings were gone, and I honestly didn't want to eat it, but I did anyway.

Later today, I was going grocery shopping for a few things, and as I walked by the oreos and ice cream, I realized that I didn't want them. I had no desire to pick them up or to eat them. This was fascinating to me, because as much as I've read other people saying that after giving up food for a while, your cravings dissipate, I never believed it would happen to me! I felt awesome, and I ended up spending most of my time in the protein/fiber/iron supplement aisle (which I didn't even know they had!). I found several options that I think will be really good for me, that I can incorporate into my daily diet in addition to the school food, without breaking my budget. I am really excited to get my body healthy and full of nutrients. My goal is to donate blood in a few months, and not get turned away!

It's going to take a while to figure this eating healthy thing out, but I am so excited and ready for it to be a regular part of my life! Thanks to everyone on 3FC because a lot of your advice has been helping me a ton lately, really giving me the kickstart I need.

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I messed up some over the weekend too. I went to a fancy catered party on Saturday, with a lot of unhealthy little finger foods and desserts. Then this morning I ate nothing but bread, then a fast food lunch, then steak for dinner. With candy spread in between. That is so much more disgusting when I say it out loud (ish). But, I'm so excited to get back on track!

I wish I were at the place you are - my cravings are no where near gone, but I'm trying to get rid of them. I'm also anemic, and taking a lot of iron every day (when I remember) and it makes me feel a little better, so keep trying with the vitamins!

Congrats on doing so well over the holiday!
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Because I have a friend with a diabetic child in college , I know colleges are required to provide nutritional information upon request.I would try that and then sit down with menu ahead of time to see what you will eat.Planning is so important to all of us on this weight loss journey.
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You already sound like you're off to a great start!

So what if you had a binge? You're getting back on track, and THAT's what counts! Even if you binged, just start the next meal all over again & include your exercise as well

Keep going! You can do it!

~ tea
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