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Unhappy recovering and depressed

hi. i'm new here. looking for support buddies. i had lost over 30 lbs in 2005 after having gallbladder surgery. i went from a size 14 (i was almost a size 16) to a sized 8 - 10. i've kept it off until recently. in may i had surgery which turned out to be more complex than what the surgeon originally had planned. so now, since then, i have been very limited in my activities and have gained 10 lbs back. i'm also on pain meds, etc. since i don't know when my restrictions will be lifted, i'm afraid that i'll keep gaining. this is really getting me down. i recently joined fitday.com and have been tracking my foods for the last week. yesterday i was really down and ate over my calorie amounts and almost everything was a carb. everyone (family/friends) wants to feed me and they are constantly bringing me comfort foods. i guess i just need some words of encouragement. i'd also like to make friends here to - a safe haven to vent, learn from others, etc. i've always been extremely body conscious and think about my weight constantly (to the point when it can ruin my day). i welcome any comments, suggestions, etc. thank you.
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Awwwww Curvey.... I know how you feel!

First of all It's good to have you! The more you come here, the more you'll realize that we are all struggling to meet the same goal: weight loss. Some are doing it for health reasons, some for vanity reasons, some for both reasons plus one or two others!

I had surgery in 2005, & as a result, lost about 20 pounds - then I exercised/dieted the rest off - I went from 178 to 138 over the course of about 8 months (see avatar). I felt great, & life was good. Then I reinjured my left shoulder (old rotator cuff injury) & couldn't exercise for 12 weeks. Then I got 2 herniated disks in my neck.... then I got blood clots in my lungs.... and I gained about 50 pounds. So all my hard work just went to **** in a handbasket!

But here I am again... struggling again... and I have realized that I will probably be struggling for the rest of my life. If not struggling to LOSE weight, then struggling to MAINTAIN the loss. I don't think it ever gets easier... but it's ALWAYS worth it.

Good luck to you! - you CAN do this! - the best advice I can give you is COME HERE OFTEN! - even if you don't post a lot, READ! - read, read, read! - there's so many women here (& a few guys!) who are just awesome & inspirational - and remember... NEVER SAY DIE(t)!

You CAN have ANYTHING you want,
but you CAN'T have EVERYTHING you want!
~my mama!
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Hi there! I am new too & I just wanted to let you know the forum is great!
Everyone here listens and more often than not has great advice & experiences that help, just knowing your not on your own in the struggle.

Rant away!
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Hey Curvey409! I'm actually so impressed with how you've handled things. I had a health problem (chronic daily migraines) for almost a year and I gained more than 50 lbs.!!! So, 10 lbs, is a lot more acceptable, as far as I'm concerned. First, give yourself a break. You have been through SO MUCH! If a friend of yours had been through so much, I doubt you'd be upset with her for gaining back ten pounds. At the same time, you do need to get this under control so you don't turn into me! LOL! Going on Fitday is a wonderful idea! The next thing you need to do is let your loved ones know that you appreciate their help, but now, you need them to help you in a slightly different way. They want to show their love by giving you comfort food, but maybe you can ask them to give you exactly what you are craving. That way, you'll be in control of what you eat. Counting calories has given me a major sense of control, so if you don't have that, it's really tough. Make requests for grilled chicken and salad, with dressing on the side. Or, fresh fruit or baby carrots to snack on. You could also say that your doctor wants you to eat a low fat diet? Just a thought on that one! Either way, you CAN get into the shape you want but you need to speak up for yourself. Once you recover, you'll be able to start moving more again....but ask your doctor on the guidelines on exercise. Just go for what you want and be vocal about it! Put your sad feelings aside and be glad that you're on the road to recovery!!!! HUGS!
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Hi Curvey! I'm recovering from surgery myself, although I'm only restricted from exercise for two weeks. I know how you feel but 3FC is a wonderful place for support and information and if you stick real close, you'll be feeling encouraged in no time. Best of luck to you.
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welcome. I can relate to people feeling for ya.. and bringing comfort food. I went through a rough couple years where I gained like 50 pounds,

Tracking on fitday is a good step. It really keeps me accountable and as long as you track every single thing you eat it can work.

I have spent entire days in the past thinking about my weight... sometimes from coming to this forum too often. or weighing myself too often. or just dwelling on all my mistakes. It made me miserable! Please dont do that to yourself.

I can't be perfect but I CAN persevere

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thank you all for your support. i feel like this is a supportive site and that you're all here to support each other. i will definately be staying with this site and hope to make friends here to. thank you again.
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