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Default Anyone feel nervous when starting new eating lifestyles?

Hey ya'll--

I've been doing some thinking as of late.

After 8 years of therapy and the occasional yo-yo dieting, I finally was ready to start losing weight this past spring.

I started out with just walking, and cut out meat and milk (due to gallbladder removal surgery, I just can't eat meat/dairy any more) from my diet. I have lost a total of 84 pounds to date.

Even though I haven't lost weight when I weighed myself last week (stayed the same), I won't really know if I'm in a plateau until I weigh myself again this coming Wednesday. Nevertheless, I continue to keep my calories in check and walk 6 days a week.

(I've gone ahead and ordered a new, different exercise dvd in the hopes it'll help me break any possible plateau I may have).

What I was thinking about is this. Due to genetic tendencies towards addiction (my family sure has a load of 'em), I find that I do have an addictive personality... meaning, I'd go overboard with bread/starches, or too much sugar in my tea (I've now switched to Stevia, but it's still sweet, which makes my system go nuts and want more of it).

I've learned to keep my portions in check (thanks to "French Women Don't Get Fat"), but I find I still have a part of my brain that goes off when I eat carbs and sugar, wanting more and more. I have better self-control now (hence the 84 pound weight loss) in regards to food.

I've been doing some reading on "Sugar Busters!" and "The Rosedale Diet." As a result, I'm in the process of developing a 3 week meal plan (modified from "The Rosedale Diet" since I'm a near-vegan) in which I eat more veggies than starchy carbs and "detox" from refined carbs and processed sugar as much as I can. (I'll be keeping my protein levels about the same... tofu/tempah/vegan "meats" that are low in carbs/processed sugars, etc).

I do plan to reduce my carb intake somewhat during those 3 weeks and then slowly increase my carb intake to a level appropriate for weight loss. (I understand my weight loss progress might be screwy during those 3 weeks and probably afterwards as well.)

I'd also be cutting out as much processed sugar as I can for the 3 weeks in order to cut down on my sugar cravings as well. (I'd be relying more on fruits and veggie snacks with almond butter or small servings of nuts for when I have a sweet tooth. Cookbooks are amazing in what you can whip up these days....)

It'll take me another week or two to get all my meals planned out for 3 weeks in order to start it (plus make sure my local grocery store has everything I need to cook with )

*** What makes me kind of nervous is this: for the longest time, starchy carbs in the form of refined bread products and as well as sugar (i.e. candy) was like crack for me (hence the 182 weight gain over the course of several years).***

Changing my carb intake from refined carbs to whole grain carbs is kind of like letting go of a "food security blanket" since I've never been a fan of whole wheat, etc.

How do others on 3fatchicks.com handle letting go of addictive food substances?

I guess its the detox process which makes me curious, optimistic, and a bit nervous as well. I can't get rid of food altogether like some do when they have problems with alcohol or cigarettes. But I'm hoping that in my journey to a healthier eating lifestyle, that this will help me out.

Do I sound nuts?
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Congratulations on areat 84 pound loss. I don't think you sound nuts at all. I think you have given a lot of thought to your weight loss plan. I understand about those darn carbs, one cookie will set me off on a binge. I have to constantly remember to watch my carbs.
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Hey teawithsunshine,

Yes, 84 pounds lost is really really good!

I think it's interesting that you say you can't eat meat or milk since having your gallbladder removed. I had mine removed, and no one ever said anything about no meat or milk, and in fact I eat plenty of both. I've never had any trouble with them. Is this something your doctor told you not to do?

It's always tense to contemplate a big change. I'm not a fan of wholegrain foods, but I have learned to enjoy some of them--like whole grain bread. I've never been much of a bread eater, though, thank heavens. My weaknesses are for things like corn chips, potato chips, or ice cream--fats combined with starches/sugars. These are a recipe for weight gain for me (and probably for anyone!). So, I had to just get them out of my house in order to lose weight.

I didn't go with a three-week plan, or really any plan, other than calorie counting. I knew that if a program was going to be difficult for me--too much cooking, foods I didn't care for--it would be harder to stick with it. So, I planned around what I could do and would do. I use FitDay (downloaded version) to track my eating and exercise, based on the goal I set up.

Good luck! I think it's normal to feel nervous about it--just don't let that feeling stop you from going ahead. At the same time, if you find things aren't working for you, be open to changing your approach while still restricting your intake. You can do this!

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Have you looked at "Eat to Live"? Or even McDougall's diet?

I am currently doing Eat to Live. I have to say I was definitely nervous starting it. I wasn't sure that I could eat vegan for more than a few days, let alone the 6 week commitment that the plan asks for. Its almost been 2 months and I love it.

One thing I was really nervous about was switching from a low carbish diet to a high carbish diet. I was also nervous about giving up dairy products and eggs. (I wasn't nervous about giving up meat though). I am amazed though at how much I enjoyed it which is one reason I have been able to stick to it.

One thing I'd encourage you to do is explore various food options and find out what you like. Once you cut out the junk, you should find it easier to live without the junk and enjoy natural sweets rather than artificial sweets.
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Hey thanks, guys!

JayEll-- actually, no. My doctor didn't say I couldn't eat meat or dairy, I just found out the hard way after my gallbladder surgery that my stomach didn't take well to meat or dairy. I was a vegetarian for a few years in high school, so it was not that big of a stretch to go back to being a vegetarian.

I'll definately check out the book/website suggestions! Thanks!
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Any big change is going to be scary at first! You are acclimated to a certain way of being - of interacting with food and the world, of dealing with certain emotions, of preparing certain foods. It is always scary to contemplate making a major switch in something as interwoven throughout your life as eating, so it is totally normal to be nervous.

Most of us have had to give up something on this journey. I remember when I started, I was literally having the same thing at Wendys, 3 times a week or more. I didn't think I could LIVE without Wendys. Making a 4 week commitment not to go there was really scary! Once the 4 weeks were up, though, I was all acclimated and not going was pretty easy.

You'll get through the change if you decide to do it, even if it is a little nervewracking at first.
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Default Like minds


Your story intrigues me. I embarked on a detox journey in September. I have since lost 10 lbs. It is a struggle every day. I could most definitely use some support in keeping my goals - sometimes daily. It is very hard to be a vegetarian/vegan in a very meat friendly world. I wish you luck and would love to hear more from you.
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