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Old 10-31-2006, 05:54 AM   #1
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Default Trick or Treat Tuesday

Morning all you Ghosts and Goblins!

It's gonna be 77 degrees here! A purrfect day fer all those little trickertreaters! My spppooooky scary pumpkin came out nice... Best of all it yielded 3 cups of seeds that I roasted with Cinnamon,Salt and Splenda! A great treat for the week! The pics didn't come out real good, I'm gonna try another night photo, since you can't see the effect of the shadings in these pics (that's when you don't carve all the way through areas...just peel and shave the pumpkin down enough to see the light through the skin)

They have a big street party here tonight on Franklin Street where they're expected 50,000 people OY

Cawfee is up! Time to grab a cup and start my morn!

OOps that dark photo is enough to make ya go cross eyed! And I can't seem to delete it !! Crap!
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So that's what woke me up! Schatzi, that second pic is really scary!

We aren't expecting a wonderful evening for our goblins but I am going to load up with Halloween crud for them anyhow. Leftovers can go to the food bank for school lunch treats. Rain and cold is expected. I can imagine the arguements going on later today about wearing a warm coat over a fairy princess costume!

Not much happening here today except putting out the pumpkin - a fake one, by the way although I do have six I could carve. I may do that yet! The Girls are now all rested up from their exciting four days at the kennel and life is settling back into the groove. I did go to my painting class yesterday afternoon but sort of vegged away the evening in front of the TV. I had the woodstove going and it was so cozy and warm. I think I may have been partially cooked by bedtime.

Enjoy Hallowe'en, Chickies, and try to resist the Frankenfoods!
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It's going to be in the 60's this evening for our little ghosts and goblins, perfect weather for the trick or treaters! We have a big fake Jack-o-lantern that Jake rigged up in a tree in the front yard. It has flickering lights in it and looks pretty realistic, and we always get a lot of comments on it. Maggie has her party in school this morning, and goes straight from there to her ballet lesssons. Then it's home for a while til it's time to pick up Audrey, and I'm bringing them back to my house for trick or treating. They live on a big farm in the country and don't have close neighbors, so this gives them the opportunity to enjoy the holiday. My GD, Amber, is also coming here, so the girls are really excited. I'll probably give them pizza for their supper, it's fast and easy.
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Happy Halloween everyone! Everyone's talking about the temp where they are. It's just around freezing here this morning, but I don't think it's going to make it above 45 today. Should be a cold evening for the little ones.

Schatzi - Your pumpkins turned out great! Love to see more pics.

Ruth - What a great idea about taking leftover candy to the food bank. I hadn't thought of that one.

Cottage - I grew up in the country, so I never got to go trick or treating. I'm sure that Audrey & company will appreciate it!

Have a great day!
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Happy Halloween Chickies!

DD woke up so excited today. I feel bad that she has to wait alllll day to go trick or treating. She's 4 and I think this is the first year she "gets" it. It's too cool
This morning was weigh-in day and I forgot to do it I have no idea how - I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning It's really nice out here, too. I think it's almost 60!

Hope everyone has a great day!
~ Kelly

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Lovely pumpkin! I haven't made one this year. We like to get the designs you can carve out that are very intricate. I took like 3 hours carving our pumpkin last year. I wonder what pumpkin seeds last like.... I can't imagine they are better than sunflower seeds. Cracking the shells is my favorite part and I think I'd miss that with pumpkin seeds.

Ruth: It was always my luck as a child that it was either freezing cold or raining on Halloween, sometimes both! I'd do some elaborate face painting before I left the house and by the time I'd get halfway aroudn the block I'd either wiped it all over the place or the rain would smear it. Be careful with those FrankenFoods! They have voices that say "Eat me! Eat me!" I heard the cupcakes I made calling to me this morning...

Cottage: oOo Jack o Lanterns in the trees! Sounds frightful. Do you have anyone in your neighborhood that goes really all out with it? My friend used to decorate her whole yard with fog machines and the works. Then her uncle would sit on the porch in a monkey suit and play dead until the kids walked up and scared the daylights out of them.

Kelly: Just think of it this way.... if you lose more weight today, you'll be lighter when you check tomorrow! Have fun taking the little one out!

I was tempted to wake up at 3 am this morning and see if anything was moving around or if I could "peek into the darkness." Buwahahahaha! I watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose last night before Heroes came on instead of tonight. There's just going to be too much on TV and too much around the house to do tonight for me to watch the movie. I have to battle for the big screen tv in the living room to watch House and Nip/Tuck tonight because the Lakers play the Suns tonight and Daniel loves his Lakers... I call him a fanboy but he refuses to miss a game. Guess I'm stuck with the 13 inch in the bedroom.

Well I put some Vick's VapoRub on last night to try and shake some of the congestion. I managed to move all the gook down into my chest now so I'm coughing more. I grabbed some of the new Tylenol Cough medicine with the Coolburst.... man that stuff is nice. Now I'm just going to sip on my tea and take more cold pills and hope to shake this thing.

It's going to be in the 70's today and tomorrow before dropping back into the 50's the rest of the week. We opted not to do the treat or treating thing for the kids this year. Just so expensive and we have no idea how many kids are in our apartment complex. Plus we'd have to lock the in the bedroom and they wouldn't be very happy with me. They were sweet enough to watch the movie with me last night though... which was good cause I didn't want to be alone in the dark.

When I made a run to the store this morning before work I got soooo excited! I went over to the lunch meats and they had 3 of the South Beach Diet lunches! Its like a lunchable but you make 2 wraps with it. They are Phase 2 & 3 but I picked up one of each so I'll at least have something for lunch. I looked in the fridge this morning and there was nothing. I guess I just won't eat the wheat wrap part and I should be fine.

I was sucessful in losing my weekend gain yesterday. I'm back down to 196.5 today and hope to keep losing this week and next. Now if i could just make it to the store I'll be good. I went to the gym last night and tried to run on the treadmill but after 15 minutes I was weezing and struggling so I stretched for 15 mins and then walked around the neighborhood. It was cool last night so I'm sure it did wonders for my cold, but it was much easier to walk outside and be alone than in the apartment gym with 5 people staring at me. There was a girl in there last night training with her husband. I swear she was trying to be the next Ali.... she was built

Well girls I'm going to go play some Gin over on pogo.com. There's nothing in the office to do at the moment except answer phones (which is few and far between) so it's either cross stitch or play games. Be good and don't eat too much candy! Try the sugar free kind if its a must. And don't drink too much blood! *ahem* I mean alcohol!
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We must have a cold front going through today. It's upper 60's now and it looks like it will be about 60 when it gets dark tonight. Not bad. Brian doesn't like to trick-or-treat any more so he will be handing out the bags of Doritos and other chips.

It looks like it will just be Brian and me for the Webelos Woods campout this weekend. A close friend of my husband's died on Saturday and her memorial service is this coming Saturday. He really needs to be there to help support her roommate who is really upset. They knew the cancer was terminal but didn't know it would go so quickly. Brian and I will be fine. He can navigate for me since I've never been to this Boy Scout camp and it is a 2 hour drive away in east Texas. I've agreed to let him bring his own small tent so I'll sleep in a small one and he'll be right outside my tent with his tent. He can always move into mine if he gets nervous but this is the first step toward preparing him for Boy Scouts.
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Happy Halloween everyone!
Tonight I am laying low with my beau..and hopefully getting a few trick or treaters...anyone else notice that there are not too many Halloween Specials on tonight...?? Oh well- Thats what On Demand is for!
Wishing you all a Happy and sugar free day!

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Morning ladies! It feels like the afternoon already!! Halloween activities are in full swing here. What I mean is that everyone is slacking off because it's a holiday! I'm freaking out because everyone is already planning for Christmas already. I mean, we drew names for Secret Santa today!! Good grief! Well the house is ready (even if it isn't, the party's there anyways!) and we'll be finishing the food prep on our lunch hours.

SB-wise, things are great! The candy bowl has been passed and I said nay. I'm also running up and down the stairs pulling files, so a little exercise for me!! Well, it's getting crazy up here, so I'd better head downstairs where it's not so crazy.
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Ok, so I am an idiot. I totally forgot it was Halloween. My head is where? The worst thing is, is that I work in a children's store and I didn't dress up.

The good news is that my hometown has an awesome chocolate shop (been reviewed as one of the best in Gourmet, Bon Appetit, etc) that has sugar-free chocolate. I picked up a few pieces and I'm indulging myself. Yummy!!!!
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Morning ladies - Well I kicked butt this morning with my workout. Jogged 2 miles on the treadmill, then went and did an hour of body pump and then went back and jogged another mile and a half... Decided that I am going to run a half marathon, so want to step up my running and get on a schedule and stuff...

Happy Halloween!

Lisa - Mmmmmm Chocolate

Kim - Way to stay strong with the candy bowl, also noticed you've been kicking butt in the exercise department!

Chels - I think we're going to lay low as well, have a couple of people over and watch scary movies... yaaay! Actually not yaay cause I don't like scary movies, but should be fun anyways...

Barb - Yeah we'll be getting that cold front later on tonight so it shouldn't affect our trick or treaters

Chellez - I've been too scared to watch Emily Rose, don't like scary movies, but gonna have to get over it cause we're having friends over for scary movies...

Kelly - That's so cute! Good luck with your weigh in, we really need to keep eachother on track since our goals are so similar!

Jana - 45? that's freezing! We're in for some nice 80s today...

Cottage - Have a super happy halloween!

Ruth - Happy Halloween, stay warm and dry!

Shatzi - Love the pumpkins! Super spooky

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