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Question Tips for Getting Water in at Home

Help, Beachies!

When I worked full time, I had NO problem getting it more than 64 oz of water. A bathroom was almost always nearby, and I just kept a large bottle/cup of water on my desk. It was always there and I just kept drinking. I used to drink more than a gallon a day!

Now that I'm home, it's getting increasingly hard to get even 32 oz in, and it's killing me!

What do you do to get your water in? How do you manage to deal with the frequent bathroom stops during errands, carpool, etc?

I'd love help from you SAHM (and the SAH's who aren't mom's yet, like me! )

Thanks, Beachies...here's to more drinking!
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Every morning I down a 16 oz glass while the coffee is being made. This way I get 2 out of the way first thing in the morning. Then I fill up a 24 oz water bottle and make sure to drink 2 of those during the day before I come home. Then I drink one more 16 oz glass right before dinner. When I get on a schedule like that I do good but lately have, for one reason or another, not been very good about it...but when I follow my routine I get all my water in plus some.
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I have the same problem on the days that I WFH. I make sure I have a 20oz water bottle with me and try to drink at least half while I drop Brian off in the morning. And then keep a bottle with me at all times. But I have to admit I don't drink as much as I should (sorry )
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I guess I'm lucky - I can hold it for hours! But otherwise, when I no longer can hold it or when I'm with someone who doesn't have a cast-iron bladder, there's usually restrooms at malls, grocery stores, and restaurants. I usually avoid gas station rest rooms - too scary! If nothing else, you can stop at a grocery store, borrow the bathroom, and then grab a new bottle of water!

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I keep a glass of water on the edge of my kitchen counter. I spend alot of time in the kitchen since I try and eat 5 times a day and I have to feed Kylee 5 times a day. Everytime I walk by it, I take a big swig!
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I think the best thing is to invest in a nalgene bottle. They are indestructable, come with a cao so you can bring it with you on the go and hold 32 ounces. It makes it a little easier to just have to drink two of them. Also they have measurements on the side in oz so if you do not finish the whole thing you can accurately measure how much water you have had. I am SAH most of the time and without my nalgene's I just do not think I could keep up with water glass by glass.

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I use a 32 oz water bottle and just make sure that between 11-noon I have one finished and then by 3-4 I have the second one finished, that way anything over that (like the 16oz of herbal tea in the morning or an extra cup or two of water in the evening) is just plain EXTRA for me.

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Great ideas, ladies!

I've got a Nalgene bottle and have been toting it with me everywhere. Some days I finish two of them, but not always. At least I'm getting one finished every day now...so that's at least half!

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One of my teammates has this obnoxiously huge water bottle that she got from WalMart that holds 64 ozs. If you could find that- fill it in the morning, you would at least kow what you consumed by the end of the day. I, too, never get the correct amount of water in per day.
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