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Come on Spring!
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Default Wednesday Warblings - August 7

Happy Hump Day! My biggest hump today will be my regularly scheduled mammogram in town. Last time it was a pretty easy procedure because they have a new boob pressing machine. It really made a difference with the squishing.

I plan to do a Bulk Barn shop while in civilization and get more baking supplies. This doing desserts for the cafe and for a BBQ this weekend is decimating my supplies! Might also check out an outfit for the September wedding.

Yesterday was rather sad as I went to the vet with Joanne to say farewell to her dear old Rudy the Golden. He's at Rainbow Bridge now. I made a chicken and veggie stew for supper for her and the kids. I hope they feel a bit better this morning. (Pets leave paw prints on your heart.)

Hope your Hump Day is just a gentle slope.
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Good morning, Ruth. I hope your slope is a gentle one today, especially after having to say farewell to Joanne's Rudy. Maybe a shop in town is exactly what you need, and I hope you find the perfect dress.

Cindy called last night and said she and Richard want to give me another week's vacation so I can go to the lake next week with my DD and DGD! I had offered to take the girls up for a few days, but they both have a lot of activities planned and don't want to go, so Cindy said for me to just go off and enjoy myself, and she and the girls will be fine on their own. It really didn't matter to me whether I went or not, but Monica is overjoyed that I'm going with them, and Amber may come with us, too. Even though we'll be staying in a cottage and will have lots of neighbors, it's very remote and rustic and I like having my little "luxuries" around, but I'll manage.

So that means I have lots to do before we leave on Saturday, especially getting my car in for an oil change. Oh well, I'll manage.
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Wow Linda, that's fantastic! As long as they have electricity, you can bring the keurig with you, you know .

Ruth, there's nothing sweeter than an old golden. My sympathies to your friend. Good luck with the "boob squisher" today!

I'm hoping it's a quiet day and I actually get out of work on time (a client said she might cancel...I'm kinda hopin so...bad Tammy....) I haven't been on the trails in forever, since I'm always so exhausted after work and haven't eaten lunch by 2 or 3 pm.

On the food thing though, just put some Hoppin' John in the crock pot. Mmmmm...

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Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning.

Big storms here in the wee hours so I am tired today. With DH gone I think I'll head out to do some clothing returns that are over due but further from home so I've been putting it off until I had other errands that way. It will give me something to fill my time; helps keep me from snacking I've got some DVDs from the library to watch while he's gone that he had already seen so that will be my evening.

Have a great day.

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Morning all! Wanted to say hi and I'm technically OP... Didn't mean to have grains yesterday but after all my errands, I had very little time to make dinner.

Sewed for the first time last night. It's not pretty, but Voodoo's toy is no longer injured. He lost a leg, but he won't bleed out. She was very happy that Mama fixed him.

Alright work time. Have a great day!

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Good morning,

Ruth enjoy your trip to town and hope you find a dress

Cottage how fun enjoy your extra week

Tywnn hope you get out of work early today

Karen I think those storms might be headed our way today, enjoy watching those DVD's

Nothing on my agenda for this evening except no off plan food for me (ice cream), the scale has crept up a couple of lbs because carbs are creeping in again, I feel a full blown phase 1 headed my way if I cannot stop the creep.

Have a wonderful day everyone
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Ruth, good luck today (mine is coming on Friday) and sorry to hear about Rudy.
Linda, woo hoo!!
Karen and Pearlrose, I know what you mean about that snacking!! I can make it all afternoon with just my Greek yogurt but somehow after supper I think I deserve a treat.
Tammy and Lisa, have a good day at work.

I'm off to putter in the garden before the afternoon thunderstorms come. We must be setting records for rainfall this summer.

Have a good day all!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning I'm definitely moving slow this morning after a long day with lots of driving. I've got vacation days to use so I'm making today a light day and taking tomorrow off. I have that usual August feeling that the summer is slipping away and I've just got too much to do

Ruth - Hope the squishing is gentle and over and done.

Cottage - Happy news! Sounds like a lovely place to spend some family time

Tammy - hope the work day ends on time

Karen - friends line in MN and posted pictures of giant hail. Did you get that storm?

Lisa - Hooray for happy dogs. I need to take a page out of your book and start posting meal plans again. After Tiff's wedding this weekend I need to buckle down (how long have I been saying that?!)

Rose - We had to stop buying ice cream around here for the same reason. I've subbed banana soft serve, peanut butter pie, and other more on plan frozen goodies and popsicles.

Okay, must get to work so I can quit after lunch. Happy Hump Day

ETA - Hello Beth. I'm actually looking forward to the rain this afternoon because my allergies are suddenly in high gear. We certainly don't need the moisture though!
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.

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Evening ladies, wasn't certain if I would get here today. Spent the day in training "find the living; find the dead." Now doesn't that title give you the creeps LOL. It was actually quite interesting and dealt primarily with K9's roles in both. A while lot of science and toxicology too. The Gordy stuff did not stop me from lunch I was good and had a grilled chicken and apple salad from Wendy's (I did resist the sugar coated pecans)

Later stopped in at the bike store as my computer is not reading mileage. Well it has the mechanic stumped. He is going to call the manufacturer tomorrow as when he tried a new computer it did the same thing. He is such a nice man I drove him to the train station because he stayed late trying to get it to work.

I was going to do some housework, but the couch is calling my name.

I too have been naughty with my snacks. While on vacation my choices were poor. My choices are OP, but my portions are not. Not beating myself up too much......yet

Enjoy your evening and welcome back Seabiscuit

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Evening ladies!

Jekel- That title gave me the heebie jeebies Creeeepy! Glad you enjoyed it though.

Tammy- What's a hopping John? Sounds... energetic.

Soggy day today- once again under tornado warnings for the better part of 2 hours. Fortunately all is well at the penmage household. Avis the sheep is settling in well.

I have an interview tomorrow afternoon with a staffing agency- this particular agent has 2 different opportunities she wants to submit me for. Still haven't heard about that temp job I applied for last week either, so for that too!

I hope everyone has a wonderful night!
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