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Come on Spring!
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Default Thankful Thursday Chat - June 27

Good morning. I am thankful this morning because I have the darned Tax Return completed and in the envelope ready to mail. What a relief! I'm also thankful that we have just rain predicted today instead of the t-storms that have been just terrifying my Disney. It's not raining just now but it may as well be because it's awfully humid.

Today is going to be what Harry called "The Big Domestic"! I'm going to tackle my list of niggles that have been hanging in the background while I slaved over taxes. I might even finish sweeping the deck if it ever gets dry! My kitchen will look much better when I get rid of the flurry of yellow stickies on the front of the fridge. Laundry would be a good idea too as I have several events over the weekend - nothing too exciting but gardening clothes won't do.

So is it thankful or thoughtful or Thursday? Maybe thirsty? Whatever it is, enjoy.
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I'll go with Thankful Thursday, Ruth, since it's not raining here right now, either, although it's awfully foggy. But I'll take it.

Today's plan is to take Susie's brother out for some shopping this morning. He's due to fly back home to New Zealand on Saturday and would like to take back some trinkets and also buy a present for Susie's nurse. We were going to go shopping on Tuesday, but our plans got derailed, so we're going to give it another try today.

I have to stop at Dad's on my way over, so I'd better get a hie on!
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot

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I am thankful for my health and the health of my family .

I have 30 lbs of blueberries! I just made a double batch of blueberry buckle (my DH keeps asking why is it called buckle? I dunno....), one for work and one for neighbors/family. Do you hear it calling my name?

I have a long day of work that will hopefully go smoothly, with a couple of niggles to take care of in between. I was able to get Fri July 5th off, so I'll have a 4 day weekend (!!! and we're not seeing the inlaws!!!!) that I need to figure out what the camper still needs.

I am also thankful for where I live... how many others can walk every day on a boardwalk thru a marsh and all its beauty!?!?

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Morning. Sunshine right now, although there's a chance of storms again this afternoon. We lucked out and missed the rain yesterday.

Niggles for me today: laundry, cleaning the eternal yardwork.

Staying (mostly) OP this week and the scale is rewarding me. Funny how that works.

Have a wonderful day all!
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Good Morning
In thankful for a great food plan I've been able to follow for 4 years now and for all if my wonderful friends here. I know my daily check ins have been the key to my continued success and renewed health.

I'm sitting on the porch with the pup and coffee. Blue sky and dry here. Mom and I are headed into Denver early. I'm hoping to work on niggles today, too.

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Gray, gloomy and humid again today. Sunshine is just around the corner, hopefully. Off to get the car serviced in abut. Followed by groceries, DMV and work later. I like the extra money, but would rather be off. Trying to sock away extra money for our trip next month.

Tammy glad you are able to extend your weekend. No 4th of July BBQ for me, working overtime. At least I should get to see some fireworks.

Ruth glad you finished the taxes. Rainy days are good for getting niggles out of the way

Hi Beth, Linda and all the chicks to come

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Good morning,

I am thankful for the extra sleep I got last evening as the swim meet was canceled due to a storm and we would have started too late and it was a tri-meet.

Today lot's of meetings and then need to run to Wally world after work for a few things and I think I will pick up a roasted chicken for a quick dinner tonight.

Ruth glad you got the taxes done

Cottage enjoy your shopping trip

Twynn glad you get a 4 day weekend, I won't but I am going to do wfh on that Friday so it will almost be like one.

Beth hope you get your niggles done

Debbie I agree with you on the checkin's

Jekel the paycheck will be nice for your vacation.

Alright off to my 8 a.m. Have a wonderful day everyone
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Thankful is a great word for today.
I missed my workout this morning, just couldn't get myself up for some reason, but when I stepped on the scale, I was excited to see I finally hit the 20 pound loss mark. I had hoped to hit it about two weeks ago but had stalled a bit.
Now I have to get off the computer and back to my craft room to keep working for my big show next month.
Happy Day to all!
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PCOS Cyster/SBD Eater
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Hey guys! I'm new. Name is Brittany, 26 and just started phase 1 this past Monday. I did SBD a little over a year ago for about 3 months and I lost a little over 20 pounds but then I started nursing school and the diet went out the window and I gained all that weight back

Well I am here to try it again and hopefully stick with it this time! I felt so amazing on the diet last time and loved the results I was getting. I graduate nursing school this December and after securing a nursing job and working for awhile the husband and I would love to start a family so I need to get into better shape. I have PCOS too so the SBD is perfect for me. I see the best results when I eat low carb because of insulin resistance. I have about 100lbs to lose (yeah I know ) so I have ALOT of work to do! I don't expect results over night, I know this will be a long journey!

Hope I get to know some of you ladies!! I really would love some support from others who are on the SBD as well
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I'm thankful that DH and I hiked earlier than in the past and were done by 10 since there is another heat advisory today. He and I have some errands to run later. So niggles for me too.

wonderlin - woo hoo!

Brit - Welcome.

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Am I there yet?
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I am thankful that I was able to maintain while on our tour in Italy for 10 days. I was so worried that eating mostly off plan (so hard to find SB friendly foods and I swear they don't know what 100% ww is) would cause me to gain a lot as well as get the cravings started again. Both DH and I were pretty good with portion control and the fact that I only gained a couple of pounds was quite the relief. Back to regular SB maintenance when we returned on Sunday and feel so happy to be eating "normal" again. Cravings still under control and at my pre-tour weight. Lord, I love SB living.

Goal reached and maintaining since December, 2012.
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brit 3 Im ready to try again with you Lets go
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