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Old 06-26-2012, 05:18 AM   #1
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Default SBD Daily Chat, Tuesday June 26

Good Morning

How are things in beacher land? Incredibly hot here and I don't have much new or interesting....I've been really focusing on following my food plan. I'm back to bringing my lunch to work and I'm just amazed....It seems I really follow through for the rest of the day when I do that. It's a simple lunch. An orange, an Ezekial "english" muffin and a single serving of almond butter mixed with SF marmalade. When I notice I'm getting hungry and feel like foraging I start with the orange then have the muffin and I'm great for the rest of the day.

What's up in your neck of the woods? Stop and say hi
Debbie R

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Come on Spring!
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Hi Debbie and an early good morning from Delta. We probably won't sit on the back deck with coffee this morning because it feels like fall out there. I woke to the wind blowing the curtains across the bed and the sound of the furnace turning on! 47F is a tad "fresh" for the last week of June.

Yesterday was a jam-packed day but I'm glad I made it to the gym. Disney spent 5 hours getting her haircut with the new groomer but looks lovely. I really must try to keep her brushed more often. Her fur is pretty short right now so it won't be a problem. Jazz is next on the list of "home improvements".

Good news yesterday when I got a letter saying that the Mill has an $80K grant to continue the restoration of out Old Town Hall. We will be making it more accessible and putting in a proper kitchen and a dishwasher. We'll start the work in late August after our fund-raising dinner and our August fish fry.

No gym this morning but do have a list including cake baking for the weekend and runs to the banks and some of the schools who need more tags for the Fair schoolwork entries which I'll be picking up next week.

Hope everyone's day is "cool" in some way.
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Biker Chick!
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Good Morning Debbie and Ruth! Yes my day will be 'cool' as it is 50 here, and damp on the deck so no outside sitting this morning. Debbie that is great that such a simple lunch can satisfy you and keep you on the right track.

Oh the coffee is ready,and I think I double-scooped, it is STRONG.

I need to update my SB exercise challenge page, I haven't been filling it in, but I also have skpped alot of days, bad me. But I should get home in time to do something this afternoon

Just another day of work in paradise for me I can say that because I do love my job and it is in paradise, lol!

have a good day ladies!
Holly - but my road name is Cupcake

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Good morning Girls! I opened the livingroom windows this morning and promptly closed them again. It felt good with the bedroom windows open all night, though.

Debbie I find I do much better when I take a planned lunch with me, otherwise I end up getting side-tracked. I'm glad to hear Kirk is feeling much better. Are you close to those wildfires out there?

Ruth, what great news about the grant for the Mill! Wouldn't it be wonderful to get a windfall for your church, too? Aw, I wish I could see Disney's new cut, I know she must be looking adorable. Did I hear you mention cake?

Holly, I really love my job, too, but I understand what you're saying.

We have a busy, fun-filled day planned today. The girls and I are spending the morning at the ceramics studio where they can pick out a project to paint and have fired, then a picnic lunch before piano and elocution lessons, then we have to take Audrey over to West Chester for her violin lessons. Maggie and I discovered a Starbucks a few blocks away last week, so that's where we'll while away the hour.
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Holly and Ruth, I can't believe your chilly weather! Stay warm

Linda, wish I could join you and Maggie at Starbucks today! We aren't too close to the fires...but the smoke comes our way some days. It is very very dry and hot here.

I've been up most of the night after sleeping yesterday from 5-10 pm. Oh,well....all the details of this car crisis (not mine). I have managed to detach a bit, recognizing that even if she is 10 days away from having a baby that it was her poor planning not mine AND that asking us to buy them a car with a moments notice doesn't REQUIRE me to jump into panic mode. I do have my own life. I told her to have her mother call me and until that happens I'm not going to sweat about it.

I was going to try for an hours rest but right now that will only screw up my morning. I'll go to work and crash and burn later. Seriously,doing all the stuff I did last night at 65 degrees was far better than after work at 95.

Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!

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Morning chicks!

Debbie - Thanks for starting us off. It is much easier when you eat healthy!

Ruth - I bet she looks beautiful! You make retirement look so relaxing (note sarcasm!) Congratulations on the grant!!

Holly - How's it going resisting all those nummy pastries?

Cottage - Mmmm...have an iced coffee for me!

With all you talking of the cooler weather - my kids had kickball at the church, and I finally sat in my car a few minutes - that wind was COLD!! I have no idea what the temp will be, but I'll be inside all day anyways .

I got to take the pup for her first run since her diagnosis and starting her chemo. I could tell she wasn't quite herself (didn't chase nearly as many chipmunks!), but she did enjoy it. I just hope she's here with me next year.

For some reason, I'm getting ...I guess you would call it whole food urges. Not a bad thing, eh? I took a couple of bites of the barbeque last night, and the sauce tasted nasty. Mmmm....maybe it's the summer warmth?

Hope y'all have a great day!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It's 56 here and all my windows are open. It was perfect for sleeping, wish it wasn't heating up again later this week. I am so glad the hot flashes passed before the really hot temperatures arrived
Today is a day off from both jobs. The down side to the new job is when the kiddo doesn't go to school I don't get paid. It is nice to have a full day to myself though. So much to get done around here!

Debbie - I love reading your updates, it really helps me refocus. I've been bringing smoothies to lunch. I bought an insulated container and am using that to prep simple, filling smoothies. So far it's helping keep me away from the unmentionables. Good luck today

Ruth - congratulations!

Holly - Our hot weather will be back for the weekend. I assume your work is tourist related and there will be no extra holiday time off for you? I offered to work the 4th so "the kids" can have the day off. If the weather is good it will be all gas, beer, and soda. If it's rainy we will rent a lot of movies.

Cottage - that does sound like a fun and busy day

Twynn - So glad you and the pup are enjoying some fun time together.

Off to get write To Do list for the day. Must try to make it manageable!
Maintaining 57 lb loss since 2008, working off regain to a sensible maintenance level.
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Good morning all. Sipping my coffee and writing just long enough to get fully awake, Then off for my run. Didn't get there yesterday, and am annoyed with myself! I think I was still a little wiped from last week. But, today is a gorgeous, clear day, so time to put the sneakers on, and download the week 3 podcast.
After that, work, try to get some sewing in(MY costume this time!!), then Fiddler Rehearsal. I'm really glad I decided to do the play - I'm having a lot of fun!
Debbie - I was wondering where you were in relation to the fires. My brother is about 17 miles from the High Point fire, so they've got a close eye on it. I worry about the effect of the smoke on their horses.
Have a good day, everyone!
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Good morning.

Hot here too. Heat wave for the next several days. Yoga this morning then work this afternoon.

Long story short... we are just starting to plan a couple of big trips with my brother and SIL in the coming couple of years. Finally maybe my plans to travel as an empty nester will see fruition!

Have a great day, everyone.

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Good morning, sounds like everyone has a great day planned. Pretty routine here today. Enjoying a cool albeit cloudy morning. I have to make a bit stop at the bike store before meeting my friend for a ride after he gets out of work. I bought replacement pedals for my bike. The guy offered me a few suggestions which worked like a charm, so I'll return yesterday's purchase. We are trying Columbia County's bike path today. He has not ridden since last year, so maybe I'll go easy on him. Besides he is cooking tonight so if I want to eat I guess I should play nice.

Debbie I too bring my lunch to work, also my breakfast, dinner and snacks. I find when I get home I have my evening snack and then I am done eating until the next day. Yesterday I was running errands and threw a peach (they are my favorite summer fruit) and mixed nuts in a bag. That held me comfortably until dinner with no cravings for more sweets.

Enjoy the cool start to the day

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good morning everyone

Nice cool morning here. My DGS is gone and I am amazed at the among of energy I had taking care of him. He is usually up at 7a.m. and goes, goes until about 7:30 pm. I am sure I won't be able to do all that playing, going down on the floor and playing cars, etc. if I still had those extra lbs. He said his grandfather doesn't know how to play. No inner child in him. The weight is the same even though I did have a few ice cream cones along the way. Its back to planning and maybe even a few more lbs. off.
Nice to see everyone here, will try to read back the old posts.
Today is a trail walk this morning and repotting a planter that doesn't have proper drainage. Also, picking up and cleaning after a long weekend of neglecting the house.
take care
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good afternoon
a bit late on here today , had lots of ironing and laundry to do and was off to the hospital for a mammogram at lunchtime, i have now finally got time to sit down. it seems like you are having the cooler weather we had over the end of last week , it did seem like fall then. that is most unusual as our weather normally sweeps in over the atlantic from your side. i always watch for reports of snow over there in the winter to know when we are going to get it lol.

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Eileen - you guys have been having some crazy weather. My DD is trying to pack for her dig up at Thornton Abbey. She'll be there for a month, but is usually a light packer. It's killing her because she feels like she needs to pack for every season!
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Newbie here!

I am back on the SB plan after hitting my all time high weight. Hoping to loose a couple of sizes before our trip to Florida in October, and my HS reunion later that same month.
Hardest thing is not drinking. Any SB phase 1 tricks out there?
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Good Day Chicks- Long rainy day here, I have been super sleepy all day. I slept awful, thanks to a big ole fight with my sister.
I am just waiting for the wee ones to get picked up and then I am heading off to the hospital hubby has an appointment at 715 for an MRI. Then it will be home to go to bed. Hope everyone had a great day.
Little Chick

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