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Default Monday Musings

Mornin all!
It feels like winter again, we're back in the twenties this morning and it's windy. Brrrrr! At least it's clear, so we won't have to discuss that 4-letter word.
Today is looking pretty full. I have my monthly hair appointment, then have to get over to Cindy's to relief her so she can get to her appointments. Maggie is better, but spent a night in the hospital over the weekend. It turns out she has a bit of food poisoning, probably from something she touched and didn't wash her hands afterwards. We've been working on breaking her of sucking her thumb, so maybe this will do it. Then this afternoon, my granddaughter is coming out to visit, so I'm hoping to be able to get home early. This is the only chance I'll get to see her while she's home on Spring Break, so I'm anxious to see her while she's home!

So that wraps up my day. How's your day shaping up?
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Cottage. It sounds like you are wise to be up so early with such a bust day ahead. The dogs tell me it's winter-cold out there. I'll take their word for it for a while and check it out later.

Today I plan to finish up and deliver the Fair packages for the schools. Every year I say I'll do this earlier but always keep putting it off! Today is the first day of the Spring term and I'd better get the package out there if I expect and schoolwork for the Fair the end of July. I am such a procrastinator. !

The weekend was fabulous and the Thai cooking class was very enjoyable with delicious food. Now it's back to real life!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Cottage & Ruth. Anyone need coffee?
It's cold here too. I just keep reminding myself that it will be in the 50s by mid-week so I just have to get through today.

Cottage - Poor Maggie! Hope she has a better day today.

Ruth - What kinds of projects do the kids do for the fair? Sounds like fun.

It's just another Monday here. I've got a meeting to plan the gardening training and then a workshop this afternoon. It's a sign of the times that I'm taking time out to attend a training about helping people get food assistance of various types. Quite a few of the people I work with are on the edge so I hope to get tips and information they can use.

Tonight is yoga so it will be a hectic but worthwhile afternoon.

Enjoy the sunshine if you have it
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Finding success on beach
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Morning all! Just got back from my Monday run. Did much better today. Ran almost the entire 5 miles w/o stopping!! VERY proud of myself!
Not too much planned for today. I have some errands to run while the kids are at school, I need to fill out the papers to request my transcripts (need to find out about summer school classes), and pick up some paint to hopefully paint the Master bedroom this week. It is supposed to rain a lot this week, so I need to plan some indoor chores for the coming days. The kids were sick yesterday with stomach aches and stuffy noses. We'll see how they feel today, might be a sick day.
Off to enjoy this quiet, dark house for a little longer. Soon the house will be awake and the regular Monday routine will begin.
Enjoy your day!

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Good Monday morning chicks!
Jen, I am so proud of your running accomplishments! Maybe I can get there one day. I have a friend that is a runner and organizes a running group. She is always encouraging me to join in. I still really can't visualize myself running though.
Have a happy hectic day Cyndi, Ruth, and cottage.

I had a really good but busy weekend. The LAN party was a big hit on Saturday so we will definitely do that again for the kids. Got to spend some fun time with a friend too, and get some things done around here, but never as much as I hope to, you know? So sad it's Monday, but soon it will be Tuesday! Hope your weeks are off to a great start.
Life's a journey, not a destination.
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Happy Monday, all!

I've had a good laugh this morning. Facebook is way too much fun, if you haven't experienced it. A young lady in my brother's class (7 years younger than I) found me. She remembers me for having taught her how to write/pass notes in chapel without looking at the paper. That 'gift' saved us both a lot of detention. She said I was an inspiration!

Same old Monday stuff for me. Trip to Walmart. Laundry. Clean out fridge. The weekend was great! I'm realizing that the weekends are actually killing my weight loss efforts. I'm gaining all I lose over the week in those two days. It takes me all week to get back to where I started. Sheesh! Oh, well, at least I'm having fun.

Cottage: I have a nephew who sucks his thumb. It's such a hard habit to break. Every time Auston put his thumb in his mouth, I snatched it out and replaced it with a pacifier.

Ruth: I have a friend who's motto is "Why do today what I can put off till tomorrow."

Cyndi: Stay warm!

Jenski: Good for you! What shoes do you wear?

Schoodle: Hooray for Tuesday! Hope your day is great!

I have to go wake up Auston for school. While hugging him, I realized his pits smell like an old man's! What's up with that??? 5 year olds should smell like puppy dogs, not homeless men! ewwww!

See you later!
Victory (over donuts) is not being free of the desire...its having the ability to say NO!!!
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Ready to Change
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Good morning Chicks, I have about 2.5 seconds. My day is a busy one, need to catch up on laundry as I am way behind, did none this week end. I have a million house chores again I did nothing this weekend. And then I have a meeting to get ready for cause again I did nothing this weekend. Can you see a pattern happening. Although I did finish the first Twilight book, I did manage to read this weekend. Hope you all have a great day and I will get my butt in gear so I have more time tomorrow. Well got to dash cause I think I was 5.5 seconds.

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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I can do this!
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Busy day, Cottage! I hear you on the weather. I had to wear my gloves this morning. The last break of good weather reset my internal weather predictor and I have to conciously remind myself to wear a coat and such now. Guess I'm ready for spring! Hope you get home in time to be with your GD...I know you miss her a lot and I bet she misses you just as much! Sorry to hear about Maggie, but hopefully it will break her of the thumb habit!

The Thai class must have been such fun, Ruth! Hope you can get the fair stuff out of the way so you don't have it bothering you.

Wow, Cyndi, it's great that you're taking that workshop, but I'm sorry to hear that so many need the info. Hope your help will push them to the safe side of that edge. Love the new avatar--where was it taken? I miss seals...

Wow, Jenski! That's very impressive! As is the painting! I'm in awe of people who paint a room in their house, from conception to finish, in a week or so. We started prepping our family room about five months ago and have been stalled for 3 months now. We have paint chips. I think DH might get to work on finishing scraping/spackling/sanding the walls this weekend, but then we need to pick paint, do primer, do painting, etc., etc., etc. It feels endless. We have another room that we painted half of when we moved in (2001). We painted the ceiling and other half about 2 years later. We did the trim on half the walls at that time. The two doors are primed and sanded, but unpainted and the trim on the other two walls is still undone. The room has 8 windows and I can't hang curtains until we paint. Ugh! I'm sure I'll be hearing about your master bedroom's new color by the end of the week!

So what, exactly, is a LAN party, Schmoo? I'm sure I asked before, but probably missed your reply. Sorry about that!

Chelby! That's too funny! I heard on Facebook that some "friends" of mine from H.S. were the culprits who tee-peed my house in H.S. Too funny!

DH and I went to the gym on Saturday and Sunday, which made up for missing Friday night. I don't usually go on the weekend, so I have this sense of "play" while I'm there and tend to try newer things. This time I tried a series of tabatas using different exercises. It wasn't as hard as I thought but was definitely difficult and fun! You can read more about them in a thread in the 100lb. Club forum.

This week is pretty busy and the weekend will be super-hectic (all good stuff, though!), so I'm trying to take a couple of deep breaths and get ready! I have bookclub tonight; we're discussing The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, so it should be interesting. I made WW chocolate chip cookies so I could have something for dessert. They turned out really yummy! I poste a recipe in the forum (see link above).

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Getting fit and healthy!
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Morning all! Finally getting going on Phase 1 today (if you missed my thread about it, I fell into extremely bad eating habits for the winter due to depression).

Glad to hear you all are keeping busy on this chilly Spring day. Maybe it will warm up a bit as the day progresses.

Cottage - Glad to hear Maggie is feeling better, what an unhappy way to spend the weekend. Hopefully your day will go smoothly so you can get some time with your granddaughter.

Ruth - Wow, your weekend sounds lovely! Sounds like you have a busy day to keep your mind off the cold.

Cyndi - Yoga sound like a lovely way to top off a busy day.

Jen - Congrats on your run! You're so clever to plan indoor chores for a rainy week, I'm nowhere near that organized.

Schmoodle - Funny you should mention LAN parties, my sweetie just went to one this weekend... he and his friends never outgrew them. Glad to hear yours was such a success.

Chelby - That's so funny about Facebook. I think I'm a bit the same way about weekends, they can be so tricky.

Me - My sweetie and I spent hours yesterday afternoon/evening cooking and baking to get ready. We now have plenty of breakfast casserole in the fridge because we are both way to brainless most mornings to make anything at all, let alone anything sensible. This reheats wonderfully in about a minute on medium, so I think it'll be a HUGE help! We also have a big plate of peanut butter cookies and a somewhat over-done batch of roasted chickpeas. And a (nearly!) all Phase 1 fridge. I gotta get those leftovers out of there...

We have the whole first week planned out, at least breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Snacks we will just have to play by ear. I feel so much better having a plan though, I think I'm a lot less likely to have problems. Of course, it was the transition to P2 I had a problem with last time, not P1. But we'll see. Maybe I'll buy a copy of Supercharged, I hear it has more advice on transitioning.

I'm a bit nervous to see how the scale does on Phase 1 this time around, since I'm trying to add in some exercise too, and I'm so out of shape even cardio's likely to add muscle. Ah well, slow and steady wins the race, right?

Well, I think I'm gonna grab a second helping of casserole, I'm fairly ravenous this morning (and it was really yummy!). Have a great day everyone, sorry if I missed anyone posting at the same time as I was writing this novel of a post.
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Laurie, LAN is local area network. Basically, you set up a bunch of big TVs, everybody brings their game systems (we did Xbox) and the same game, one team to a TV, and they are all networked together so they can have tournaments.

Betsi, the second book does have more info on transitioning, however you can find all that info here in the stickies too.
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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Good morning all! Happy Monday!

Well...first off, I missed you all. My mornings were not the same when I wasn't checking in. Secondly, I've fallen miserably off the wagon and just kept finding excuse after excuse not to eat what I know I need to eat. I wasn't planning, I've stopped exercising, I was not packing lunches or pulling things out for dinner. I totally slacked, and my body is suffering for it. So I'm back. I've got my menu set, dinner planned for tonight, and I'm pleased with what I've got going on. I need to stick with it today and then we'll see what tomorrow holds.

Cottage - Sorry to hear that Maggie wasn't feeling well. I hope you have a good time with your gdaughter.

Ruth - Dogs are smart.....stick with them. How was the cooking class???

Cyndi - Glad to hear that the job is still good. Try to get warm.

Jen - 5 Miles!!!! That's awesome!

schmoodle - Hello my friend! Glad to hear that you had a good weekend! BTW....you're such a geek!!!

Chelby - Weekends can be such a downfall. Glad to hear you did well with yours.

LC - Good luck getting your chores done.

Laurie - Good luck with the painting!

Betsi - Welcome back! I totally understand about falling off the wagon. We'll start back together!

So....I've got to go! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!!
I can do all things through Christ who strenthens me

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good monday morning gals.... my pc has MPD (multiple personality disorder) oone day its fine the next it sucks.... gonna have to reformat it tonight.... my weekly weight loss was fab! 216.2 to 213.2!! 3 lbs! it was more yesterday (212.4) but my sweet loving husband thought it wold be nice to bring home arbys burgers, and>>>>>>>>> Krispy Freaking Kreme donuts!!! he got them while taking samantha to mississauga yesterday.... God love him, wasnt that nice of him????

cottage-- i have a thumb sucker too... chloe 5 still sucks her thumb... fun fun fun

ruth-- glad you had a great time in cooking class!!
betsi-- depression is a terrible thing. my mom suffers from it, and i think i do, not sure. too afraid of going to the dr to find out lol
little chick-- i read a book this weekend too! havent read in a while. jackie collins hollywood divorces... man oh man it was good lol..... read it on sunday, couldnt put it down lol
chelby-lmao at you smelling austin... too funny!!
schmoodle-- the lan party sounds like fun, my hubby would be into that lol

sorry if i missed anyone, this laptop is driving me mad..... things will be better 2moro i hope.. have a great day on the beach!!

stacy x0x


for every 5 lbs lost
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Finding success on beach
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Laurie - I actually enjoy painting. I actually enjoy decorating more, and the painting is only one layer in that. I have wanted to repaint my master bedroom for years now. I picked up a great deal on a new bedspread, in exactly the color I wanted, so this is my kick in the butt to paint. I have been out on eBay looking for deals on curtains and other accessories. Hopefully later in the week I will get in a trip to my favorite store... HOBBY LOBBY!!
Well, I woke up the kids at their usual school day time, 7:30am. They both feel back into a deep sleep. I tried again and neither one of them stirred. I think maybe their colds are kicking their butts. I hate calling them into school, but I think today it is necessary. If I would have known this, I would have went back to bed after my 4:45am run!! Now tonight I'll be falling alseep at the dinner table.
DD is up.... DS is still sleeping. It is rainy and cold here today, good day to stay in pj's!
Heather, I just started back too. I haven't been really careful with the food choices these last few months. They scale has been kind, but I haven't been losing like I should. Today I went back to phase 1 for a few days. We can motivate each other!

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morning all it was a good weekend but didn't accomplish much, i did get to the gym yesterday but thats about it. hoping to do alot of yardwork this week, its cold this morning but hoping it warms up so i can do some raking today.
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Good Morning chickies! I haven't been drinking coffee for a month or so now, but I do have my big bottle of water in hand and ready to tackle the day! I had such a LAZY day yesteday I didn't get anything done! I was good eating wise though, but didn't move much

Cottage- GL on the thumb thing... fingernails are sooo gross! And enjoy the time with your grandaughter!

Ruth- do tell what you learned in the cooking class! I llove Thai!any yummy recipes to share?

Cyndi- that is a sign of the times I suppose! Enjoy your yoga class tonight!

Jenski- you are doing great running! WTG girl!


Chelby- your to do sounds like mine today!

LC- too funny! I love the twilight books we rented it from redbox Friday and I plan to buy the movie when it comes out on Bluray!

Laurie- enjoy your bookclub! I always thought of joining one but for some reason if I am not into a book I can't just continue reading it....

Betsi- yeay for you starting p1! glad to have you back and posting! And you are right, slow and steady wins!

Heather- I totally feel your pain! I started getting my arse back in gear yesterday and plan to do the same today! You can do it girl!

Stacy- congrats on the loss... stay away from the xrated treats your hubby brings home though! LOL

me4- enjoy your yardwork! Now that sounds crazy! LOL, I did some last week for a few hours and enjoyed it because it was so nice outside- hope you get great weather!

As for me, I was sooooo lazy yesterday lots to catch up on today... all the utility companies are scheduled to come mark the underground lines out this morning so we can get our garden tilled up. I sure hope they aren't in the way of where we were planning to have it! LOADS of laundry, and I have ogt to get my chicago bag unpacked ;P I am sooo bad about living out of a bag the week after I come back from vaca! I think thats about it other than the normal grocery and fridge cleaning monday duties! Hope yall have a great day!

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