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Old 03-19-2009, 06:58 AM   #1
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Default Thursday Chick Chat

Coffee's on! Come and pour yourself a cup and let's chat about our day ahead.

It's going to be a chilly, wet day, and I just put on the crockpot full of Laurie's Lentil Soup with Cauliflower and Yogurt. It sounds perfect for a rainy day like today.
I have to go over to Cindy's early today and wait for a mulch delivery. I have to show them where to dump it. I wonder if they'll still come if it's raining? I must remember to schedule a delivery for myself, too. I like to get it all spread out before the perrenials get too tall, it makes it so much easier. Maggie and I will probably spend part of the afternoon working on our latest jigsaw puzzle (we've been addicted to them lately!), then go to the library until it's time to pick up Audrey from school.

How's your day shaping up?
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Come on Spring!
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Mulch! Yummy! I wish I had some for breakfast but will settle for Fibre 1, I guess. My meadow is now clear of snow but there sure is a mess of mud out there. The dog yard is still snowy but I did get some of the ice hacked off "their" patio yesterday.

I am trying for a quiet day today to get my "stuff" together. We'll see how that works out for me. Right now I need to take the trash "stuff" to the road and contemplate the morning. The robins are certainly back and I did hear some chirping yesterday. I'm not sure if the official first day of Spring is today or tomorrow but I'll take it early.

See y'all later.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Thanks for the coffee. It's a dreary, gray day so I really need it!

Cottage - Now you have me thinking lentil soup I may try to get some going before I leave. A jigsaw puzzle afternoon sounds like a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Ruth - How are those dogs behaving? Glad to hear you have a nice stretch of snow free yard. I always feel better when I'm looking at less snow

Nothing too exciting around here today, though it is massage day. Time to get moving now
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Hi chicks, I stayed off the internet mostly yesterday and I got a ton of work and other stuff done. So I think I've got to get tougher on myself about popping in throughout the day and just limit it to morning and evening visits. I was justifying my "visits" as mental health breaks, but if I'm going to take a break, I may as well make it productive. Instead of surfing at lunchtime, I got a big load of cardboard boxes broken down and loaded into the van to take to the recycling center.

A crockpot full of soup sounds really nice, but I cooked two dinners last night so I've got plenty of lasagna and taco bake leftovers for tonight. It's a busy night so it's good to be a little ahead - DD has Scouts and then dance class, and I'll hit the grocery store while she's there. DH should be back from his trip before bedtime.
I surely did enjoy the nice weather yesterday, I even got a walk in while dinner was cooking, but back to the cold and rainy today. Hang in there chicks, it's almost Friday!
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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Ready to Change
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Good morning chicks. It is a gloomy rainy day here, but my spirits are upbeat. I think I have a touch of spring fever.

Cottage- Thanks for the coffee but I find now that i am trying to get my 3 literes of water in a day I have not really been drinking tea. Hope you have a fun with the jigsaw puzzle.

Ruth- Morning, we still have a ton of snow here, my drive way is so mucky I hate it. I have seen some Blue Jays and a Cardinal and some chickadees but I have not seen a robin yet. Enjoy your day.

Cindy - Good morning and enjoy the massage.

Schmoodle- Morning, I can relate to the getting on the computer to much I have done that myself and then I don't get anything done. I figure I am going to pop in, in the morning and then at lunch time if quiet time works in my favour. Have fun food shopping tonight, I did mine last night loaded up on lots of veggies and fruit.

Me- Not much just going enjoy the day with the wee ones. I have to by some blank discs so I can make some burn some more music for them they love dancing. It is too funny.

Well must dash and get some breakfast before I get to full of water. Have a great day chicks.

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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no longer single
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i'm leaving in a few for a meeting so making this quick. chance of snow today. lol two days ago it was 70 so much for my yard work.

had a gym date and i am sore today. we'll see how that goes.
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Mornin' chicks!

Cottage - That soup looks good. Let us know if you like it! One more thing for the people at work to tell me is 'weird' to eat!!!

Ruth - isn't the chirping wonderful!! It was invigorating this morning, made it much easier to get up this morning!

Schmoodle - I understand. When I ignore the computer, it's much easier to be inspired and get things done. Very lazy if it's looking at me!

Little chick - I have a touch of spring fever too . Isn't fun to watch the kiddos dance?

me4life - snow??! NO!!!!!! I am so sorry.

Me - Got up early, already made supper for tonight so DH doesn't have to, made a big bowl of (altered) wacky mac salad (basically bean salad with ww pasta). Today's work schedule looks pretty busy....I'm dreading it a bit. Yesterday was pretty draining. We should hear on the house if we can rent (haven't I said that nearly every day?), and hopefully start moving in tomorrow. It amazes me how they're dragging their feet. It'll all work out, right??!!?

Have a great day!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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I can do this!
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Good reminder about mulch, Cottage! I love jigsaws, too! Today I'm drinking a cup of "Jasmine Monkey King" green tea from France. I'm in love with the electric kettle I got for Christmas as it allows me to set the temp low enough to make green tea that's not bitter! Let me know how the crockpot works for the soup--I'd love to try making it that way!

First day of my favorite season is tomorrow, Ruth! It's one of the first times since I've lived in the NE that it actually seems like spring! I'm in bliss!!! (though I realize the next snowstorm could be just around the corner...) Sending prayers that you get a nice, quiet day and can rest away the afternoon after a morning well spent!

Mmmm, massage day! Hope you feel much better afterwards, Cyndi!

I hear you, Schmoo, on getting things done. But there is a healthy balance. Don't totally forgo those mental health breaks, okay? I doubt when you have a chance to look back over your life that you'll think, "I wish I'd broken down more boxes..."

LC, are you on Facebook (as if you need more reasons for computer time, eh? ) A friend of mine made CD mixes for both her young daughters, as she was totally done with listening to the Jonas Bros. and High School Musical. The mixes are adorable! I'd be glad to send them to you if you want. It's so cute that your kiddos love to dance!

me4life, hope the s-n-o-w doesn't stick. Yay for you doing yard work! We haven't done a lick...just enjoyed the weather with walks and a bike ride. We need to get on that now that the mud is finally drying up.

Same ole' here, though I get to go to yoga tonight and am hoping to get some stuff done at home. We've been gone the last two nights and there's so much to do! Our neighbor lost his mother last year and I really want to make a dinner to take over for him, so I'd like to get the meat and veggies for it in the crockpot tonight. I also want to wrap up a birthday present for my friend and get it ready for shipping along with some stuff for my mom's garden, which I need to ship to her.

I'm making an interesting risotto recipe using isreali couscous for dinner--it's from Cooking Light. We'll see how it goes!

Have a great day, chicks!
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Good Morning chickies! No time for personals for me today but hope you all have a great day!

I am off to work, looks like it will be a busy one again... I am beginning to wonder when I will have time for myself! My toes are sooo chipped and my roots are getting out there! LOL. I do have a hair appt set for Tuesday so hopefully the hair will get taken care of then but I will probably just end up doing the toes myself. a big pot of soup is souding good to me too! Maybe I will make mexican style soup for dinner with brown rice... yum- ok, I am hungry better grab a bite and run!

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good morning gals.... crazy house here.... savannah is sick, as some of you know from facebook. scared the he() outta me... dr gave us prescription for a puffer, but said not to get it till 2moro, cuz these things take care of themselves... her little chest was just ratteling, hard to breath... geez, being a mommy is terrifying at times!! now brady has pink eye... so back to dr tonight... and im sicker than a dawg... this season has really sucked in this home... we've all been passing the same damn cold/flu around... be glad when the warmer weather finally gets here. well... im off for now, hope everyone is doin good. sorry, not in the mood for personals... take care ya'll...

stacy xxxx


for every 5 lbs lost
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oh and did ya'll hear about natasha richardson?? very very sad. so young , pretty and talented. i feel so bad for her husband and sons. tragic and it didnt have to happen. sad.

stacy xxx


for every 5 lbs lost
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I'm wiped out today! DH had to work late last night So I stayed up so he could get some sleep before work time UGH!
Stacy we'll be thinking of you today with your sick kiddos
Rikki You shoud see my feet SCARY!
Me4 Wow your weathers crazy!!
Laurie I love electric Kettles!
Schmoo Doncha love get stuff done days!
Twynn good luck with the house
LC me too!!
Ruth sounds like you're having get stuff done day today
Cottage Now I'm pondering Lentil soup! the puzzles sound fun
Speaking of soup I bought some soy chorizo last night how would that go with brown lentils?
Making a commitment to myself
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Hey, everyone, still going crazy here. DH and I leave tomorrow for his "birthday" trip, so I'm trying to get everything work-related and personal done by tonight. I won't have internet until I get back, so I'll "see" you next Thursday!
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Hello all, only got a couple of minutes so no time for personals. Hope everyone is doing well.

Stacy- I hope your kiddos get better soon. I am saddened by Natasha Richardson death as well. We need to remember to live with no regrets and try to enjoy what we do have as we never know when our time is up.

Have a great day everyone!!!
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yep it snowed already but its not sticking and there saying mid 40's tommorrow
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