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Talking Great week on the diet!

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, but have been on South beach for almost 3 months. I graduated from college about 1.5 years ago, and now am working one full-time job and a part-time job. I had been unhappy with myself for a while, but finally was motivated to lose the weight after I was fitted for a tuxedo for a wedding that I was going to be in. The same week I was fitted my coworker (a veterinarian) mentioned that she had started South Beach and had lost 8 pounds in the first week...that's where it all started! Soon after, I started the diet and experienced immediate results.

The first 2 weeks were kind of rough, but the results kept me motivated. I've stuck with the diet (except for a few cheats) for almost 3 months so far. I have lost 39 pounds so far, and am pretty close to my goal. I'm not completely sure what my goal weight is, I just want to look good, feel good, and be happy.

A few days ago one of my clients at the vet's office was complementing me on how great I looked, etc etc. She just kept going on and on about it, and it really made my week. Not only does the weight loss keep me going, but these type of comments really help!

Today I was digging through my dresser to find a pair of jeans to wear when I went to the store (to buy new khakis for one of my jobs). I tried on 4 pairs of jeans before I found a pair that fit. I am down 3-4 inches in my waist. I totally wasn't expecting that at all...but now I only have 1 pair of jeans that fits! I am going to start making a pile of all my 'fat clothes' to donate.

I really want to be a spokes person for South Beach, because I have had nothing but great experiences so far! I've done dances ()on the scale each time I lose weight, and now have to buy all new clothes!

Thanks for listening! I hope everyone else is having success and feeling better!

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Welcome to the forum, Matt! It's been awhile since we last had a male visit but I think you'll find a lot of support here. It's good to hear that South Beach is working so well for you.
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Woohoo! Way to go Matt! and... !
"One year from now, you'll be glad you started today." -~unknown
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Great job!! - I hope I can do in four months what you did in three!
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Awesome, a dude! A refreshing change from all this estrogen. (kidding, ladies.)

I'm surprised to see a guy in here but that's great. Maaan, I'd just kill to be a dude, you guys lose weight so much quicker than we girls do! 39 lbs in 3 months is fabulous! Perhaps you could be a spokesperson for the SBD, you could always try contacting them on their website and see how it goes.
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Nice to meet you. I got my brother to try south beach and he lost like 16 pounds in the first week. Also being overweight does not screw up your hormones NEARLY as much. You guys have it easy lol.

Welcome...good to see another PAer on the board.
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to The Beach, Matt! Whoo hoo, it's been a long time since we had a guy joining us! We're very pleased you decided to park your towel on the sand with us and look forward to getting to know you better. And congratulations on your progress so far, you're doing fantastic!
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S/C/G: 220/172/170ish

Height: 5'10"

Default thanks everyone!

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! My coworker referred me to the site, so I thought i'd finally post something! Whenever I tell her my current weight loss she always tell me how guys have it so easy when dieting.

And you're right, it doesn't screw up our hormones, but dang do I feel a whole lot better. Even just after Phase 1 I was more in shape, and could all of a sudden exercise more! No more blood sugar highs or lows either. My mom was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago, so that was yet another motivator for me to lose weight.

Thanks again!
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Welcome to the board! I am new too. Congrats on the awesome weight loss!
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Congrats on your weight loss, it sounds like it's made a big difference to you. It really helps keep the motivation going when you feel better, doesn't it?
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Welcome and congrats on the 39 pounds!
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Welcome Matt congrats on your success.
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Welcome to the beach, glad to have you onboard
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Matt! My first reaction to your success was inline with Melanie, but then I stopped myself. You know what? It doesn't matter if men lose faster than women. I'm proud of you for doing it! I think in some ways it's more "acceptable" when guys are overweight because of all the B.S. media that pressure on women to be thin and lean! Men, women, child, elder, it doesn't matter.


And whats more, kudos to you for posting on what a lot of men probably wouldn't dare for the sake of the name. While the name of this site is "chicks", it's not about men or women, but rather about supporting one another and helping one another reach our goals, encouraging one another, and sharing ideas like recipes!

Again, WElcome aboard Matt and I hope to see you post more!
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Matt, and great work! I'm sure all the people who see your increasing health at your jobs are very inspired. Thanks for joining us here!

I've given away a lot of clothes to Salvation Army, but have given the ones that are in really good condition to local consignment stores. We made back about $150 on those, which was good...since I needed new ones!

As for men losing faster--they sure do, but that doesn't mean it's not hard. Plus, it seems that more men gain in their middle, and that's so dangerous for your health. Glad you're getting healthier, Matt!

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