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Default HUMP DAY Cluckings

Wake Up Call Time!

Grab a mug and let's get this day started! I'm waiting for Curves to open, then back home to for a short rest before I head over to the school to watch Audrey's play. She's a mouse this year, and thank goodness I didn't have to make the costume this time. We just used a pair of gray leggings and a gray sweatshirt, and found a tail and the other accessories at a costume shop. All we have to do is paint whiskers on her. The play is really cute and I'm looking forward to it. Then after school it's the usual tap and ballet lessons, so it'll be a busy day.

What's happening on your part of the beach today?
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Morning Cottage! If you get a picture of Audrey the Mouse, we'd love to see it. Have fun at the play and give Miss Mouse a hug from all her "aunts" for good luck!

Icky yucky rainy windy day here after 2 days of really nice spring-like weather. Spent all my "Mardi Gras Vacation" working at the computer, so it's like a double "not fair" whammy! Getting ready to hit the fluidity bar, then off to the tub, then off to school. yuck on the school part today. BTW, still loving this fluidity bar thing. It's not drudgery like other exercising is for me. Glad I found something I don't dread. I'm an exercise slug.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Chicks!

Ruth - it was good to see your name pop up. How are you doing?

Cottage - thanks for the coffee I second Cat's request for a picture - sounds really cute.

Cat - I'll have to check out the fluidity bar. I am such an exercise slug. I use the challenges here to guilt myself into it.

We have weather here too. It's the kind of day I hate most - roads are fine now but are supposed to get bad later. Living 27 miles from work makes days like this scary. Should I go in or play it safe? I usually go with what the schools do and try to watch the temperature all day. Needless to say I've had some stressful drives home.

I'm getting my eating back on track after vacation. As much as I liked the B&B I think in the future rooms with microwaves and fridges are a better choice. That way we can eat the way we need to.

Kara - hope all is going well! I'm thinking of you and your family.

Have a good day all!
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Come on Spring!
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I'm not posting much but am reading. Today I go to the doc for stitch removal and am going to try to get something better for pain. Hershey is still at the Hyper Pypers' place and is having a ball. I don't know if I'll be able to get her home this weekend but I sure miss her. I have lots of visitors but only a few of them let me rub their tummy!

I'm reading but not feeking too chatty these days. Better times ahead.
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Good Morning chicks..... I am feeling icky this morning. Stuffy head, clogged ears.... started TOM.... sleeping and it goes on and on and on......

Ruth- Good to see you. I am glad that you are starting to post here and there. Take care of your self, hope you fur baby decides to come home on the week end.

Cottage- Have a good work out, and a picture of the mouse would be cute.

Femme- it is nice to find an exercise thing you like to do. Keep up the good work.

Cindy- have a great day.

Me- Nothing if possible, but I feel like my world is so unorganised. I really need to get on track. I have been so busy with fundraising stuff, that everything else seems to be falling apart. So today I am staying off the computer and getting down to some major organising. Wish me luck. I may pop back in after lunch when the house is down for quiet time. Have a great day chicks.

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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Trying it again....
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good morning all. won't be on for today. just stopping in to say hi. gotta busy day ahead. went to ER with my 6month old last night. he has fever and pneumonia like symptoms. I was really worried about his oxygen level so i took him in. Didn't go in because when they checked him, the level was 99-100% so he was ok. Decided to go home because he already has an appointment for this morning. once we got home, he slept good for the rest of the night but now my 2 year old his really sick and congested. So between the both of them, they both have terrible dry coughs and I feel so bad for them. I will be taking them to the dr. today and they will probably send me to xray which i can't stand because it takes forever. well, better get going. gotta run and take my two oldest to school.

hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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Morning chicks!
cottage, I'm sure Audrey will be a most adorable mouse!
Cat, glad you are liking the fluidity bar. I am a slug too and I hope I can find something I like as well. Sorry you didn't get to enjoy the holiday yesterday.
Ruth, glad you are lurking among us at least. I hope you are back to yourself soon. I'm sure Hershey will be very happy to be home with you.
cyndi, how was the vacation? Hope you had a blast! Got any pix to share?
LC, I know how it gets when something busy takes you out of your ordinary routine and you get behind on everything. I hope you can get some rest and are feeling better soon.
tk, today will not be a fun day for you. I hope those babies get well quickly! Take some healthy snacks along and don't let yourself get run down too.

I'm just popping in for a quickie, nothing exciting going on here, just lots of work. I'll come back for a visit at lunch. Hope you chicks have a great day.
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.

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We are half way there The weekend is around the corner

Cottage Thanks for the wake up call. Ahh how cute a mouse I would love to see pics

Cat glad your enjoying your new workout

Cyndi glad to hear your getting back on track

Good morning Ruth we sure do miss you

I hope you have a productive day LC

TK you poor thing I hope the lil ones get to feeling better real soon

Hi Schmoodle

ME - I talked to my doc this morning about the mri situation and they are suppose to call me back with what the plan is now.

Tonight dh & I are taking my mom to see Juno but other than that it's just work as usual.
“Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God" (Mark 10:27)

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Well we made it through some scary storms last night. Missed American Idol because they had storm coverage throughout. Tornado sirens went off and DD freaked a little. We came through with no damage just a bunch of rain. Not so lucky for some other folks in the next town over though.

Cottage I have to admit I don't miss the school plays, seems they were always long, drawn out and way out in left field. Glad to hear yours aren't like that.

Cat I may have to check into this bar of yours, I'm not much of an exercise fan.

Cyndi Glad to hear you are getting back on track.

Ruth So glad to "see" you, hope they give you something better today for pain.

LC Hope you get to feeling better and your day goes as planned.

TK Hope the news is good on the kiddies today, nothing like sick kids to just tug at your heart strings.

Schmoodle Hoping you have a good day!

Me Not much going on, got back to my yoga this morning, I have slacked off so badly lately! It's so hard because the puppy wants to play when I am doing it, and is always on the mat with me. I don't have enough coordination as it is let alone add my minature horse into the picture!

Have a great day chicks, I will "see" ya all at lunch!

Gonna Opps cross posting! I giggled when I saw you typed "work *** usual" I know its a typo but funny as heck cause that is how I feel about work today!

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Morning Stephanie glad to hear you all are safe and sound. Thanks for pointing that typo put - it has been fixed
“Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God" (Mark 10:27)

Started my lifestyle change May 6, 2007

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Morning chickas,
Gosh, it feels like it's been weeks and weeks since I've posted on here!
But it's only been days! I've been struggling with a few things, haven't been eating terrible or anything, but haven't eaten as many veggies as I should. I did decide to walk to work yesterday, so I could get some exercise, and it felt great! it was extremely warm here yesterday! I've decided that I'm going to walk when I can, I'm not sure my niece would make it if I tried to walk with her with me, I dunno, it only takes me 15 minutes to get there. and she's almost 3...maybe she could do it. I'm rambling!
RUTH it's great to see you POPPing in, hope you have a speedy recovery!!
I'm outa here!
Talk to y'all later
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Good morning, chicks!

Sorry to hear about the sicknesses and the pain things going on. Feel better soon (and/or hope your kids feel better soon)!

Re: the weather issues...my goodness, what is going ON in the world these days? Seems weirder than usual...we had snow this weekend WITH a thunderstorm. Don't think I've ever seen that before.

Be safe and take care, all!

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Good morning everyone. Yet another rainy grey day here. Although we seemed to have missed thunderstorms atleast.

tkHope all your children get well soon. And you don't catch whatever is going around.

cottage I hope you post a pic. That sounds cute.

PHinsUP Most three year olds can keep going even when you're done. She can probably make it.

Another boring morning here at work. I'm trying to get my head together to get all that cub scout Blue & Gold stuff accomplished tomorrow. I just have way too many things on my calendar this month. Almost all the pages are filled in with something to do.
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Happy Hump Day!

Sounds like a busy day lined up for you as usual,Cottage! I hope the play is wonderful. I'm with Cat and would love to see cute mouse pictures if you get any!

I'm really glad you're enjoying your fluidity bar, Cat. I've seen the infomercial now and think that it does look quite intriguing. Hope your day at school is okay.

Cyndi: I hope it's safe for you all day. Be careful!! DH and I feel the same way about places to stay for vacation. When we picked our cabin for Ruidoso, we made sure it had a kitchen so that we can cook if the need arises!

We miss you, Ruth! I envy you your reading time, but definitely don't envy you your pain. I'm glad Hershey is having fun, but I know you miss her and I hope she can come home soon!

Good luck with the organizing today, LC. Wish I could come help. Organizing projects is just about my favorite part of doing them - just ask my DH - he HATES it!!

tk: Sorry that you have so many little sickies today. I hope they all feel better quickly and that the doctor visit isn't too long for you!

, Schmoodle. Have a great day!

Gonna: Let us know how Juno is. It hasn't come to our theater yet, but I think I want to see it when it does. Still thinking about you and your MRI!

, Stephanie! Your miniature horse sounds much worse than my little dachshund! Just a quick push and he's out of the way. I hope your yoga went well!

Tina: Nice to "see" you! Good job on the great walk. My nephew was 3 when I took him on walks around the neighborhood. He did pretty well, but a 15-minute walk did take about 30-minutes with him. Have a good day!

To answer your question from yesterday, Bella, my avatar is on of the 3FC stock ones. I wish that could be in my garden, but we don't really have the climate for it out here! Hope you have a nice day!!

Me: I love Wednesdays. My "no class" days. Haha. My prof found out that I had turned in an extra assignment and announced the fact to the class. That was a little embarrassing, but he did also say that if we finished all the assignments soon that we probably wouldn't have to ever go back to the class. I'm planning on finishing Assignments 5-12 next weekend.

Not much on the agenda today. Tortilla-free chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight. I plan on a 4-mile walk after work. I've got to run and get groceries during lunch. Other than that, it's just work and studying for my stats exam tomorrow. Time for me to get to work! I hope everyone else has a great day!

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Tina walking to work thats a great way to get in exercise. I wish I lived close enough to walk

Mornin Bella

Neko I sure hope you are able to get everything done. Kind of quiet here at work this morning too.
“Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God" (Mark 10:27)

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