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Visiting Family - Need help!

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Default Visiting Family - Need help!

Hi Everyone!
So...I am kind of in phase 2 now. Kind of meaning I have done my two weeks clean in phase 1....but haven't really wanted to add things in...but do occasionally...like pudding.

I am going to see my sister next Wednesday and I am not so much worried about the airport food....but more about when I actually get to her house. She eats healthy...but not totally SB friendly. She eats organic but with cane sugar and things like that.

One thought I had was I could make food before I leave, freeze it and pack it in my luggage. Anyone tried it or thought of it? I will only be gone for 5 days and we probably will not be eating out more than one night for my niece's birthday.

I kind of want to avoid buying all my necessities when I arrive and stocking her fridge. Anyone have any advice about visiting people not SB friendly? I know I will not be able to carry the food on...but do you think it would survive in luggage? 2 hour flight. No layover.

Also - I have avoided adding in bread because I honestly don't know what to look for. Does anyone have a brand name of a bread that is legal? I read somewhere sourdough bread is okay on SB...but its not whole grain. Anyone know??
Thanks in advance!!
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Hey! I'm facing the same issue here in two weeks. Here's what I'm planning...I'm going to eat all my meals that I prepare clean Phase 2, low on wheat (which seems to be a trigger for me, and since I'm going to be around a lot of temptation, then I want to be as trigger-free as possible!). However, if we're eating over a relative's house I'm going to give myself a little freedom so as to not hurt anyone's feelings (read: grandmother's feelings). I'm going to do small portions and fill my plate with half veggies, a quarter protein, and a quarter grain. It's the only way I can see to get through it. I know I'll be preparing 90% of my meals while we're there, so those will all be fine. Personally, I needed to build in a cheating strategy because otherwise I'd either be in a really bad mood for not being able to eat things I do enjoy or else feel guilty for binging because I "couldn't" hold out any longer and then just ate everything in sight.

What I've noticed, though, is more important than a plan for the time you'll be in a weird situation (like a party or visit at a relative's or a dinner out, etc.), is a plan for when you get home. I've realized that when I go into something like this, even with a plan, and then go back to "normal" I somehow give myself the OK to continue eating with several cheats and then it just sprials down hill. So this time I am going to do a perfectly clean Phase 2 week after we move to Germany (which will be about a month and a half after we get home to the States) and if that gets me back on track, great. If not, I'm repeating Phase 1.

So, to summarize:
In New Jersey - eat all meals I prepare on plan, small portions when eating out at others' homes or restaurants
In Germany - clean week of Phase 2, move into Phase 1 if still out of control

That's my plan and I'm sticking to it.

Does your sister know you're doing South Beach? Would she be accomodating if she knew? We had family guests about a year ago who were on the Beach (I wasn't at the time) and I was more than happy to prepare meals that would work for them. I knew it was helping them with their health and I didn't feel at all put out to make something that would work for them. I'd be cooking anyway, and this diet plan is really easy to cook for. Or, would she be offended if you picked through your food? Like left the pineapple when you ate the rest of the fruit salad, or politely declined dessert? I'd be willing to bet that if you explained you were trying to change your eating habits, she'd be excited for you and supportive.

I doubt if frozen meals would do well on the airplane. ooooo, I just thought of this. What if you offered to make dinner one night?

Remember, this is a lifestyle change. Things like this are going to happen. We're NOT going to be on plan 100% of the time. It's OK. Do the best you can and have a plan to get back in the swing of things when you get back.

Bread...I think there's a sticky in the SBD FAQs about it.


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I agree wth Kara. Maybe if you offer to cook some of the meals. But in my opinion food on the plane=bad idea.
1) Has the airline ever lost your luggage? If no this would probably be the time.
2) Have you ever seen a baggage handler be gentle with check-in luggage? Me either.
3) The altitude makes containers of all sorts expand and contract. This is likely to result in a very messy bag coming down the luggage carousel.
4) This of course is assuming you can get through the initial TSA inspection of check luggage with it.
I know you don't want to fill her fridge but maybe you could go to the store every couple of days. Good luck
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I also want to add that we have to remember that the "point" of South Beach is to eliminate the cravings that refined flours and simple sugars can bring to our systems. If we eat something off plan, it's not the end of the world. The worst thing that could happen is that you have to deal with some craving issues. You won't automatically gain ten pounds if you eat a slice of pie or something. Be smart about your choices. Eat things as low on the glycemic index chart as you can. And enjoy your time with your family!


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