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Unhappy Here I go again...

So much to say yet I really don't know where to start...I guess I' m better off talking to you straight and simple..

I' m FAT!...

Unfortunately an OBESE person who has tried numerous diets, lost a lot of weight but gained more of it in time.

I am at a point now where I cannot tie my laces because I just can' t bend over. I also have to wear the same clothes practically every day because those are the only ones that fit me...or "the ones I fit in" would be a better choice of words I guess.

The answer to the question "Why don't you buy new stuff then?" is;

I don't buy new clothes thinking about how big they will be for me when I lose weight..but you know what the sad part is?...Even those everyday clothes I were are beginning to size down on me.

For the, I don't know how many'th time...I'm fed up of people saying I got fat..I know it...But it just seems I no longer have the courage to start a diet.

I know nothing I wear suits me, I know I don't even suit the beauty of my wife. I feel like a shy child when around people and try to sit down with something on my lap that would cover my belly..maybe a pillow...

I am 1,73m tall and 118,4 kg...So that's 5,6 feet with a whopping weight of 261 pounds!

I'm 33 years old and HAVE to lose weight...I really want to..

I quit smoking last year...Its been exactly a year now and I gained 20kg after it..I tried quitting and dieting at the same time but realized I was about to fail both...Therefore I chose not to smoke over dieting and gained weight.

Now I'm confident I' ll never go back to smoking I believe I am ready for a good weight loss.

I will be trying the Dukan Diet. The one diet that really fits my life style...The diet I tried during my quitting period..It worked then but I had to let it go as mentioned above..

I' m really wanting to lose weight for sure but don' t feel motivated enough because I'm frightened to fail once again. I don' t want to lose 5kg and then gain 10kg back if you know what I mean. I will be reading the Dukan Diet book thoroughly and will do my best.

For all who are in my shoes, I hope this blog will be a great source of motivation. I plan to lose 75-80 pounds...about 30-35 kg's within a year..but I don' t want to set high goals for myself..because I know from past experience that the higher the goals the harder the journey.

Therefore my first realistic goal is lossing a kilo only...Then another one...And then one kilo more...I believe that taking baby steps will allow me to achieve what I realy want

If you read this please..please motivate me..I believe I really need it...

Here I go again...

FOR MORE YOU MAY VISIT: dukan-diary.blogspot.com
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I think you've got a lot of courage: you've already made some great changes for your health, and making such an honest posting is very brave! You've set some very realistic goals and expectations - stay committed, you can do this. Check in frequently and post a lot!
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Congratulations on quitting smoking and staying off of the cigs! That's a big accomplishment - bigger than people give it credit for being.

If you could do that, I'm sure that you can reach your goals. I've heard great things about the Dukan Diet! Best wishes with your journey! Boo to all of those people who keep shaming you about your size - they are NOT helping.

MG1: Get down to 170 by end of June | MG2: Reduce body fat % from 34 to 30 by July 20th
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