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Aww, I'm sorry for your loss ILV. Pets are like family and it's hard to see them go.

My Mom had a dog once that would "wrestle" with people (really just their hands/arms, haha) despite being only ~10/13 pounds. She'd get so worked up, she'd flip herself over and flail around so much that she'd repeatedly smash her own head into the hard floor. It was so loud we'd always go, "Ooooooh" when she did it because it sounded like it hurt quite bad. But it never stopped her from flailing and throwing her head backwards onto the floor. By the time the "match" was over, your arms would be red because she'd get so into it and she was a Poodle/Shitzu mix!

My dog is really just accident prone but he's never actually gotten hurt. He's almost a year old but he's "all legs". We don't know what he's mixed with so we're not sure if he'll fill out or if he'll always be tall and muscular but he's very strong. We took him out this morning for play time in the snow and he went crazy, he loved it! But he lost his footing on some ice and WHOOPS, his feet went out from under him and he hit the ground. Didn't make a peep, got back up and kept running. He's been to the vet many times, even when I wasn't certain he was sick (I suspected a UTI once but he was fine), and they've never had anything negative to say. He's got all his shots, he's at a healthy weight and still growing, and he's happy.

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So my dog and I had a similiar accident a couple days ago. I was just doing an old walking video and at one point you swing your arms up and clap. I think my dog thought that i had a treat cause she jumped up to meet my hand on the way down and I ended up backhanding her nose. She is a heeler mix and a tough little thing. She just gave me a what the **** look and started sniffing the ground looking for the treat. Usually my dogs just ignore me doing the exercises but at times when doing floor work they like to sneak attack. Attack usually being their face in mine with kisses, which do not like on face, and then i try and push them off and they go into classic play position front down butt up and wiggling.
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I didnt read much of the responses her because I was not feeling good about the comments to cage them...kinda stopped there.....
anyway... I wanted to say, I totaly know where you're coming from. It's exciting for them to see us do silly poses and actions that are not our normal behavior and they automatically think its play time. I love my shephard to little pieces and I feel terrible that Im working out to a video instead of playing or walking with her. So....I stopped working out at home unless she has had a walk. I take her for a 20 min walk in the morning ( not every day but as much as possible) then if I want to work out, I do short videos. we both win. She LOVES to go for walks. She & I benifit & its fun! Good luck, hopefully your fur baby doesnt learn to fight back! lol.
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My dogs always try to get in my face when I am on the floor they also try to jump on my lap while I am on my recumbant bike. lol They do make good running partners though
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