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Default Pregnancy Food Cravings

What foods have you been craving? Do you eat all the things you're craving?
i literally dreamed about eating Chocolate Truffles last night. I also crave this certin Hot and Sour Soup that we have to drive 40 minutes for.
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When I was pregnant, it was watermelon. I ate about one watermelon every two days. And... I still have a whole watermelon about once a week now. I will be so sad when watermelon season is truly over.
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Old 09-27-2011, 12:34 PM   #3
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Fruit! I could eat fruit all day every day. I did, but then I failed my 1 hour glucose screen so I've scaled back a bit lol.

I also went through a phase where I would eat pepperoncinis by the jar full.

Oh, and chocolate milk. YUM.

Those have been the consistent ones. I'll get a craving out of nowhere (like, I HAVE to get Pho, like yesterday), but as soon as I satisfy it I never have it again.

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When I was pregnant, anything that had red meat in it I craved. I could have had a burger or steak everyday for a week and never would get sick of it. I didn't eat that everyday of course but if it was suggested, I would always say yes.
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Haven't had any intense cravings yet, but I have developed a strong aversion to kale, which is weird because I was eating it just fine earlier.

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With my first I craved pizza
With my second I craved pasta
With my third I craved chicken
With my forth I crave Bacon I have it once a week
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I craved red meat and spicy food when I was pregnant.

In fact, that's how I knew I was pregnant. All I wanted was a hamburger and I hadn't had one in three years. Funny thing though, I had no desire to eat French fries. I only wanted the burger.
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With my first one it was nectarines, with my second it was green chile, with this one it seems to be red meat so far.

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So far, I've been like Junebug...VERY STRONG cravings that mostly go away once I've eaten whatever it is. Although I've been eating, in general, a lot of fruit. And in the first 2 months, all I wanted was mashed potatoes and gravy.
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I was extremely nauseaus/all day vomiting with my daughter for the first 5 months. Ugh.

Once I could eat, I craved steak, spinach, and prunes. The last thing I ate at midnight before my scheduled C-Section was a large iced tea and 6 prunes. I made my DH prepare it, too, and he was so grossed out! LOL!! If I ate that now, I'd be camped out on the potty, but I could eat anything while preggers and I never got any digestive issues.

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My first pregnancy all I wanted was Jimmy Johns Bootlegger Club and Tea.

This time, The first 8 weeks I wanted steak burritos. After that it become anything with chicken and now (Beginning of week 19) all I want is Cheesburgers.

Looks like Meat will be my thing. Before The only meat I would even touch was turkey and once in awhile chicken.
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The first three months it was citrus. After that I craved hamburgers, chicken burgers and chocolate milkshakes.
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Hah, I'm amused reading eveyone's stories. I have a craving for potatoes right now. Mashed, fried, baked, no matter what, I want it. It's kinda nice because I'm feeling queasy and I can actually eat potatoes, too. Win-win.
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At the very beginning of my pregnancy, I wanted meat. I've never been a big meat eater, but I wanted burgers or bacon, or better - both together!

After about a month of that up until I gave birth I constantly craved salads with gorgonzola, dried cranberries and nuts and always wanted a daily smoothie.
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My main intense craving was for pepperoni. So much so that I had a dream of eating a pepperoni pizza sub sandwich and woke up and could still taste the pepperoni!!! We picked up a meat lovers pizza from Papa Murphy's and covered it in pepperoni before popping it into the oven (and my we I mean "I"... DH had no part in it except eating!!! LOL)
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