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Default Favorite lowcal/lite cookbooks?

I am trying to find afew more good low cal/fat recipes to add to the list of foods I like to prepare and eat regularily. Do you have a favorite cookbook to recommend, and why?

I am currently going through an old one I never looked at that much before and am liking what I see. (I only look at cookbooks within an hour after having a satisfying meal.) Its Great Good Food from '93 by Julee Rosso. Its not so much for losing weight, unless you eat small portions, but for someone who is maintaining, there seem to be alot of good lower fat recipes in it. Some simple, some more complex. It is based on the food pyramid so low carbers may not find much in it. I love alot of the non-recipe information such as which winter squash tastes best, and there is alot of interesting information about ingredients in the center margins. After each recipe she lists the cals, carbs, protein, choles., and fat in one portion.

From her 'philosophy' page xii: "This is a cookbook for people who love good food and enjoy cooking, and who want to develop sensible eating habits without sacrificing the pleasure of food", ...and... "the real surprise is taht fat so often masks great, natural flavors. Without it, taste shines through. And eating lighter just feels better."

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I eat 98% vegetarian, and I like a cookbook called "Lean Bean Cuisine." Caveat: it's only useful if you like beans (chickpeas, cannelini, pinto, etc.) or are willing to try them. But it's got great, very diverse recipes for soup, entrees, sides, salads, etc. It includes a nutrition analysis for every recipe with fat-fiber-calories-etc.

I also like Whole Meals, which is a macrobiotic cookbook from a few years ago. It might already be out of print. Does not give nutrition info., but since it's macrobiotic it does include fish and some meat. I have made delicious soups and casseroles from it.

Another thought: I have taken a lot of adult ed. cooking classes for low-fat/vegetarian cooking. Sometimes I have also taken ethnic cooking (Indian, Thai, etc.) which often includes low-fat recipes. Depending on where you live, that might be an option. Some natural foods stores also offer cooking classes.

Hope this helps.

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I've given up and given away most of my cook books. I rely on the internet, I go to www.allrecipes.com, or just Google the name of recipes. Last year my DS wanted sugar pie at Christmas. When I Googled it many many sites came up... This summer when we had a yard sale many people asked if the cook of the house had quit because most of my cook books were for sale ...
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I have several suggestions!

First are the Cooking Light cookbooks. I subscribe to Cooking Light and the recipes are high quality. I DO have issues sometimes with their definition of "light" -- some of the dishes are not ones I could include in my plan because they are still a bit on the high side calorie-wise. But, I get lots of good ideas and there are definitely recipes I can use. I would recommend starting with one of the smaller volumes called Five Star Recipes. If you like it, then you can branch out to some of the other more comprehensive ones.

Next, I really like the Jenny Craig cookbooks. The recipes tend to be simple but well-designed, and meant for true low-calorie plans. I like them better than the WW cookbooks -- I just think the recipes tend to be higher-quality.

Jane Brody's Good Food cookbook is a classic, and well worth having around.

There is a book called A New Way to Cook that came out a few years ago that I really like. I would say this is a book more for a "serious cook" than someone who just wants recipes. But, it is very good.

Finally the latest edition of Joy of Cooking is something I think every kitchen should have. Not only is it a comprehensive reference where you can learn about just about every food stuff known to the Western palate, it contains LOTS of recipes geared towards today's lighter eating style.
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Originally Posted by Elanajel
I eat 98% vegetarian, and I like a cookbook called "Lean Bean Cuisine." Caveat: it's only useful if you like beans (chickpeas, cannelini, pinto, etc.) or are willing to try them.
Who DOESN'T like beans? I was RAISED on beans! Mom and Dad still have "beans, cabbage and cornbread" for dinner every Monday night.

I'm pretty much with Ilene here - I use Allrecipes.com a lot (I love their Ingredient Search function!). However, it's important to keep in mind that I don't do a lot of creative cooking nowadays!

I did buy the Eating For Life cookbook and there are several good recipes in it (although whether it was worth $35 for those recipes...I dunno...). In fact this Sunday I made "Dad's Great Green Chili" which is actually more of a soup or stew (the broth doesn't thicken). Jim LOVES this stuff - it's filling and tasty.
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Thanks for the recommendations. I have the Jane Brody book but have not looked thru it. I will do that. I will check out the others either at the library or the bookstore. I have looked on the internet for recipes in the past, but it doesnt suit my temperment unless I am looking for something specific. I like to browse looking for something new to try.

I too got rid about about a third of my cookbooks the past year, but obviously kept most of them with and eye to slowly disposing of those that no longer apply over time.

Thanks, Jan.
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I'm vegetarian, and my favourite cookbook is Laurel's Kitchen Recipes. It emphasizes whole foods and most recipes are suitable for every day cooking rather than feasts. It also has recipes for things like pancakes, which my kids love, that use whole grain flours. I feel much better about feeding the kids whole wheat/buckwheat pancakes than pancakes made with bleached white flour.

I love looking through my cookbooks for dinner ideas though. I was hoping to get one of the Moosewood cookbooks for Christmas. I do use on line recipes too though.
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