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Default Underwear to make tummy flat

I tried girdles but they didn't seat well with me. When I ate, the food would stay on my chest the whole day, sometimes I was close to puking.

So, please girls, tell me if there exists a mechanism to keep the fleshy flower flat.

SuN - ViSiTeD sKiN
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I've tried spanx before, when I was wearing a really fitted dress. However, it's nowhere near comfortable for me so I stick to highwaisted panties when I wear dresses and skirts and ones that sit below my belly button when I'm wearing pants.
My only requirements for the lower half is for it to be comfortable. I tend to go for cotton and avoid anything that does any pressure on my belly. I also try to buy clothes that I'm comfortable wearing. What I mean by that is that if it's fitted and I'm concerned about the rolls, I won't buy it.
My rule of thumb is: tight upper half = loose lower half and loose lower half = tight upper half.

Hope this helps!
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I find that underwear made specifically as tummy control actually has the opposite effect on me. It digs into my waist and accentuates the bulging belly. I have to wear undies whose band sits immediately below the belly button. But everyone's belly button is a little different but try it. I have good luck with GAP undies and at Kohls briefs.

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I like Spanx (try the cheap knock offs at Walmart) and the key is to go up a size! I normally wear a large in regular clothes so I chose an XL. It's still tight enough to slim and smooth, and since it's a size up it doesn't feel like it's strangling me. LOL I had a "battle" with myself over the size thing but I'm so pleased with how I look I quickly got over it BTW the kind I like is the one with the legs down to the knees up to the waist with straps but no built in bra....I HATE built in bras!

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I like the open bust long leg styles, that have shoulder straps but you wear your own bra.
For the first time in my life, I believe that I can be slender, fit and toned. I always just thought that didn't apply to me. Why?

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I've been thinking of getting something like spanx to smooth over the bumps I'm getting via looser skin in the tummy....but how the heck do you go to the bathroom? I just envision having to take EVERYTHING off or wrestling with myself in the stall.

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These are great. Lightweight, comfortable and easy to use the restroom while wearing them:

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Corselet! I wear one to hide lose skin and it flattens the tummy and does not interfere with going to the bathroom.

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I like rago, they have been around for a long while, and as a plus, their stuff is often lacy and looks prettier (at least to me) than the standard spanx. It can be kinda spendy though.

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glad you posted this... I have been looking for something to minimize the dreaded mommy apron belly.. (no luck yet) and typically the high waisted things roll down on me because I'm so short with a very short torso. Now the full ones that go over your shoulder but have an opening for your own bra are currently my fav but being in the south we wear a lot of sleeveless shirts and it doesn't hide well
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The ones that are like a tank top but you wear your own bra do not have pants to them and don't interfere with going to the bathroom. My favorites are the ones that are just a tube and go from right under the bust down to the pubic area...no pants and no bra. Problem is, they are hard to find. One place I bought them online no longer has them. It's hard for them to make one that has a built in bra because everyone's bra size is different.

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After wrestling with a full spanx in the dressing room and almost dislocating a shoulder trying to get the thing off, I opted for comfort instead. No hiding these belly rolls. :-)

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Spanx and body shapers give me terrible heartburn and I have a sensitive stomach at the best of times so I avoid triggers for more severe tummy issues like heartburn.

What i've found helps is wearing regular underwear that isn't low rise, which these days is not common. Even boy shorts tend to be low-rise. Then secondly, I've stopped wearing the smallest size I can fit into at a given time. So for example, right now, I could wear size 8 pants out, but they cut in enough to hyper-muffinate my muffin top, so I choose to wear a 12 which is the largest size I can wear that doesn't fall off me. If the thighs become a concern being too big, then I get them re-tailored. Then in addition, I've changed the rise of my pants and skirts. No low rise anything because my apron will win any battle against low rise in the quest for freedom which isn't pretty. I prefer a mid-rise as it gives enough fabric to cover the belly securely and hold everything in. I also size up in t-shirts and don't wear anything skin-tight. I'm not the greatest fan of clingy lycra/spandex fabrics because well, obviously. As for dresses, I look for dresses that cinch (or I cinch them with a belt myself) at the smallest part of my waist for a low-empire waist effect.
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When I saw this post I had to respond. I don't have any advice for you (I hate spanks) but have you seen the youtube video of Melissa McCarthy on Ellen talking about spanks? If no, you HAVE to search it on Youtube. Too flippin funny! I would post it but I think they remove links. sorry! have a good laugh ladies!

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