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Default What color to dye hair?

I need help deciding on a hair color for me. I am very, very pale and I have green eyes. I have blonde hair right now and I am kinda sick of it even though I think I look best blonde. I know when I finally dye it though, I am going to want to be blonde again. LOL. I just need a change.

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How drastic do you want to go?
I searched on google for pale skin, green eyes. Why don't you look at some of these celebrities and see if you like the look:
Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, Danielle Panabaker (though her eyes are darker), Mary Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen

If you think you'll want to change it back soon after, I wouldn't go too dark. I hear it's hard to get your color light again. Would low lights/highlights be enough of a change? Are you going to a colorist or doing it yourself?
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How blonde are you currently? If you are really light currently you could go a caramel-y blonde or a strawberry blonde and it would probably look great and be fairly easy to dye back eventually
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Aloha nui loa
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Red of course!
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I am naturally dark blonde and experimented with red and lighter blonde. I ended up back with my original color. I also have my colorist highlight and lowlight it,so I actually have three slightly different blonde colors blended together. The effect looks very natural and keeps my hair from looking dull and mousy. You might want to try that.

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I think that you are getting some great suggestions. My suggestion is to ease your way into a change, not to go too drastic because it can seem shocking and will take awhile to get used to if you change is very different from where you are now. I have had my hair a lot of different colors with highlights, lowlights, all over color, etc. I go to a great hairstylist and I think it is important to go to someone that you trust and have faith in. Whatever color you decide, it will hopefully look very pretty. Why not browse through some hairstyle magazines and bring a few photos that peak your interest to your stylist? I highly suggest that you ease into a change, good luck with it. Also iVillage has a hairstyle bulletin board, I like it.

Take care.
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Dark red hair. It's what I have and I'm also pale with blue/green eyes.

You should post a picture of your face though, so we know what we're working with lol. It's kinda hard to say without knowing what you look like.

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Red! definitely red.

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Treat yourself to a professional color consultation. With pale skin, unless you're going to do your brows (bad idea in a home job), if you go drastic the results will look contrived.

Frankly, with pale skin and green eyes I'd think a nice strawberry with blonde highlights could look nice, but it won't look natural unless you do your brows (and maybe your lashes).
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Post a pic of your face so we can give more informed opinions! But I do think a red sounds like it would be great with your coloring. Maybe a red/blond so it isn't too drastic?

A few years ago (after thinking about it for 3 years!) I went from dark blonde to a DARK brown...big change but I LOVED it! It also started my weight loss
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Add some lowlights to your hair. I'm naturally pale, blonde and light blue eyed and blonde looks best on me as well. To mix it up some I had my stylist add some lowlights. It was just enough dimension to mix it up some and perk me up without ruining my hair
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I'm pale with green eyes. I like my hair red and have gone back to it many times over the years, but it's a b*tch to maintain. It gets all brassy and gross looking.

I keep it brown now. I've toyed with the idea of going blonde again (it's been about 10 years), but highlights are so expensive. And I'd probably go back to brown after a few months.

I think it's hard to change from what your used to. Several of my friends have gone from blonde to brown. It's always weird at first if they've been blonde for years.

Ultimately, I think 99% of people look better with darker hair. But it comes down to personal opinion. Try something different. Give it a couple months so you can get used to it and decide if you really like it or not. You can always go back.
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I do like the idea of reds - they fade the fastest so if you know you will want to go back, it would be the easiest color to get out of. On the flip side, if you love it, it takes a lot to keep it.

Low lights are also a good option. My sister is a natural toehead and used to have me put brown semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color in her hair as low lights and it always faded out. The last time I did it, i used the demi in a medium-dark shade and it lasted about 4-6 months. She wants to go dark brown and I keep talking her out of it - people pay a lot of money and time to get her natural hair color!!!
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just do it :)
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My vote goes to strawberry blonde. It's enough of a shakeup from your usual without going too drastic, plus with green eyes and pale skin it would look amazing!
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