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Default Jeans/Pants for "Apple Shape"?

Hi-- which styles of Denim Jeans and Pants do you find fits better when you have a big tummy? Back in the day, I had abs, but most of the weight I gained seemed to have gone to my stomach (visceral?) fat, and I even have somewhat of a muffin top. Overall, I would call myself an apple shape, but I don't necessarily have a "flat" bottom though.

Low-waist jeans do make it better to where my stomach hangs over it, but then how do you conceal it best without wearing too baggy of a shirt? Black tops seem to slim up my body more. I usually like boot-cuts or skinny jeans, I also try my old fave: flares, but they usually get too wide.

The other problem seems to be that when the jean size is big enough for my tummy and muffin top, the gap in the back makes it where I have to constantly check my back. A belt does not always fix this problem, so I am guessing I just need a longer belt?

Basically, Short sizes would be better too, because the bigger I have to go up in sizes for the excess fat, the baggier the legs of the pants get.

Does anyone have any particular brand or style that has worked for you?
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I've had really good luck with Lane Bryant's yellow/square shape in petite. That takes care of the extra leg length, and they fit pretty well in the legs and hips; especially if I get straight leg or even skinny jeans. But I'm more of a straight up-and-down banana shape; for you, an apple shape, maybe the blue/circle shape would work even better?

So far, Lane Bryant's the only brand that's worked really well for me, but I've heard good things about Old Navy as well! Maybe someone else can vouch for them.
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I wear low rise pants with the shirt tucked in but loosened enough to conceal the muffin. Or if it's not a tuck-in-able shirt, I just make sure it's loose enough to not cling to my stomach fat but not so loose that it's tent-like.

Junior sizes fit me best - no saggy butt and thighs, no back gap-age. I currently have one pair of size 15 Levis that I wear ALL THE TIME. I can't wait to get into smaller sizes so they'll be easier to find. Old Navy jeans/pants, though they don't come in junior sizes, tend to be cut well for my shape. My favorite dress slacks at the moment are Old Navy, and I have a pair of Old Navy Diva jeans that I really like (though not so much as the Levis).

Also...beware of skinny jeans. They can make some apple girls look like lollipops. NOT attractive.
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Right now I'm addicted to my size 17 524 too superlow Levi's boot cuts. They have a bit of stretch to them. I have a big belly and a big ol ghetto booty and they fit perfect. I also have a pair of old navy diva jeans but the crotch is too long...if that makes sense. It's like my torso is too short for some jeans so the low rise jeans are the best bet for me.
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Check out torrid too they make great jeans and I'd say I was apple shape myself. I've been able to find flattering pants in boot cut and skinny jeans through them

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The only pants I can find that don't have "elephant legs" on me are from Lane Bryant

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Oh my gosh you guys, I have a pair of Diva jeans! Well they don't fit anymore.. But the zipper/crotch section is definitely too big. That's an issue I did not mention. But zippers tend to be shorter in Junior sizes luckily. Old Navy is probably better for my budget.

I will definitely try Lane Bryant though! Maybe also their Petite's. Torrid has cute jeans. I love how Levi's have particular sizes, but I want to wait for those so I don't lose weight and then wasted like $50 or more on a pair.

Thanks so much for all the responses! The advice was very helpful. Sometimes I will try on 15 pairs of jeans at one store.

I guess it just takes patience.
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I definitely prefer junior pants over women's. I have a short torso, and even being fat in the middle, need and prefer the lower cut. Otherwise they'll be up to my boobs.
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I definitely have this problem - if it fits in the waist, my legs and butt will be swimming.

I second the notion above about yellow Right Fit Jeans from Lane Bryant - they are the only thing that work for me. They don't seem to carry them much anymore so I get them on Ebay. I do find that I actually go up a size in them than I do from the normal lane bryant jeans. I particularly like the "simply straight" and "distinctively boot" lines.

I haven't tried them yet , but another apple friend who is built like me swears by skinny jeans. Basically they fit her like normal straight leg jeans - not super skinny on her due to the apple shape and smaller legs - but they fit perfectly in the waist and the legs aren't swimming. I'm going to give skinny jeans a whirl next time I'm shopping.
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i third the juniors option

also i know this is seemingly strange but check materninty (spelling?) jeans for slimmer legs and a stretchy tummy some of the newer styles you cant tell they are maternity !
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