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Question Maintaining and loose skin (ick!) Advice?

Hey! I'm MitchyChick and I have been at my goal weight for nine months! I love it! I was thinnish growing up but when I got older I did like all the other women in my family and put on a bunch of weight. I spent YEARS putting off losing weight for a million reasons but once I decided to do it I went to my doctor and I went to my therapist. For me, it was as much about getting my mind right as it was about figuring out what kind of calorie intake and exercise routine I needed. I made my goal ten pounds a month and lost 120 pounds in a year.

I've gained back... Eight pounds, since I started working with a personal trainer to build muscle. I'm trying hard to remember that it is okay. I am definitely keeping a closer eye on what I eat and making myself do cardio and weight training now. I still fit in my clothes so I assume it is all muscle and I don't need to freak. Actually, I fit in my clothes better! LOL

I am trying to build muscle because I have that loose flabby thing happening and it is miserable! I figure arms, legs, abs, muscle will help. But then there are my poor breasts! :-( I started out at a size 40DD. Now I am a 32DD but I don't know how, they don't look like DD to me! I really don't want or have money for a breast lift. I have decided to have an augmentation. My BFF and I joke about me having stripper boobs but I am really worried that will be the case. She is not so understanding and assures me that of course I will have stripper boobs and of course men will approach me more. That makes me a little queasy and feel a little like crying. I'm already blonde, do I really want giant boobs too? Well... I don't want hanging breasts. I've been looked down on and called names my whole life, just because... I don't even know why, I've been told it's "the blonde thing" and the person who told me that was a diversity expert so I kind of tend to believe her. That entire dynamic was a HUGE part of what I had to see my therapist about so that I could lose weight. I was super worried about going back to how things were before I gained weight. Sometimes I am tempted to gain it back but I remind myself that I know I am a good and valuable person independent of how I look and I have yet to give in to the temptation. Adding bigger breasts into the mix scares me. But do I have to have floppy hanging breasts just because other people want to be jerks? How is that even fair? I don't want to buy into that. I don't want to have an augmentation for more attention. But I know that is what will happen. But I want the augmentation so that I don't have to go through a breast lift, which I really don't want, and my breasts won't be so deflated. Why is it perfectly okay if I have A cups to go to a C or even a D but since I have DD already I feel like I've got to sell my dignity to do what I want to do with my body? I am supposed to make my final payment and be locked into this on Tuesday. I want to, but I'm afraid of what I am going to have to deal with.

At one point I was thinking about a tummy tuck but I really didn't want to do that. I just can't stand the idea of cutting out chunks of skin and sewing things back up. It sounds horrible. I keep saying that I'm not a quilt or a jacket so I don't need to be put through all that sewing. For me, there isn't enough benefit to the procedures to go through them. Then I saw all these pictures of ladies who hadn't lost weight but had given birth, their tummies look just like mine! So I'm glad that I was insistent that I didn't want to do that.

Advice on the breast augmentation would be lovely! And please don't start calling me names or something. It's hard to admit how I feel about this. Maybe somebody here has even been through this same debate with themselves and ended up getting the augmentation. That would be lovely!

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I've been thinking about this a lot as of late. I've been large ALL my life (over 100 pounds overweight) and I'm about to turn 30....my skin will not recover and I know that when I do lose all the weight, it will hang. I'm okay with it. I am thinking that I will want to have skin removal (belly) and breast surgery.

With breast surgery you have nothing to worry about...you wont get "stripper boobs" Have you looked up something called an "Internal Bra" ? they don't change your boob size at all, but just tighten everything back up so that it looks like you're always wearing a bra...basically they give you perky boobs, but they are no bigger. (It might seems so because of swelling at first) They might have to cut extra skin off from around your boobs to pick them back up. There's lots involved, that's why research is important.

I used to be afraid of being cut up...then I had a baby by emergency C-section. I was totally fine, and even awake! So I completely lost that fear. They are just cutting off skin, not moving things around or taking out something.

I hear that massage with a good firming lotion will help a little, but really once the skin elasticity has been broken, there is nothing to do other than surgery. Most places have payment plans. So you won't have to save up all of the $ needed for the augmentation. I know most places have a 50% payment at the time surgery is scheduled. and the other 50% (or 25% + 25%) after the surgery (or the day of) Again, research is important, know your Dr. Their past work and payment plans.
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