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Goal Photo Album If you've reached goal, please share your before and after photos to help inspire others, and show off your new body!

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Going the rest of the way
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Default 40 lb lost! Photo time... (lots!) updated Sep/11

My story is already in the goal thread, but I thought I'd post the pictures in the photo album!

(188 lb, 39.6% body fat)

I haven't looked at these pictures in a long time, and WOW. That was some pretty strong denial going on.

(148 lb, ~24% body fat)

Still have some curves, which is fine by me! October 2007.

Me being a dork for the camera. This one was at 151 lb and 26% bodyfat; I've lost since then so this isn't a final photo, but this picture was a huge ego-boost for me because I could actually see a bit of muscle definition coming in! August 2007.

It's nice to look at a picture and feel like I would blend into a crowd, size-wise. September 2007.

Happy because I have a chin again! Hallowe'en 2007... And oh, wow! I didn't feel the need to crop the picture halfway through my arm like I used to always do to make me look skinnier!

...and again, Hallowe'en. I think this is my favourite picture of myself of all time. Never thought I'd be saying that about a new picture!

Now, on to maintaining & continued toning, woo... 3FC, it all happened because of you!

EDIT: It's been awhile since I updated, and I'm 6 lb lower (and 4 years older!) than I was in the last photos, so I figured I'd drop in and give an update. I'm working my way toward a lower goal this time, 135 lb instead of 148 lb, where I maintained for a few years.

My husband and I celebrate our first anniversary. Isn't he handsome? I was ~144 lb here.

And, this one is from the other day, at 142 lb, 22% body fat, flexin' my abs in an oh-so-natural way :P

Can't wait to post an update once I reach my new goal!

Thanks so much for the continuing inspiration, 3FC!! You all rock!

Maintaining 148 lb since 2007. Shooting for 135 lb this time.
Photos from my original goal (2007) - updated Sep 2011!

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What an amazing time line of photos!

Wow, your face changed so much over 40 pounds -- you still have those adorable dimples but what happened to the chubby cheeks? They're gone! And with your beautiful eyes, you honestly look like a model now.

Congratulations again on your fantastic achievement. After seeing your photos, I definitely agree that you made the right decision to call "goal" now and join us in the Wonderful World of Maintenance.

We're so proud of you!!
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Those are incredible. You look so gorgeous!!! And I'm totally jealous of your curves!!!!

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can acheive. ~Napoleon Hill

**See My Progress Pics **NEW PICS ADDED Jan. 08

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Beautiful! You have done fabulous work. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
... Susan
Eat good food. Move yourself. Lift something.
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I wanna be SUPERWOMAN!
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WHOA, you are SO beautiful!! is that guy your boyfriend? if so, he is beautiful, too! I'm actually amazed at how slim you look at 151 pounds - I'm almost 2 inches taller than you and I looked MUCH fatter at that weight

Good work. And once again, you are GORGEOUS
Fit and fabulous forbids one from feeling frumpy!
*Maintaining my weight loss (give or take; this IS a constant journey) from October '07 onward * I could not have done it without all the support from the lovely ladies (AND gentlemen) on this site!

My GOAL Story
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one day at a time
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you look amazing!!!!!
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great job w/your weightloss journey......you look simply beautiful......but u know.......you were beautiful before too......just not as comfortable w/yourself......but you're a beauty......take good care.....and most of all...feel good!.
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Low Carb Lolita
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Wow...you look so confident now! In addition to that, I've got to say that my first thought of your NOW pictures is that you look like a model! You're gorgeous. Congrats on reaching your goal!
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Sleek and Fit. Finally.
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Wow. You look amazing!!!

And you do look very slim at a weight I look heavy at (I'm roughly 5'5"). Do you do a lot of weights?

Awesome job!! Keep up the work.
Loss to Date: (since Jan/07)
Pounds: 19.6lbs
Inches: Bust: 4.0 UB: 3.5 W: 5.0 H: 3.0 Total gone: 15.5 inches

To Go: 4.4lbs
Check out my story so far (and some before & current pics):
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Pretty harmless really...
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You look fit & fabulous! Glad you decided to maintain because this weight looks ideal for your body type, an athletic build suits you to a T. Killer curves are essential for a woman and I wouldn't be without mine either. Work it girl, because you have got it going on! You are simply stunning.....
I'm hanging on TIGHT cruising down the maintenance highway, and hoping not to de-rail!
MAINTAINER with 10 + years experience under my belt!
~ Wendalyn
*Diets make you look good in clothes, but exercise & weightlifting make you look good naked! ~true dat!
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You're gorgeous!! And you look amazing.

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You are Stunning! That last photo wouldn't be out of place in a magazine.

Congratulations on the weight loss! I am looking forward to getting down to your weight.

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Doing it for my future!!!
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HOTNESS!!! You look FAB, miss!!! Wooooooweeee!!!

Yay for curves, you look amazing!!!
June Goal

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You are so hot, it's silly!

, Mal.
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MSer living healthy
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Height: 5ft 8in


Thanks for sharing your photographs. You can definately tell you have lost the weight looking great. Enjoy your success and be proud of how far you have come.

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