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Is it secret ? I saw it posted on Pintrest.Just retread it was an article re posted from Self and yes it is hidden called Power meals.
Here we go again

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Huh...had no idea Panera had a hidden menu. Goodness. I adore Panera sandwiches, especially the Cuban sandwiches, and I'm in heaven when I go there. I was really disappointed when they took my favorite smoothie off the menu. All the smoothies now have yogurt in them, and I can't handle yogurt. Sighs.
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I absolutely LOVE Panera, and I'm surprised I never knew about this menu. I usually get the "you pick 2" - caesar salad and broccoli cheddar soup. After averaging in all the calories, it's great for a meal. Plus it keeps me FULL so I'm not hungry a couple hours later like I usually am after eating sometimes. I will have to look into this hidden menu!

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I actually saw an article about this on their website. I love their food but was happy to see some healthier choices. Will definitely have to try some of these menu items.
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This is my guess.
Its just coined hidden menu. Basically these are healthier options (lots of panera is healthy and ALWAYS fresh to begin with!) but they are not necessarily popular items (Yet!) So to put them on the menu would take money that would raise prices. Why raise prices even by a few cents when they can just inform people via web. It makes it a little fun to to order off a hidden menu. Your in on the secret that people around you have no clue about. Order away and make those items popular enough to hit the menus!
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I've tried a few of these, and while they tasted good, I am not impressed by how Panera handles these orders. I've gone to a few different locations and not a single person knew how to place the order, the prices were a bit higher (and the dishes seemed smaller), and they messed up one of the salads. I like these options but would prefer them just on the menu so the employees can place the order and I can know what I'm paying!
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I ordered the roasted turkey salad after asking for the hidden menu, and the cashier looked at me like she had no idea what I was talking about. I had to point it out to her on the menu! I thought the salad was good, but it really needed dressing. I'm sorry, but salad to me just is not good unless it's got some kind of moisture on it. It's too dry otherwise. I tried putting lemon juice on it but it didn't really help a lot. I also missed having my gala apple with my meal too! They could at least include that. I think I'll just stick to ordering off the regular menu -- they already have the calorie counts on display for everything anyway!
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I went to a restaurant where the menu had a section called "Super Secret Menu" but nothing was listed. My friend said to our waitress, "I want something from the Super Secret Menu." "I'm sorry sir you cannot." He got all huffy and asked "Why?!" "It's our kids menu."

Thanks for the info on the Panera options. I'll have to check it out.
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I had the chicken hummus bowl today for lunch. Delicious! Healthy!

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