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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default help! how can I motivate myself?

Hello everyone --

I want to exercise. I really do. But I'm SO TIRED all the time. I remember times in my life when I did exercise regularly, and I enjoyed it... I just can't seem to get back into it. I would walk outside, except it's tremendously hot and humid and that's not really an option. I'd join the local gym, but I can't afford it. I have a broken exercise bike that kinda works, some videos, and some resistance bands which I've never quite figured out. I'm just so tired or preoccupied that I never use them...

Can any of you share how you got yourself motivated to start exercising? How you overcame fatigue, busyness, and whatever other obstacles you had? I think hearing other people's stories might help me figure out how to get moving.

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It can be hard to motivate yourself, I know, I went through it too! I really do believe though that everyone needs to find their own "reasons" to exercise. What really got me going was that we were planning a trip to Hawaii. I started walking and kept imagining being there in Hawaii. Once I started to lose weight rather quickly, that provided even more motivation!

Even if you have to force yourself to exercise, I really believe, if you can keep it up long enough, it can become a habit. Start slowly! Don't just jump in and start doing a hard exercise routine. Find something that you can handle and that you find at least somewhat enjoyable and just start out 2 or 3 times a week. As you get stronger, add a day and so on.

I found that as I got stronger, exercise got more enjoyable also. I think, because I was so heavy that exercise just seemed too hard. Walking for me was the easiest. For video workouts, I finally got a hold of one of Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds tapes and found it was something I could keep up with. You can make the moves as small or large as you want and can stop the workout halfway through if you need to. They're great. If you have not tried them, consider it. At least you can walk indoors since you are dealing with the heat and humidity.

I actually LOVE to workout now. Can't believe I can say that! It took a while but I'm at a point now that if I have to miss a workout for some reason, I actually get upset! I workout 6 days a week for between an hour and hour and a half and look forward to each and every one!

Come on! You can do it!
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I made a commitment to do three sessions, 30 minutes a week for 6 weeks, then I could give up and never do it again if I really didn't like it. That was 18 months ago. It wasn't an option to miss a workout, I had to do it. I was 262lbs and hated to exercise. I had no idea what I was doing, and I loathed it. But after about three weeks something changed. My cardiovascular fitness improved, my strength improved, and those happy endorphins started happening after my workouts, and I got such a buzz.

Now 18 months on I do six sessions a week, for an hour minimum. I swim, do yoga, pilates, fitball, run, general gym sessions, all sorts of stuff. I love it, and am seriously addicted to it now. I do scary things like sign up for runs, and have even contemplated taking up a sport, like football or netball.

I wasted my whole 20's being inactive and getting fatter and fatter. I'm taking my life back!!!!

I must add I work 8 hour days, I have a 2 hour commute EACH WAY to work, and have a dh (but no kids), but I still manage to fit it in. It isn't always easy, but I do it.
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IM VERY BUSY! As a mother of 2 and working 55 hours a week and a husband whos working 45 hours a week and going to school 15 hours a week. I know how it can be to be busy. But you NEED to have YOU time. You have to find at least 20-30 mins 4 days a week. Yes you will be tired for awhile but then you start to actually need and want to work out. I dont feel right on the days I dont work out. Im not saying I enjoy it cause I dont but I still need to do it. You have to do this for yourself. Hope this helps alittle. Good luck!
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Thank you, everyone! It helps SO MUCH to hear from you -- I'm beginning to think that maybe I can do it... I guess I'm just someone who needs a lot of encouragement with these things. :P

If anyone has any more advice, I'll happily listen! Thanks again!
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I've been up and down the exercise roller coaster on past diets. This time I just had the committment needed. I decided I was going to do it regardless. So whenever I found myself slacking off, I'd give myself a swift kick, change my routine, and get moving again. Some of the things I found I could do with just a little thought and not a lot of effort was to add walking. So it's hot out, but not that hot that you can't walk from the back of the parking lot into the store as easily as you can from the front. So I always take the farthest spot from the door. If you're not lugging around a stroller, it doesn't take any longer to walk up the steps than it does to climb in the elevator. And if you're watching TV, you have nothing better to do than to get up and march in place. Add a couple hand weights and you've got a real workout going. And you still get to enjoy a good movie. Set a small step and hand weights by the TV. So when you sit down to watch, get back up and start stepping up and down the step and lifting the weights. Do that through a 2 hour movie and you'll be buff in no time.

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I know you said that you aren't able to walk a lot outdoors due to high temps and humidity, but try to think of a type of exercise that you enjoy so much so that it doesn't seem like exercise in the first place. Swimming, perhaps? It might be a refreshing relief in itself from the heat! If you do enjoy walking but can't get outside to do so, maybe pick up a Walking Away the Pounds video... there are numerous ones on the market with different intensities and so forth. Whatever the case, finding a form of exercise that you enjoy will make staying motivated a lot easier.

We need to take time out for ourselves and even though exercising might not sound indulgent, the way you will start to feel about yourself for accomplishing your goals will be more than worth it! Each and every day you follow through with your chosen exercise routine will make you rightfully more proud of yourself... pushing you closer to where you want to be.

Good luck and best wishes!

Back at it... again!
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-Exercise 30min x3
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Hi, I'm a homeshooling mother of 7 (only 5 homeschool-one graduated and one not yet in school)
I do not have time to exercise but I do. I get up early and just do it.
I watch old BW movies while I exercise 1 hour and 15 minutes every day except Sunday.
On Wednesday I have Latin, Creative Writing and Geography class with 5 other children including mine and I have to get up VERY early in order to get my exercise in that day.

Today I spent 10 hours , Not kidding!, unpacking and packing totes and boxes and I was MAD that I couldn't get my exercise in!
I need my 4 miles , my ab crunches and my weight lifting!

If you would have asked me a month ago if I would be willing to skip a day I probably would have leaped at the chance!

I really like it now. It is MY time! and even tho it takes around 1 1/2 hours The kids have to leave me alone!

I finish off with a nice hot soothing shower and by 9am I am ready for school and relaxed cause I got some "me" time.

I quit a 31 yr smoking habit on Feb 12 2006, and finally found something I can do for me that is really "for me"!

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Sara G.
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Well, you are taking a huge step forward by preparing yourself and looking for support, encouragement, and advice so I commend you for that! As far as the walking outdoors... I have two ideas. The first is to go to a Mall (only to walk... if you like to shop leave your money at home!) and just circle it numerous times. I don't know what your intensity level is, but you could start at 5 times around the lay of the mall (depending on the size) and each time you come back increase your laps and speed. My second idea is to try walking earlier in the morning. I myself am not a morning person, so I could understand if you didn't want to do that.
When trying to get into exercise I think it's key to find something fun, something that you enjoy. The more fun you have while doing it the more you'll want to do it. Good luck and remember we're all here for you!
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