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Default cario gives me chills for a whole day

I just cannot get warm enough after i do cardio (4 miles jogging/walking intervals cardio). I am so hot and sweaty during workout but after taking a shower I am always so cold in 70F house. Normally i cannon get warm for a WHOLE day. Is this normal?

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I get this way sometimes. Like today. Just bundle up. Right now I'm wearing long pants, a 3/4 length shirt, a summer weight sweater and a fleece lined sweater over that. And I have on socks and shoes and my toes are freezing

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I'm not the only one!!!
It's worse if I wait too long to take a shower after my workout, it's the sweat that cools me down too fast, but I don't want my body to go into shock by jumping into a cooler shower. If I do get chilled, I put on a sweatshirt & thicker socks.
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I'm the norm I think. I feel like I can't cool off for about 30 minutes.

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Check your iron levels with your physician....This could also be a sign of anemia. I know from personal experience

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Yea I need a pretty hot shower asap or at least get out of my sweaty clothes! I had a meeting right after the 90 min yoga class and finally got smart enough to bring a warm change of clothing so I didn't spend the next hour freezing my beehind off!!!! Cycling in the winter was the same... sweat is supposed to cool our bodies right? LOL!
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70 degree house -- I would be totally freezing! In my South Florida house, our temperature averages around 80 degrees! 70 is like - winter!

Seriously though, another possible explanation is losing weight itself. I definitely felt the cold more as I restricted calories and lost weight.
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say what?
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I jump into a hot shower after my run. It's annoying because you ar ehot and want to cool, but after just a minute in the shower I am fine. And then when I get out I feel just like normal temperature.

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