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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Exercise = sweating?

Umm...I need to lift this mental blocking from my head, so.. sorry if there're topics like these before.

...yeah, I am wondering if good exercise have to be sweaty? Like, no matter how long, you -have- to be sweaty or it's not good?

I sometimes just have the time or willpower to do small workout like, 10 minutes walking, or weightlifting for a moment, but then, my brain goes "awww that's worthless" and I stopped. I won't do in sequences either; I am in the mindset that the workout I did must be long, and sweaty, or else.

...By the self analysis that I did I must be in lots of procrastination and denial. >_>;

thanks in advance
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I don't think exercise has to be sweaty to be useful. I think sweating tends to be a marker of intensity, but even just walking is good for you.

Also, some people sweat more or less than others, unrelated to how hard they're working!
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Brown Eyed Staccie
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I measure the intensity of my workouts by the amount I sweat and also how my muscles react - a bit of tension, soreness is a good indicator for me. It's really an individual thing - heartrate is a good indicator too
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I think the issue is not with sweating, but the tendency to give yourself an excuse to give up. Any measure of exercise is good for you, whether it causes you to perspire or not just have to work at it and increase intensity or reps til they help u the way u want exercise to. If u want us to say, yea the moment of lifting and the 10mins of walking doesn't help, then where does that leave you?
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i wondered the same thing actually i dont sweat very much at all even in the hottest weather if i ran id barely break a sweat i more likley start turning pink idk if that means that im not loosing any weight ?
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hmm, it seems sweating is a proof of intensity but not a necessity for a worthy workout.

hahaha yeah, I admit I'm full of excuses, and now I'm intentionally blocking my excuses here. *ashamed* thanks for pointing that out!
At least there are proofs against my procrastination. All that matters is simply to move,isn't it?
Now I think I'm going to walk a little bit...
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Hehe trefle, glad to be of help, to keep you moving. I'm glad u took it in the right spirit, I actually re-read my post after putting it up and wondered if I came across as too fierce
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Not to hijack the thread, but has anyone else noticed that their "sweat threshhold" has risen since they started exercising regularly?

I sweat less when I'm walking around in the city than I used to, even accounting for layers of clothing & humidity.

But this doesn't extend to my workout. Every exercise session without fail leaves me dripping. I can just about time it -- about 10 minutes in, I can feel sweat on my face. I wonder, will that ever ease up?

I can't gauge an exercise session's intensity by how much I sweat. I've found there's too much climate variation in the weather outside & the gym itself, and the particular clothes I'm wearing, for me to get a realistic assessment of what I've done based on how wet my shirt is.
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I will sweat more with intensive exercise, but I've lost over 40 pounds now and almost all of that has been done by just walking. I'll sweat when it's hot out, but in a moderate climate, my level of walking does NOT have me breaking a sweat.

So although you will sweat more with an intense workout, and perhaps you will be burning more calories over a period of the same duration, exercise does not have to produce sweat to be worthwhile.

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Get yourself a heart rate monitor. It doesn't matter how much you sweat but rather how much you are working which can be measured by a heart rate monitor.

I used to sweat quite easily but now, I can feel total exertion without sweating much, if I exercise indoors. If I exercise outdoors, I tend to sweat a lot more.
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