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Default Has anyone experienced this?

I am having trouble and the doctor can't figure out what is wrong. Whenever I exert myself to the point of sweating - usually between 5 and 30 min. It can be exercise or just a strenuous activity. I start to shake and get really
fatigued. It takes about an hour or more to come back around and be able to function. In the last five years I have not worked out at all. I lost and gained 35 lbs three times in a really short amount of time. I know that the reason you are supposed to lose weight slowly is because you will lose muscle instead of fat. That means that I lost muscle and gained back fat 3 times. I am thinking that maybe I am just getting fatigued easily from a lack of muscle and a sedintary lifestyle. My doctor doesn't seem to think so. I have tried a protein shake before and after it happens as well as orange juice, in case it was blood sugar problems, and it doesn't make a bit of difference. Has anyone else had an experience like this when they first started working out or getting active?

Before five years ago, I used to be pretty active and worked out quite often. This is the most I have ever weighed and the most out of shape I have ever been. I don't know what to think. It is a little scary.
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Wow, I guess I would agree with your doctor. I've never experienced anything like that even when I was twice your size. Even when exercising for the first time more than a year of being about as sedentary as you can get without growing moss. I do get exertion asthma if I try to sustain a pace that is too fast for me, but even this comes on slowly enough that I can avoid it, but slowing my pace when I start to get tired.

Have all the tests run that the doctor recommends, this doesn't sound like something routine at all.
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Wow!! This happens to me all the time!! I, however, am prediabetic. But prior to finding out I was prediabetic, I felt like this all the time. It so happened to be my blood sugars kinda fluctuating. For me, I had to eat, not just drink something. Eating at the right times of the day has helped. If you work out in the morning, try eating breakfast about two hours in advance, then a snack about 20 minutes before working out. It helped me. It could also be something else though. Also, if I dont eat at the right times of the day, and im out and about, like working, doing errands, etc, I get shaky and lightheaded, things feel like a blur sorta...idk...HTH...hope u find out what it is soon!
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I've felt like this a few times when working out. I think in my case it was a case of overexertion. I was doing two workouts a day and just really pushing myself too hard for whatever reason on those particular days.
One time I was too tired and shakey to do the elliptical so I got on the recumbent bike and started, literally, pouring sweat and freezing at the same time.
It hasn't happened since thank goodness! Then again I've cut down the amount of cardio I'm doing and eat some nuts in the afternoons. Good luck figuring out the cause!
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Thank you all for your help.

I was thinking that this was some kind of prediabetic problem too. My blood sugar test came out normal. I have gained most of my weight from sugar. I know that it can mess up your pancreas. Everything my doctor has tested for has come back normal.

I can't believe that this is happening. This is the year that I was going to take control and get it together. Then, I realized that I am addicted to sugar and that I can't work out. It is terrible!

I have an appointment with one of the best doctors in the country next week. I sure hope that he can figure it out. I will keep you posted.

Be sure and exercise for me!
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