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Does it Work? Unsure if the latest product or service lives up to it's claims? From popular products to the latest scams, discuss it here before you buy!

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shcirerf, that's my issue exactly. Eczema. Also cold urticaria and a laundry list of topical allergies, but my eczema is the worst. I'm lucky in that it's between my fingers and around my ankles (easy to hide), but it makes me nuts.

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I love Vitamin/Hormone D3.... I started taking it this time last year 1/2013.. just 2000 mg and now take 4000 mg... My attititude about life has gotten so positive. I was in great despare last year and D3 along getting the gumption to lose weight and exercise has made a difference in my life. When I am not losing as fast as I wish.... I do not get so outta wack like I used to get in my past. Now maybe its age too... but this change of mind and heart started when I started my D3.... This works for me!

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Default Vit d3 weight loss

I am 56 yo. Been plant based for two yrs with almost no sugar.oil. and processed foods. However i didnt lose weight unless i did a juice fast. I kept off the 40 lb i lost for several months then suddenly something changed during the Fall. Which i am just now realizing as i type that it was Fall when something happened to my metabolism. My vit d level was 20 last yr and i have been inconistant at best with supplimenting. I have tried everythibg including iodine. I had gained back about 20 lbs. Then about a week ago i started being more diligent with the D. But i also upped it. Afterall u can get 10k to 25k in minutes in the sun. So i started taking 3 pills for total 12000 mgs. I take the D. Selenium. Iron and zinc. The same day i noticed my energy picking up. Less fatigue. And suddenly i started losing without starving. I have lost 1/2 lb to lb a day. I am thrilled. I think i have finally found the key.
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Vitamin D3 helps with hair growth too.
40-ish and feeling fine.
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Originally Posted by AnnRue View Post
I have been having issues with Vitamin D all year -- having trouble getting the blood levels up... / didn't seem to be working.

This week I saw this..http://www.naturalnews.com/028617_vitamin_A_D.html

Turns out Vitamin A as retinol can negate your vitamin D.

Though not as beta carotene. Though most supplements are beta carotene (it is a form that is only used if your body needs it) I have been playing around all year with various different supplements and I don't know for sure what was in those (though now I have a centrum vitamin that is 75% beta carotene).

Check your supplement. You could be shooting yourself in the foot.
Natural News is a notorious fake news site. Don't believe a word they tell you!

For any vegans out there, you can get plants based D3 these days, it's been around for a few years. Look up "vegan D3" or "Vitashine". I think it's made from some sort of mushroom. I switched to it as I wasn't doing well on the prescription stuff: the dose was far too low (800iu), it was very far from being vegan, and it was bundled with calcium carbonate which was wrecking my stomach acid.
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Originally Posted by Esofia View Post
Natural News is a notorious fake news site. Don't believe a word they tell you!
It is not. I have been reading it for years...you are likely to get the best information there.
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I have no axe to grind here. I just was browsing this thread and was curious about the last few entries -- how do we tell if a source is reputable or not? I don't know the answer to this in general, but the wikipedia entry about Natural News does seem to support the idea that not all of its information is reliable, however that doesn't mean that all the articles are misleading.
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