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Does it Work? Unsure if the latest product or service lives up to it's claims? From popular products to the latest scams, discuss it here before you buy!

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I can do it !!!!
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Default Hydroxycut?

Has anyone tried it? What did you think? Pros/Cons? I would love to CURB my hunger!
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Just Me
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Here is a previous thread about hydroxycut:

Have you tried eating more fiberful food like veggies? Or adding fiber to your diet? Fiber is great for helping fill you up.

Some teas like mint and green tea can also slightly curb hunger.

Brothy soup is another low calorie way to help fill you up.

The diet pills on the market today that curb hunger are basically filled with fiber. It is much cheaper to either by straight fiber pills or fill up on foods that have a lot of fiber in them.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.

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A lot of those weight loss supplements also contain an immense amount of caffeine. They can make you jittery, shaky, cause sleep disruptions and even irregular heartbeat in some people. That doesn't sound healthy or safe, to me.

When I need a little pick me up or to feel full, hot tea, broth or soup is nice. I start with it boiling hot, so it takes a long time to drink and it keeps me happy for quite a while.
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I personally tried it and noticed a little curb in my hunger,but I pee'd alot.But as for any weight loss with it,notta..
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that stuff made me very jittery and my body heat go up.
The Nogitsune

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I feel GREAT!
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Waste of money! This is the first time EVER for me to actually lose weight and NOT take anything!!! Its so GREAT~

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I took it while in college and lost 20 lbs. fairly quickly, probably 3 months' time. The loss of 20 lbs. put me at the very low end of what is a healthy weight for me. I also started working out for 1.5 hours or more daily and was following my finace's Army boxing team workout program. It did make me jittery and I would sweat buckets more whenever I exerted myself. I also started a vegetarian diet pretty soon after starting hydroxycut, so I can't say that I really attribute the weight loss to that.

I have much more to lose right now and wouldn't even think of taking it. The jitters, excess sweat and wondering what I was really doing to my body overrides any potential weight loss I might have.

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starting over again
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I've been on "diets" pretty much my whole life but I've only lost weight 2 times in my life, successfully. 80 lbs in my teens and 30 lbs after freshman year college. Neither times involved pills.
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I tried it long back...and tell you honestly..they don't work. The caffeine in the pills makes your workouts little easy but nothing else. Total waste of money.
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My cousin took them and he lost 70lbs but was told to stop by his doc as he was loosing too quick (6 months time) and they were making him very moody sometimes evil
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When I was younger I tried pretty much every OTC "diet aid" out there. There were times when I was able to lose some pretty substantial pounds but it always came back every bit as fast as it left. Resulting conclusion of my personal "research" -

You have to look at the fine print - It always says: "when used with a sensible diet and exercise program" and "results not typical" always follows the *amazing* success story. To be quite honest, I think what ever results you might get are going to be the same with just the "sensible diet and exercise program".

As for curbing your hunger? If you are eating enough of the right foods, and drinking enough water, you aren't going to be experiencing *real* hunger anyway. I don't think a pill can curb emotional or mindless eating.

You can get a pretty good pile of fresh fruit and veggies for what that bottle of pills is going to cost and it's a much more stable long term investment.

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I used to be on Trimspa, but before that I was on Stacker 2's (when they had ephedra in them). Trimspa helped some, which for the price I paid for each bottle it should, and Stackers were good for my energy but made my heart race outta my chest (like speed).. so ya, diet pills are really unsafe and waste of money if you think about it.
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I've tried it once it did not work at all it only felt like it was giving me a heart attack from the amount of caffeine that was in it.
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the only pill ive ever used with success was stacker 3s with ephedra. i lost weight mad quickly but it came back when i stopped taking them and now the pills are off the market. not really worth it.
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My best friend used these (I think it was hydroxycut) and was at first taking only a few pills a day, but then you're supposed to continually up the amount you're taking. I think near the end she was taking like 12 pills a day and she said she was feeling like she was going to have a heart attack. Needless to say, it wasn't worth it and she stopped.

Personally any diet pill freaks me out and I've never tried them.
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