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Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default so heres my story

I use to weigh 115 at 5'10 and couldnt see who would ever want to be with someoene so fat and ugly lol well now I am 210 and feel uncomfortable in my clothes big time I cant fit in to anything anymore I have to squeeze into my jeans and I dont even know how to start losing weight ? I have also had some form of aniexty problems like a OCD almost where I obess over things well now its food and I eat everything I am depressed moody and in general had to be around my husband is deployed and i want to take off the weight before he gets home not just for him but for me and the kids who need a more active and sane mother lol I dont want to be 115 not even close more like 150 / 160 something healthier and I ust want more engery and better self estem . Any tips
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Hi Michelle,

At 5'10 I think 160-180 is a healthy weight. I'm glad to hear you say that. I am also 5'10" and when I got down to 150, people would tell me I was to thin, but I didn't listen, I had this image in my head that everyone had to weigh 130.... OY VEY. Now over 200 lbs, I could kick myself.

Have you spoken to your doctor about how you are feeling? That would be my first suggestion. Maybe he can help you with your anxiety.

As far as dieting, well as you probably know, one size does not fit all. So maybe you could start out counting calories, we have a calorie counting board, we also have weight watchers, south beach, etc. So that would be something you would need to experiment with.... see what works for you. I have to say that the ladies on this board excellent and always willing to help out when they can.

Good luck


Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
"I will try again tomorrow."

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I have a similar problem. I look back on pictures of myself and wonder how I ever thought I was fat. Clearly I'm fat now. It's just one more guilt trip to put yourself on. I tend to get pretty obsessive too. I can't count calories because I get so OCD about food when I do. I've been trying to eat reasonably and make better choices. Which seems to be working, I have to be careful how fast I lose weight because I'm nursing, but progress is progress right?

If you're anything like me, you'll hate buying new clothes that fit, but you have to. I felt so much better in clothes that fit and it helped me avoid the temptation to be unhealthy and try to lose weight too fast and then gain it back with some extra. Buying size 18 was a kick in the pants for me.
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thanks for responding so fast girls ! I just weened my youngest not even a week ago and can't get my milk to dry up I thought once i stopped bf i would feel better and stop overeatting . As for the clothes I am with you also on that I have been squeezing into my old clothes because I just hate buying size 18 grrr It is so funny to think at one time I was size 0 and now Im a 16/18 haha isnt that funny how stuff works? to you think you are fat when you arent is so crazy ! Girls have such crazy ideas on what they should weigh and what is really healthy and makes you look and feel your best. As for the counting cal I might try that I am trying to watch what I eat I eat lots of pastas and drink tons of coke which is my main issure i think the coke and snacking alot . Im going to try and stick around the board for support .
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oh I have spoken to my doctor he told me to read my bible and god would help me on and increase my water intake lol I have seen so many doctors over my issues and each says something different . Drives me even more nuts lol
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Hi Michelle-

You sound a lot like me. I am 5' 11" and at one time was about 211lbs. When I had to hold my breath to tie my shoes and lay on the bed to button my pants, I knew I had to do something.

I started off by going for a walk every day. It initially was only like 15 or 20 minutes because I would feel tired. I also just started saying "no" to foods I knew weren't healthy. Like I would eat fast food at lunch every day, so I quit doing that. After only a week, I lost like 8 lbs right away. I got excited and it motivated me. Then I started trying to walk like a 1/2 hour, then progressed to 45 min, then an hour. Later I started adding weights, cardio and mixing it up.

As for eating, I started reading labels and counting calories. I began this and lost close to 70 lbs. I got down to like 138 lbs at one point which was too low. I know now like 155-160 is good for me.

Anyway, the point is, I started slow with little changes and progressed as I was ready to progress. Rome wasn't built in a day you know!

Good luck to you!

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Hi Michelle,

Never let other people tell you what is your "correct weight" there are tables and ranges and tons of opinions...truth is you diet and exercise till you feel good about yourself... I was near 400 pounds, and as of this morning I am down to 261, I am still heavy but each day I wake up and I realize that I am better off now than I was at 400...My long term health is better, I am still working towards my goal of fitness and health... I like your Doctor, read your bible...and drinking water is good too...depression makes weight loss harder as it is hard to maintain a level of motivation that leads to success... as a person who was diagnosed with severe clinical depression in 1999...I know this all too well. I find that making good eating choices and good exercie choices leads to feeling better about myself...small steps, and I expect it to take me a total of 2 years...(I am about 9 months through the process as of now.) I think every day I "choose" to do what is best for me...is like placing another foot on the path towards good health.. I wish you much success in your journey, and I will pray for you too while I am reading my bible and drinking water

Much success to everyone, never quit...never fail.
Yours in Depression and better health living...
- Elliott
Ultimate Goal
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Originally Posted by MichelleARFC View Post
oh I have spoken to my doctor he told me to read my bible and god would help me on and increase my water intake lol I have seen so many doctors over my issues and each says something different . Drives me even more nuts lol
I'd be concerned about a doctor who gave you advice on reading the bible and letting God help you. Nothing to do with religion as you are asking a doctor for medical help. Maybe you need a new doctor. Is there a friend or someone who you can buddy up with for healthy meal planning and exercise ???

Hugs to you - you are seeking help and that is a HUGE step so good for you !!!
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I agree with witchyonadiet.The bible?How much did he charge you for that advice?Sounds like a great job to me.....every patient that walks in to his office gets that advice for the low low price of 150 bucks.LOL.It sounds to me like you understand you have a problem which is the first step in recovery.You will find what works for you.Good luck.
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Hey Michelle,

There are so many things I can relate to you about. For starters, you said you hate buying jeans. God! I wear the same 2 pairs of jeans everyday with a combo of sweat pants until the jeans rip in the middle because I will not buy more jeans in my size (im a 16-barely) It makes me feel self conscious.
Also, I used to have an e.d. so at 5'7 when i weight 160 i thought i was such a beast. when now im 230ish and I wish I weighed 160. I thought a size 11 was bad and now im so much more than that.
Anyway, I dont know much to say to help you, becuase quite frankly Im in the same boat as you, but when i can say is; try to love yourself. I know it sounds stupid, but I mean it. Losing weight is easiest when your motivated. Staying strong on a diet is hard but thats why you have all the girls on this forum. We can all keep you mentally fit so you can get fit physically.

AS far as the bible goes, lol Im wayy confused on that one. Take care hun. And hang in there.
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