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Get back to where you were! Re-gain Challenge

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I can, I will, I do
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S/C/G: Goal: 130

Height: 5'6"


Today I hit my 4th mini-goal of 40lbs! this week I have also managed to incorporate jogging into my workouts (at a pretty slow pace) and managed a full 5 minutes without stopping I'm really starting to physically notice the changes

My Blog: http://avegetsbrave.blogspot.com/
1st Milestone: -10lbs {1/31/14} 2nd Milestone: -20lbs {2/17/2014} 3rd Milestone: -30lbs {3/10/14} 4th Milestone: -40lbs {4/2/14} 5th Milestone: -50lbs {5/12/14} 6th Milestone: -60lbs {12/15/14}
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S/C/G: 165/132/125 or 115? not sure

Height: 5'4" (on a good-hair day!)


May I join now - I see this challenge has been on for some time but it fits.

People say Maintenance is hard but I never got to goal to try out Maintenance! I started to "maintain" from a distance of 10 to 15 pounds, which quickly turned into the distance of 25 to 35 pounds. Gah. Feeling very foolish, I decided yesterday, April Fool's, was my appropriate return date.
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S/C/G: HW- 242 Restart SW:166 7/24/14

Height: a little over 5'2


Achieved!!!! 156.6!!! My previous lowest was 157 and some change.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.- Winston Churchill
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S/C/G: 174/151.0/130-117

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Ah I went up more and more! This thread might be dead but I'm gonna try to bring it back to life. I ended up gaining 16lbs! Have now lost 4. 156.0 this morning. Have had a four pound whoosh actually. No better way to start.

Mini goal met! 154 - six pounds lost since reboot, ten pounds up from low, BMI 29.1

Next mini goal: 148 - twelve pounds lost since reboot, below 150, four pounds above low, BMI 28.0
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I am going to jump in here for a bit. In 1997 I went on a weight loss jag. I do not recall my starting weight then, something like 235-240, which then was the heaviest I had ever been at that time. In three months time I got down to 193 or 6, don't remember which one for sure. 19x anyway.

I started this weight loss trip when my doctor told me that if I lost 10% of my weight most of my health problems would be taken care of. That was all the incentive I needed to start on this trip.... July of last year. I was 279 on the doctors scales, - clothing that would be 273.

I did not join in on this one at first because I had already lost most of the weight needed to get me back to that 193-6 point. A few days ago I got out of the 200's (kinda, you know how our weight fluctuates so I am bouncing around between 198.6 and 202 right now.

I got the weight off very fast that last time because I was healthy enough to exercise hard and a lot. I had a two story house then and used the stairs to burn a lot of calores, running down the stairs and back up then doing a set of exercises.... setups, jumping jacks, push ups etc, then back down and up again. Sometimes just up and down 10 times then some calisthenics. That combined with only eating when I was hungry, and only a small amount to end the hunger. And not buying things which I knew were fattening, like milk, cheese, and fatty meats, no snacks, chips etc. My stomach shrank and I could not hold much anyway after a couple months to my surprise when I went out to eat with a friend. Anyway, the weight dropped off fast and rather easy.

This time around I started out 40 lbs heavier and not nearly as healthy, 279 lbs with clothes. I felt awful. Could hardly walk because of bad knees and my feet hurt. So I did the first year just with calorie restriction combined with the same not buying fattening food and trying to eat only when hungry. My resolve/will power is no where like it used to be... I have found it difficult. Anyway I stumbled onto what works for me again because I needed to put in my new garden and have a lot of shoveling to do. Basically standing, filling the shovel, lifting it out, tossing the dirt and repeating, no walking or movement other than upper body to the most part. Over 700 calories per hour being burned in excess of what I burn naturally... My weight has started dropping fast again.

For the past 40 years I don't think I have been under 190 lbs. I was just going to lose down to 200 but I have this crazy idea now of going down to 180. And that is my goal. 18 lbs from that now. And hopefully done in three months or a bit less.

Thanks for letting me in


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