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Mrs Snark- Totally understand the wanting everything now! I mean when I sabotage myself over and over I am treating my health/body poorly for short-term gain.

Diamondeog-Everyone experience is different and people recover in a variety of ways. I have tried slow carb with no added sugars (wasn't even eating fruit!) but it drove me crazy and I ended up eating half gallons of ice cream and cake mixes. I would never discount someone else's experience! Do what works for you! No one can tell you that something is bad for YOU because of THEIR experience.

Locke- You nailed it with Brain Over BInge. I use her techniques because I do believe that at least a part of it is biological and I am conditioned to respond with binges. I don't think that is the only component for me but it is helpful. And I have made all food legal. Still doesn't mean that I would choose to eat everything but if at anytime I really want ice cream...I get it! Thank you for your encouragement. I was actually diagnosed with bulimia in 2013 but it has been months since I've done that. It is nice to hear from someone who has recovered because at times it feels hopeless.
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Default binge eating

I'm more concern about not compulsive eating than losing weight.When I don't overeat I seem to do better with losing weight
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This is where I am at right now. I am my highest weight of my life, I've spent the last few months binging more and more frequently and feeling sick with guilt. Of course I've gained a lot and feel unhappy and uncomfortable.

I tried counting calories, WW points, cutting out sugar - which I did successfully for three weeks, but I ended up caving, because I was unable to stop obsessing and desiring it mentally. So I am now experimenting with a more IE pattern. I've been doing it this week and all of last, although over the weekend I got a little restrictive on Saturday and boom! Started binging all over again. I need to just let go of the diet thoughts even though I am dying to lose this excess weight. I guess letting it fall off naturally is the best way to go about it but it is scary. I know I need to stop binging in order to achieve my desired weight.
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Just my 2 cents... If binging was the result of dieting, then I would not have been the child binger I was... I started binging at around 6 years old and my first diet was around 13. So even though I believe there is a connection there, I do not believe is the cause-effect part of it.
Self-respect is a very soothing pain reliever.
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Originally Posted by ggbsy View Post
Just my 2 cents... If binging was the result of dieting, then I would not have been the child binger I was... I started binging at around 6 years old and my first diet was around 13. So even though I believe there is a connection there, I do not believe is the cause-effect part of it.
Dieting is not the only cause of eating disorders. I've had an eating disorder since I was a teenager and didnt start dieting until my mid 20s. But Ivan safely say that the more I dieted the more I binges and the more I gained. Other people have different experiences though, some people here never binges until well after they started dieting. In all cases dieting perpetuates more binging.

"If you pay attention to when you are hungry, what your body wants, what you are eating, when you've had enough, you end the obsession because obsession and awareness cannot coexist." - Geneen Roth
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I'm no expert, but I think binging comes from denying yourself what you really want. If I am craving something that I don't think I should eat, I try eating something else to satisfy my hunger. When that doesn't work, I try something else. Before long, I've overeaten so many things but didn't satisfy my craving. I think if I had just eaten what I was craving I would have been satisfied and stopped there. If that happens to be a trigger food that starts a binge, then it's a different story. But if eating some ice cream will satisfy your craving then you're ahead of the game.

Here is how I stopped binging on bad foods. I have diabetes and would rather control it with diet and exercise than with meds. I read Joel Fuhrmans book The End of Diabetes, which uses his Eat to Live plan. He emphasizes lots and lots of vegetables, no starchy carbs and a little protein, because the vegetables are giving you the micronutirents your body wants. I started eating the vegetables but was still eating the bad foods. I knew that wasn't the way you're supposed to do it, but I was having a hard time letting go. But eventually, with larger quantities of vegetables I started letting go of the sweets, bread, pasta, rice, etc. Sometimes I actually crave brussels sprouts! Who does that? LOL If your body is getting more nutrients, it doesn't want those empty calories. Now I very rarely eat starchy carbs. I didn't say "never" I said "rarely." It doesn't have the attraction it once did. I just don't binge on it any more. I'm old. In my 60's. Most of my aches and pains are gone. And my diabetes is back under control.

The moral of the story is, don't try to jump in with both feet. It's too much of a shock to your body. Just start adding good whole foods, the way they're provided in nature. Let go of the other stuff gradually, so you barely notice it's gone. I'm losing, but it's slow. You young ones will probably lose a lot faster.

Good luck to all of you.
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binging and compulsive eating are both behaviours i struggle bit.

being mindful of hunger has helped with the first.

on the second - just yesterday i had a can of pringles with me. And even though i know i shouldn't have, i kept eating. So i told myself, i could have chips. but i reminded myself of my weight goals and decided i would only have 10 chips. it was interesting, as i counted down to 10 chips, they felt like quite a lot. so i enjoyed the texture and flavour and then felt really proud of myself when i stopped. i trashed the box of pringles as soon as i could so the temptation couldn't resurface.

i'm sure i'll continue to face challenges. but it felt good to have a solution that day
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That was a great solution Maddirep! You didn't "fail" by eating the Pringles, you "succeeded" by limiting yourself to 10 and throwing the rest away.

We can get all the tempting food out of the house, but we will never remove it from our lives. There will always be occasions when we will be faced with foods we know we should not eat, and family get-togethers are a prime example. We each have to learn how to deal with these situations. Anyone can say no to a food that isn't there. We must learn to make healthier choices and keep slip-ups small.

We CAN do this!
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