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Default feeling out of control

Hi everyone. I've had a serious problem with binge eating since I can remember; it is the number one thing holding me back in weight loss. Thing is, I'm fine when I'm with other people. It's just that at the end of a long day, when I know I'll be by myself, I'll just gorge until my stomach hurts.

I am creating a thread cause I can feel a craving coming on... but I've had dinner, dessert, and then some. How do I make this stop?? I feel awful and have managed to stop myself a few times but it's just lately, what with the stress of school, planning a wedding (!), and working non-stop, it's like the only peace I get...

I don't really know what I'm asking for here tbh, just some help and advice...
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Hey Ms A...glad you posted. Sometimes that helps. Sometimes, it's not enough though. Maybe you could have some hot herbal tea? That can help. Or you could chew gum. Or, maybe have an apple and cut it into lots of thin slices so you have that hand to mouth action going. However, sometimes I find it's best to just brush my teeth and go to bed. Think about how proud you'll feel when you wake up in the morning! I'm rooting for you! Hang in there...I know how hard it can be but it's SO worth it!
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I'm pretty much where you are at- I've just starting talking about it, asking for help. I spoke to my family dr today about it, and I feel that having spoken to someone in real life will really help. Does anyone in your life know about it?
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All of us on this forum have issues with binge eating so just knowing that you're not alone may help. I suggest reading a lot of the previous posts -- it really helped me for some reason just to know that I wasn't the only person in the world who was a secret binge eater.

Once I got over the shock/thrill of knowing I wasn't alone, I started looking at all the ideas on how to avoid the binging. Here's what's worked for me. You may have to take a different path.

a) If possible, get all the junk food out of your house.
b) I change into my night clothes really early in the evening. That way if I think I just have to have something that requires a trip to the grocery store, I'm less likely to make the trip because I don't want to get redressed and then ready for bed again. (I know, the ultimate in lazy!).
c) I developed my own Eat This, Not This list. When I want something sweet I may have an apple. When I want something salty, I allow myself to make microwave potato chips. Since it takes most of the evening to make them, the craving has usually passed. I also make cheese chips in the microwave.
d) My newest rule is that whenever I eat, it has to be at the table with no TV, no book, no music. It's so boring that even if I'm eating something I probably shouldn't be, I don't eat as much.
e) The hint about just brushing your teeth and going to bed really works. I now brush my teeth right after dinner. I'm amazed at just the thought of having to brush again has kept me from binging sometimes. I have one of those sonic toothbrushes so it takes a full 2 minutes to brush. Great clean teeth, but the process is not too exciting.

Hope this helps. Or that you can find some other hints in the other posts that suit you better. Good luck.

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No one in my life knows.

Thanks for the tips. I've gained weight in the past week due to the stupid binging, but I've found that eating mangoes as a late night snack (just one) helps. Also I had a well-balanced meal last night (veggies, brown rice, chicken) and it's amazing how I had no cravings!!

I know that sounds obvious but I'm the type of person who at the end of a long day who "rewards" herself with food so I'm proud i made the healthy choice despite eating pizza earlier in the day
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Def been on the same boat. For me it was figuring it out WHY I was binge eating as well. Through taking a hard look at my food intake I realized that I would work and have a light lunch and then be starving when I got home at 5. Had dinner and then went to bed late/be hungry. By switching at what times I ate def. helped me.

Also, if I was craving sweets (weakness) I found recipes to alternative healthier versions. Scouting out recipes is my favorite thing to do.

You're not alone! Just keep going forward!
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