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Arrow Read this if you feel a binge coming on...

I found this at Healthy Recipes.com

"Here is a list of encouraging statements you can say to yourself. Once you get the idea, you will easily be able to make up your own.

Becoming Enthused About Your Diet

When I eat only fruit, I feel much healthier, my mind is clearer. I really enjoy the taste. I like to live this way. My health is improving as my body is being cleansed.

I hate junk food. It tastes like cardboard. It is addictive and steals my health.

Fruit is delicious, full of natural fiber, minerals and vitamins. It is easy to prepare and filled with balanced nutrition that digests easily. I love eating fruit. It is good for me.

When I eat fruit, I feel really good. My mind is clear. I awaken feeling refreshed. My skin is healthier. My lungs and sinuses feel clearer and I have more energy.

When I eat fruit, I am becoming healthier, thin and full of life.

When I eat mostly fruit, my discipline strengthens.

My diet is a gift to God like fasting. I give this to you, Lord.

Fighting Cravings

I can face this craving.

I am staying on my diet.

I refuse to be controlled by food.

I am a fighter, not a quitter.

I will eat later when I can enjoy it.

This is a test of my willpower, and I am passing it.

I have control over what I eat.

I will feel terrible afterward, if I eat it. But, if I pass the test I will feel good about it.

I have everything that I need to be content.

I can eat later. I will enjoy my food more if I eat when I am hungry.

I think that this is enough food. I am content with what I have eaten.

I have the power to stop obsessive thinking, worry or depression. I can do something positive to fight against it.

I do not enjoy eating when my stomach is upset.

The craving is stealing my self-respect, joy and peace. I will not give in to it.

I can face the pain of emptiness, loneliness and sadness because I know that joy will come.

Facing a Challenge

Most people quit. I will not quit. I am a fighter. I can do it.

This is easy. I am going to enjoy doing this.

This is nothing. I am up for the challenge.

I will succeed. It is just a matter of time.

This problem is an opportunity to be creative.

Becoming Thankful

I am filled with joy.

I am at peace and relaxed.

I have no worries.

I have much for which to be thankful.

I am moving towards my goals.

I am fulfilled.

I am vitally alive.

I am filled with love and kindness.

My life is filled with excellence.

I lead an exciting life.

I am having the best of times.

Reduce Worry and Frustration

I am living in the peace of God.

Order and balance emerge from my every problem.

I can feel stillness in this chaos.

I make the best out of the worst of situations.

I love a challenge.

Being Happy

I have a healthy attitude.

I am awestruck with the beauty of creation.

I choose to be happy right now.

Think Health

My memory is good.

I have abundant health.

I recover quickly.

I very seldom get sick.

Warm your heart with the fire of enthusiasm. Take a full week to fill your mind full of positive thoughts and images. Refuse to let negative thoughts control your emotions. You have spent years thinking distorted, self-defeating thoughts and the result has been misery, frustration, obsession and feeling worthless.

Encouraging thoughts make self-discipline easy. No more mental wars, just peace. Saturate your mind with noble thoughts and the world becomes new. You will see beauty in the smallest flower and find peace in a singing bird. You will feel joy in the tiniest of gifts because you know from where that gift came."
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getting back on track!!
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I wish i had this list the other day when i binged on my son's leftover halloween candy. I'll probably print this out and hang it up somewhere in my kitchen. Thanks.
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Thanks those are really helpful!
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That was great! I'm going to also print them out and (good idea Brandy!) put them in my kitchen. Probably on the fridge so I see them when I go in there for a "snack".
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So well said! Thank you!
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Yup! Gonna print these and put these on my fridge, and on the inside my cabinets! Thank you!
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Thankss! I'm definately going to use these =)
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i am definitely printing this! thanks!
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Thanks for posting. That's great.
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I refuse to be controlled by food.

AMEN!!!! I like this one, story of my life, or was. Thaks.
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i love lists like that...thanks! now the test will be whether I can actually listen and believe those things when I have yummy trigger foods around
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I am going to write this down and have it handy. It's great. Thanks for posting!
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That is wonderful, I am going to look at that list when I need some encouragement!
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I was just wanting to binge so badly. But instead, I came here, read these words, and slowly the want is passing... I know I can beat this. Thank you so much for posting this. It is a life saver.
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Thank you so much for posting that!
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