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Liliann 03-19-2014 07:00 PM

Getting Started..Need PM Buddies
Hello all.

On Thursday am going to get serious on my weight loss efforts after a huge blow out lecture from my caring mom and sisters...on me diet and exercise. Once I cried and had my self pity party...I went to the store to get my healthy foods of my start. I will plan my menu of a very low calories, and finally listening to my family and medical doctor on this plan.I will keep my calories at 1,000 . Which my medical doctor advised me to do and told me on my last year visit. I will see her in the Fall season and I want to show her and my family I can do this..BUT ......

I need buddies who can relate to me and PM for moral support. I weigh over 400 Lbs and my health is at risk. I sure do not want surgery or use diet pills..So I choose the very low calories. and will plan my daily menus ahead.. I do not have no weight loss centers.. and need buddies on diet and exercise combo. I do walking outdoors, can not do any workouts at home due of weak floors...so walking or dancing I guess do in my yard..if weather is good. I deal with body pains and almost 50..few more years for that.

I will make this site my weight loss home. I do not have no friends, or a man in my life...and could use a few buddies to stay on track. If anyone can relate and want a PM buddie..am and will be here.

These will be my main food staples..Fiber one cereals, ff milk, fruits,lettuce, vinegar,canned red kidney beans.air popcorn.. I have 100+ to loose and am eager on doing this for real..no more fooling and work my best on this.

Thanks for listening and Good luck to all...:write: :hug:

RareandUnknown931319 03-19-2014 08:15 PM

Just let me give you a hug first!:hug: I can see how most of your hope has fallen to this website. I'll be your PM buddy if you want, because i need to be accountable for my actions too, i give great advice, but i am not very good at making my own. I am about 80 pounds overweight and would like to lose weight and be accountable with buddies beside me too. Reply to this post if you want to lose weight together! :)

RareandUnknown931319 03-19-2014 08:16 PM

By the way love your name very pretty and different!

Terra1984 03-19-2014 10:30 PM

I will be one of your PM buddies, I have 100+ to lose also

thisisart 03-20-2014 11:58 AM

I just wanted to say I'm here rooting you on! Stick with it and I know you'll find great support on this site!
Can't wait to follow your progress!!!!

TamTam 03-22-2014 03:49 PM

Count me in! I saw on your post that you include vingegar in your diet. I LOVE vinegar. People look at me like I am nuts, but I truly love vinegar!! I actually take water and put a couple of tablespoons in it and drink it. I put it on my salads. I love beets, boiled egg and red onion with vinegar! I love (but try and stay away from) salt and vinegar chips! Anyway to get back to my point, I would like to be your PM buddy too!

Munchy 03-25-2014 09:45 AM

Lilliann, if you're looking for easy ways to get a lot fuller off of a small number of calories, check out our volumetrics thread for ideas.

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