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Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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Default Breast lift!

Is anyone else planning on getting a breast lift once they lose the weight? I've wanted one for as long as I can remember, and when I reach goal I am definitely getting one... already have my surgeon picked out and all. Has anyone had one or know of someone who has had one? I've never really heard of anyone else's experience with it. Worth it?

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I haven't had one, but my mom did. She had her breast reduced, and the lift was part of it. She was in alot of pain for about two weeks after the surgery, so much so that it was almost impossible to be around her. She said once she healed and everything, that she was happy with the results and would do it again.

I couldn't see myself ever getting surgery, just because its alot of money for something that you can't really tell in a bra anyways, but thats just me. Good luck with your surgery. Hope it goes well, and hope your happy with the results of it

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I wonder if weight lifting for the chest area and not wearing a bra (since bras allow for muscle atrophe) as much as possible work instead?
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If you are very large breasted, it won't help much. Boobies have no muscle. They are fat and milk glands.

You could have the best chest muscles in the world, but it won't keep a pair of, (for me) 38DD's from beating you to your plate.

I know this, because I lift weights and have a very physical job. The girls are still long, droopy and floppy.

I would have a reduction and lift in a second if I had the money.

On another note, there was this commercial today for a 1 hour face lift. Looked amazing. I know it's bunk, but in fun, I asked my Dh if he thought they could do that to my stomach. After having twins that weighed over 6#' each, the tummy is a wreck. We laughed, and he said "call them" LOL.

There are no miracles cheap miracle cures for that either.

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The one plus of having small boobies (I'm a small b) is that there has been very little droopage and working my chest has pulled them even more up!

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i plan to get one depending where my boobs end up when im at my ultimate goal weight which is probably 125-135ish give or take. if i have no boobs or saggy boobs or overly large floppy boobs, ill be getting it done and with an implant

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I had a breast reduction (from a 38 H) back in 2000, which also included a breast lift. I love the lift, but am STILL (12 years later) mad that my surgeon took SO much breast. I am now a borderline B/C, and on my frame (not just my weight, but my overall bone structure) I have joined the IttyBitty*ittyCommitee. I am actually thinking of having a minor augmentation (up to about a D) after I lose all my weight, but am not sure.

The pain was really not that bad at all. I was given percocet for pain relief and never took one. I was tender, yes, but not nearly as bad as I expected!

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I would like to be "perky virgin breast C cup"

I would like to be able to go open/close a barbed wire fence gate, without getting blood blisters on the armpit side of my boobie.

I'd like to be able to do my 4 hours of mowing around the farm every weekend in the summer without sweating my butt off and having a heat rash.

I'd like to ride my horse at a trot or fast gallop, without having to hold the girls up with one arm to minimize the bounce.

And, since I work for a veterinarian, and do a lot of animal restraint, I really would like to quit worrying so much about getting a rabies vaccination in my boobie, when we have an unhappy, struggling dog or kitty! Not to mention, clip nails, the critter has figured out how to hide the toes, My boss has been very gracious about finding the foot, cuz it's usually hiding somewhere between the armpit and the boobie.

I do understand the attachment to the girls, and I have great cleavage. But, everything is a trade off. I'd trade the old, long, floppy 38DD for a nice perky 34C.
Plus, I'd save a butt load on bras.

5+ year maintainer.
The human body is capable of amazing things! But without the mind, it is nothing. Get your mind in gear and the body will follow!

Be selfish about caring for yourself, you deserve it!
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I am getting surgery soon. I'm getting implants, b/c a lift is actually more invasive. If you had very large breasts, a lift in combination with a reduction will not make the surgery any worse. The reduction and lift are actually kind of similar, both usually removing tissue to "draw in" the excess and "lift".

If you have breasts that lost their volume from weight loss, but the nipple is still pointing the right way, implants are usually recommended. Basically, if your breasts look "normal" when standing in front of a mirror, just they are way too low and flat...implants. If they are saggy and the nipple points down or to the side, no amount of "filling" will put them back where they should be. In that case, a lift or a lift/reduction is common.

Hope that helps!

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I considered it, but read the effects it may have on breast feeding once I have children & decided against it.
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I once thought of having a reduction, but no way after reading about it. I have f/g cups and honestly, They don't look that huge on my large frame. Problem is, they have always pointed to the ground. They grew that way. And now with age and weight loss, the cup size is the same, but they aren't held up by fat, so they are even more droopy.

But... A reduction would mean removing the nipple and repositioning it. I'm done having babies, so no issue with breast feeding anymore for me, but just the idea of my nipple being removed. And then, what about sensation? It's reaction to stimulus? Would they just be lifeless nipples instead of "normal"? I think my husband would HATE that and I wouldn't be too keen on that either.

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I don't really mind the way my breasts look. Sure, I'm 23 so I would expect to have full and firm breasts but I'm not going to lose any sleep over them.

They aren't as full as I would like and they sag a little, but they aren't all that bad considering. In the right bra they look amazing anyway.

I did lose breast volume, but I lost the least amount of inches there after hitting goal (only 7", 44" bust to 37" bust and 40D bra to 32DD bra while I lost around 10+ everywhere else). I think between my age and the fact that I'm an avid weight lifter has also helped.

Even though surgery would make them better, I hear that one loses sensation in their breasts after the surgery. This has completely turned me off from getting it as I...uh...rather like having sensation there...I'm sure I don't need to go into details

Plus, I haven't had kids yet. Who knows what'll happen to the girls after having kids and breastfeeding. Might as well wait and see.

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I had a reduction which involved a lift about 2 years ago. I went from a f cup to a d. Had 7 lbs removed. My only regret is not having it done sooner! I waited till I was done having children because nursing was so important to me. My youngest was 4 w hen I had it done and i had it done and it was a bit hard cause he wanted to be picked up and cuddled bit I couldnt. Pain wise I was ok with heavy duty pain pills for the first 3 days and then no meds after. Had to sleep siting up in a recliner for a month though!!


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I have really perk c cups, but I am totally worried they will start sagging soon
I've always been super proud of them puppies and I don't know how I'll feel when they are gone.

If it wasn't so invasive I'd change them in the future, but somehow it feels like it isn't worth the risk? I don't know.

My mother had breast cancer so I could opt for mastectomy and fake boobs afterwards so I'll be safe. That's the only reason I'd really do it I think in the end, but I worry.
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I will most certainly be having something done. What that will be I am not certain of yet.

I've had 3 full term pregnancies, and nursed 2 babies. I also have congenital breast asymmetry- one small B and one large C/small D. So I'll possibly need a lift on one side, and an implant/areola tatooing on the other.

I don't care that a bra & insert hides it. I detest the way my chest looks and will happily take out a loan to pay whatever it costs. I just can't do it till I'm within 20lbs of goal- so, 160lbs.
For the first time in my life, I believe that I can be slender, fit and toned. I always just thought that didn't apply to me. Why?

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