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The Biggest Loser - Winning by Losing For discussion of the NBC tv show The Biggest Loser and the book Winning by Losing, by Jillian Michaels

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Default Anyone do the workouts in a gym setting?

hello everyone, im new to winning by losing, i read the book in the past but never tried the workouts. ive been doing body for life for the past 10weeks and need to step it up a notch. so i wanted to give this a shot. i just joined a gym but im curious how do the circuits she reccomends work in a gym setting? does anyone here do them at a gym and have any advice?
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I just started doing the workouts at my campus's gym, and it's working out great. She says not to rest in-between the exercises which can sometimes be a problem when someone else is on a machine that you need. My biggest problem was just getting myself there... I get kind of self-conscious when I exercise in front of other people. If that's your problem, this is what I did:

My first step was mentally preparing myself... I knew that I was going to be trying new things in front of people I didn't know (or worse, people I DID know) and the thing I kept saying to myself was "I'm going to look silly at first, but I won't look so silly 12 weeks from now".

Next, I copied the exercises from the book onto a piece of paper in the order that they go in and drew simple stick figures of the pictures to remind myself what they were doing (and wrote footnotes on what to do and what not to do). It's much easier carrying around a piece of paper than it is a book.

Then I just went out and did it! I was all over the place, sometimes standing in front of all the machines, trying to figure out which one was the one I was looking for. I even went up to one of the people who worked there and showed her a stick figure drawing, and asked if she knew where that machine was. She showed me the way.

I am learning where the machines are, and am referring to my papers less and less. There is some time commitment in making the papers, but a small price for those pounds lost, right?
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ashliebelle that is what i did too!! Great minds think alike I agree you have to get mentally ready for it too. I never have gone to a gym and did jumping jacks and jump rope in front of people before. But it defintely keeps your heart rate up there. Also Having it on a piece of paper helps so much to move quicker through the program.

The gym setting is not bad cause you have to get up and go. Not saying i will do it at home than never get around to it.

I have found certain men at the gym after 10 weeks of being on this program are now all of the sudden jumping into my circuits. Which is frustrating. Especially when the gym i go to has signs about not interupting circuit training. In these cases, i do the next thing in the circuit and go back to the one that i can't get too.

If you have strong will power to do the lifting at home, good for you. But going to a gym will get you into doing it. And once you get going on it, i find it addicting. I love the way i feel after i do the program and especially the results. Stick with it and you can do it.
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I did the whole 12 weeks in a gym - my best advice is to get there at a not so busy time. I also wrote the workouts down in a spiral notebook - sometimes I write down how many pounds I did - it has been interesting as I do the same workouts now - to see how far I've come.

Also useful is planning out which machines I'm going to need before I even warm up. And then being flexible when someone is in the way.

I did stick people, too.

I had a lot of "I'm a DORK" feelings as well - someone posted this and it really struck home with me..(sorry I don't remember who it was) - she said, "I go to the gym to look good, not to look cool"....

I was stuck on the weight loss for a long time (mostly because I wasn't keepin the calories low enough), but I stuck with the working out. I have built a lot of muscle - and now the weight is coming off.

It is addicting!!!
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